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  1. Thank you for your advice, I will take that into account. For now, I switched to a 4-2-1-3, which gave me wins against Eindhoven and against Zwolle. Let's see how it does against the 4-4-2 with deep opponents. I'm sure I'll add a classic 4-3-3 to it, if only because you can switch between the two systems fluidly. Please feel free to comment, if you spot any major flaws. Thank you. :-)
  2. Already during the first 15 minutes of the game, I made changes. It actually looked pretty confident.
  3. Many thanks for the numerous comments and the help. Basically, I overestimated my team a bit, at least that is my analysis. That's why I decided to adjust my tactics. As it is a bit special in Holland with 4 excellent teams and a subsequent performance gap, I have designed two tactics. One tactic for counterattacking when I play against top teams and another tactic when I go into games where I claim to be the favourite. The counter-attack tactic aims to constrict spaces and, after winning the ball, to overload the right half-space with the Segundo Volante. This should create spaces for the IFat and the AFat. Alternatively, the APsu can drop deeper and pick up the ball to create chances. With the second tactic, I also try to overload the right half-space but try to play a wider game and thus create space for the Wat and the WBat. The tactic is more intended to break through deep defences. I hope you understand my approach and it makes sense. Let's see if it helps me against the 4-4-2. I would be happy if you help me again. I am very grateful for your advice.
  4. How do I know? It probably depends on attributes like aggression, stamina, bravery, etc., doesn't it?
  5. Thought about an IWB instead of an WB but wasn't sure about it. I usually try everything so that the goalkeeper doesn't knock the ball forward senselessly. That's the reason... not the best I know. I am honestly not sure but I have had better results with Counter-Press. Actually, I would rather play Regroup/Hold-Shape, but it has never worked. A penalty against me every game. I never thought of it that way. I will certainly change that. Thank you!
  6. Good morning everyone, late in FM 21 I started a new score with ADO Den Haag. After successful runs with Royal Antwerp and Nantes/Genoa I felt it was time for something new. I chose The Hague because I recently spent a summer holiday here and because I don't want to deal with registration rules again. Also, I thought it would be a cool challenge to break through the Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Eindhoven bar. As always, I had problems finding the right tactics at the beginning. First I used the Sampdoria tactic, but I clearly didn't have the players for a DLP/RPM/AP midfield. Around the halfway mark of the season, I thought I now had a good framework. Mainly because of my three key players and the convincing wins. At one point I was even top of the table with a 6-point lead. Suddenly, the crisis started with 7 games without a win. I then made changes to the tactics and still finished third with 3 wins from the last 6 games. However, I want to improve for the new season and hope to find help here. Now to my tactics: I use the SK on defend because I have had bad experiences with all other variants. I have also added "take fewer risks". Why do I use a wingback on defend? I thought it is a deeper option for the AP on attack, who can cross from deep, especially when looking for the IF on attack. In addition, I had opted for a left-footer on the half-right (AP), thinking that when he moves from the outside to the inside, it creates nice opportunities for lethal passes. It worked from time to time. Furthermore, I decided on a winger to give my team width. From a tactical point of view, I use a standard defensive line with a standard LOE, because I had the impression that a higher defensive line leaves too much space behind the back four. I hope this is enough information for you to help me. If you are missing any information, feel free to ask. And be nice, it's my first post on the SI forums. Kind Regards, Edu
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