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  1. Basically I've got an excellent throw in taker in my side and lots of heading ability so throw ins can be a huge part of my game. I've instructed about 6 of the left over 10 players to get into the box and the taker to go long but often this isn't what actually happens. Firstly, sometimes 3 or so players bunch together on the touchline (right next to the taker) when they've been instructed to get into the box. They're literally off the pitch. This results in either my taker taking it very short to one of those 3 or the long throw not resulting in anything due to the lack of players in the correct area. When this glitch doesn't happen another one does. It's not as annoying because it can still result in a goal but I'd rather it didn't happen. Instead of taking it long, the thrower plays a one-two with a player that has come to the edge of the 18 yard box. I checked to see if my tactic board had been changed in game and it hasn't but one of my players was missing from the intruction pitch even though they're still on the pitch. It is worth noting this only seems to occur after I've made a sub but I'm not certain on this. Anyone had a similar problem or know how to solve this? (photos below)
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