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  1. Would it help to download and install the font that is missing perhaps? It's weird that it would work the first time though if the required fonts were indeed missing from the beginning.
  2. This is really weird.. I also bought the physical copy of the game and I live in Sweden. The game is gone from the library but the game shortcut remains on the desktop. It just redirects me to the FM13 page of steam store. I checked out my documents and all my save files, tactics, etc are still there. Popped the dvd back in to see what it would say if I tried to reinstall the game but the option wasn't there, it just says play where it would say install. I tried changing my download region as someone suggested but no dice, didn't work after restarting or trying to update the steam client either.
  3. Any chance of uploading a screenie of Emmanuel Emenike from Spartak Moscow?
  4. I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before but how would the general response be if we could put our manager wages into use. Maybe if the clubs funds aren't enough to buy players you could chip in. As I see there really isn't much use for manager wages right now.. Just a thought and it could be crucial if you've spent several years in big clubs and decide to decide to take care of a lower league team, the money you've made along the years could be put to use. What do you think?
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