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  1. I usually go for the first option - role model. I've noticed that you have the best benefit from it, although not always easy for the youngster to accept it.
  2. A bug in Board confidence?????

    I guess the game isn't allowing you to benefit from previous glories. Not sure how realistic that is? I suppose doing well would possibly cut you some slack for a year or so, but sooner or later the fans/board would be on your back no matter how well you had previously managed.
  3. Yup, haven't seen it make a difference with other managers either.
  4. I dont like anybody!

    6 years in and I don't have any favoured players/staff either. The only favourite I have is for my club, Wycombe, which I chose at the start of the game.
  5. That's the biggest sponsorship I've ever seen on the game. I guess it's a feature of the league?
  6. help with FM08?

    The message *Dangerously low on memory* is talking about having enough RAM to successfully complete all tasks. You will want to shut down any non vital applications, such as your browser/itunes/whatever else you might have running at the time. Obviously, if FM is the only application that you're running then your computer probably doesn't have enough RAM to run the game.
  7. As Milan, using a multitude of different staff from different nations plus some careful rotation of scouting I managed around 80% Don't really see how it would be able to have 100%
  8. Question regarding facegens

    They'll smile if they're happy, and I've seen some pretty drastic hairstyle changes too.
  9. Goalkeeper - handling Center Defender - heading Fullbacks - tackling Defensive Midfielders - tackling Attacking Midfielders - flair Wingers - pace Strikers - finishing Obviously there is way more to it than just that, usually i'll scan for more than one of those.
  10. No beards

    I've not noticed many beards, but then in real life there are only a handful of players with beards that are well known.
  11. What Makes A Good Asistant ?

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by fatboyjohnmulhern: Judging players potential and ability stats are essiential, because they do all the repoorts etc, when signing a player he gives their views etc, that is essential </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Yup. These, plus: Tactical knowledge: he will advise on your team selection, as also he may well take care of friendlies. Motivation: For team talks, if you take the lazy option. Working with youngsters: If you have him looking after you under 19s/21s One other stat - For training purposes, I expect my assistant to have proper decent stats, usually on attacking/defending/strength/aerobic so that they can host one of those themselves.
  12. 2nd Nationality

    If I were managing a smaller international team, I'd definitely try calling up players with a second nationality. They can only say no after all.
  13. I usually keep an eye out for ex great players, who tend to get good stats as they move into a staff role, and will sometimes drop to lower leagues too.
  14. Hullo. Try Vela behind your striker(s). He was top scorer for me for a couple of seasons in this role. His stats do seem to make him lethal going forward from deep.
  15. If you've loaded some of the Spanish or Italian leagues, look at some of big teams staff - Inter/Milan/Barca/Real et al have some quite magnificent staff. Obviously you'll have to throw money at them, but the Assistant role is so important that they tend to be worth it. Also, have a look at coaches too, most will consider an Assistant role too. Step up and all that.