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  1. Not sure if any SI staff are reading this, but here goes my wish list: 1. Make a complete game. Bugs will always be inevitable in computer games but please minimize it to a minimum and try to eradicate any game-spoiling bug. I believe all of us gamers here would rather have a slightly improved match engine that works just fine then one that was overhauled to be more realistic yet contains a bug which spoils the game. Having said that, it's good to aim high and aim big. Otherwise we would still be watching 2d circles running around the pitch. Make sure it works. =) 2. Features vs. "Cleanliness" In SI's words, I hope they can take a close hard look at the next FM and remove any deadwood "redundant code" or make it more efficient to improve processing speed. I'm sure many fellow FM-ers would agree on this point. Personally, I would prefer less features be introduced if it means the game is cleaned up nicely. 3. Surprise us Kudos to the SI team for the many great surprises such as the April Fool's day joke and the SI staff personalities. A refreshing feature from the somewhat mundane football managing (after 20+seasons). Please continue with this feature. 4. FM Genie Scout From the download hits of FM Genie Scout, I'm pretty sure most of my fellow FM-ers are enjoying a successful managerial career thanks to the hard work of Eugene (creator of Genie Scout). For myself, Genie Scout is fundamental to my enjoyment of Football managing. Without it, I'm a blind man trying to find his way out of a maze. Here, I would like to plead with the SI team to help out Eugene in his development of Genie Scout. (I recall him mentioning once that a certain database format file would greatly speed up his development process) 5. Poverty Just a cheeky request for the SI team to consider reducing the price a little. It certainly goes a long way for a student like me playing FM. I'm guessing it would provide more incentive for FM-ers to continue buying the series amidst this global financial turmoil rather then them turning to piracy. Just my two cents worth of thoughts. Constructive criticisms are very much welcomed. I apologize beforehand if I offend anyone with my remarks unknowingly.
  2. Be patient and wait, if you consistently fill out your stadiums for almost every game, then there's high chance the board will approve the construction of a new stadium if your current ground is unable to expand further. Your bank balance seems pretty healthy to me at the moment. I would recommend saving up to about £100 million. However, I don't see the balance as an issue in this case as the board will probably sell the old stadium for some cash and take a bank loan. Good luck with your new stadium! PS:Try doing a search next time. I'm pretty sure another kind soul has already answered a similar question.
  3. Injuries....

    Chill mate. I know it's annoying when injuries sets in and cost you something huge (It cost me a place in the champions league) however, it's something that managers IRL have to deal with to. Look at how injuries crippled Martin Jol's Tottenham which led to his sack. Tough luck that's all, you just have to "suck it up". Perhaps you can try getting a bigger squad and giving some of your youngsters a chance. My advice is, if you get 8-9 players out consistently for most of the season for about 3-4 season, perhaps then you should take some screen shots and post it here again to convince the SI team to reduce the injury-proneness of players. Otherwise cheers to the invention of physios!
  4. Yepps RICHY-T's right. Furthermore what I've noticed is that young players who have high current or potential ability are snapped are pretty fast, with most of them switching clubs almost every year. It would be good if you consider before hand the club your player is going to. I mean if a player is going to a club like Arsenal or Manchester United, there's very little chance he may seek to move else where. On the other hand, a club like Wolves (no offense there wolves fans) would probably have insufficient attraction to retain your ex-player should a bigger club come knocking.
  5. Well, actually to be more precise, you can check the specifications of your computer by 1. Clicking on Start 2. Press Run 3. Type "dxdiag" without the commas 4. Press OK BAAM! And you have the specs of your computer.
  6. Chill mate, I guess the only consolation I can give is to get a better job. Look at Avram Grant! Hope you do well at your next managerial post!
  7. Blacburn signings and tactics

    Hi, mate. I faced the same problem initially (didn't know much about football tactics and all) but you can head down to the tactics and training section in this forum. There are many wonderful FM players willing to share their tactics and even training schedule. Would recommend Kimz's tactic and Jazzfusion's tactic. Kimz Jazzfusion Tried both and worked equally well for me. Also, check up on wolfsong's guide to team talk, it really helped me and my team bond together (had previously been accused of being unappreciative of my team =\) Of course, pick a tactic that would work best with your team, and accommodate your key players. Hope you have fun and good luck with your Blackburn game. P.S.: Would be nice to leave a word of thanks/appreciation for these guys who unselfishly shared their work with us. Cheers!
  8. Longest career???What ya won????

    Wow, you guys have impressive resume. Longest I ever got to was season 14/15. Taking a break from FM currently to focus on my studies, but still find it impossible to distance myself from the forums. Crewe manager for 7 years. Where I won The Johnstone’s Paint Trophy for 2 consecutive years and built a young and exciting squad playing attacking football and got promoted to Championships as champions of League 1 with a record of over 110 points (Can't remember the exact points). However, I decided to resign to make myself available to the Man Utd job which they ditched me at the very last minute. (Resigned as I expressed interest and the board did not take too well to it and kindly asked me to resign) So stuck at Nottm Forest in League 1 trying to salvage them from relegation. And that's where I paused. Not the best of CVs when compared to you guys but maybe I can be a potentially good manager ( Paul Ince xD )? Cheers!
  9. Luka Modric

    Hi Siddarth,not sure which position of wonderkids you were referring to and which patch. But from what i remember on patch 8.02, Mihelic, Bogdan Stancu are some of the more promising youngsters which you can land. Others are at big clubs like Inter or Real which refuses to sell. If you do need a couple more names, do a quick search on Google or look up the link thread in the GPTG forum. Here's the link:http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/82219617/m/6152007743 Good luck with the wonderkids! =)
  10. Southport League 2

    Hey mate, had the same problem with Crewe except that they were in League 1. To get good players in, you'll need patience. Raid the premier league and championship for reserve players + players with expiring contracts or on free transfer. If they're good, sign them up. It's an instant boost to your squad. Never blow your wage budget though, league 2 doesn't get much money. Players that other clubs offer to you may be good too, (1 club offered a DM to me cheaply because he was unhappy with another player and i took him in. Became wonderful for me Lee Peltier if i remember correctly) I would rather save the money and expand the stadium or improve training facilities unless i come across a YOUNG talent that my scouts highly recommend (took in Jack Wilshere for 600k from sunderland and sold him at 5 mil to bolton the next season). Otherwise, feeding off the bits of clubs from higher league would do well to sustain the club's progress. Get a parent team that's good and make loan offers for good players in their reserve team. They're usually more likely to come. (Got Jack Hobbs from Liverpool for my Crewe game even though I was in League 1) However, take my advice with a pinch of salt, may not necessarily be the best advice. Good luck with southport!
  11. Fulham, UEFA Cup

    Hmms, it should be your second season now right? Not sure if I'm right, but i guess you lack real quality players right now. Don't get me wrong, there's potential in your squad. Players that will turn out great (Stancu, Wiknaldum, etc). Would suggest you try to make the most out of the squad you have right now. Save the 10 million for the next season and perhaps get a real quality striker up front (Depending on your tactic. FS/TS). Stancu's still young and try not to give him too much pressure otherwise he wouldn't develop fully. Play your cards well and outsmart your opponents tactically. You'll probably end up with UEFA cup qualification. Champions League still seems far and will most probably drain your squad which will result in a poor run in the premier league. As always, take it with a pinch of salt. I may not be right =\ Good luck with Fulham =)
  12. Hey urm, First off, NICE JOB Jack! Haven't really got the chance to try many games with it but got off to a flying start with Man Utd 3v2 Chelsea (Won) 3v0 Fulham (Won) These are the results so far, but would like to ask you if there are any way of substituting the Target man with a Fast Striker? My MAN utd team has 2 world class FS (rooney and tevez) and i just bought matias fernandez. with 8 mil pounds left to spend on a TS. Doubt I'll get much with that either (looking at FRED for a TS). Any way of tweaking the tactics to accomodate FS? So sorry for being such a bother, am new to tactics here. Previously i just used to cheat the budget