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  1. Sportklub Rapid Wien Rebuild

    i decided to go for SK Rapid Wien who i have had soft spot for so i will be looking to see how we can go. Game Set up I have loaded Austria, England, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Scotland Italy, Netherlands , to give me a player count of 43,500. MY PROFILE: Chosen Manager Style - Manager Profile One - Manager Home Screen-Manager History Aims For this save: Short term (2-5 seasons) - Not to get sacked, bring players threw using the youth teams. Mid term (5-8 seasons) - Firmly established as a top manager, i Also want to have at least one League tittle and cup in my achievements. Long term (10+ seasons) - Consistently challenging for the top spot in if possible. Club OVerview-So it looks like we have been a bit of a yo yo club and not constant so hopefully with me in charge i can steady the boat. Allianz Stadion -Opened in 16 July 2016 and has a Capacity of 28,000. Finances Summary- I decided to move all our transfer funds into the wages as we are over budget. Squad First team overview Squad 1 Squad 2 - We have a fairly big squad So i think i will have to look into release players or selling them. I would like to bring the club back to there former glory and also to try and improve the youth system the club has, with the Squad in Europe this season it is going to be a tough task for us to try and challenge on both fronts so depending on were we are in league i may have to rotate the squad.
  2. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Rushall Olmpic - 2017-2018 Season Preview /Season Review I was expected to be in a relegation dog fight in my first season at the club. After a decent start i thought we might of ended the season in a mid table position. League Table Past Positions - As you can see by our form we were inconstant threw out the season but we managed to avoid relegation. FA CUP-A second qualifying round loss to North Ferriby seen us crash out. FA TROPHY - This was a chance for my fringe players to show me what they could do and we got beat by Altrincham 3-1. Transfer History- We made eleven transfers in and three out. Squad One Squad Two- It took a while for the players to get used to the new system later in the season after i changed it when we were losing lots games, could do with bit trimming down though. Finances Summary-Some how we had a loss of 1223,444, so think we have to reduce this for next year, hopefully a new sponsorship deal or kit deal. Key Players: Thomas Probert- Voted fans player of the season he was a joy to watch too hope we can keep a hold of him for few more seasons. De'Jaune Taylor-Crossdale- One new players took a while for him to start hitting form and when he did he was quality. Mickael Partodikromo- The only player i had as a left winger he was quality all season can not fault him. Stanley Mugisha- He was wanting first team football as a thought he was not ready but he did his job later in the season when i did decided to play him. Aaron Forde- Club captain had decent season but could done a bit better. Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements 2017-2018 Vanarama National League North 18Th None Next Season: After Avoiding relegation the season just gone , i think squad rebuilding and trying to sort the clubs finances out are top targets for the season and try learn from last season errors.
  3. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Rushall Olympic F.C. Decided this was going to be my final save for fm 2017 Rushall Club overview Squad Manager Profie 1 Manager Profile 2
  4. Mod Requests

    hi i need My Dave management Save thread deleted as something wrong with my pc so buying a new one
  5. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    David Clark Profile (Manager) Antequera C.F. (History Competitions) Antequera C.F. (Club  Profile) Antequera C.F.(Squad Overview) I have decided to give FM2017 another try and this is going be my new long turn save hopefully if i do not get sack or relegated.
  6. i give up on fm 2017 gone back to fm2016 going to try this challenge gone for Croatia holiday for one year and i got NK Slavija Pleternica
  7. Mod Requests

    hi can i have my thread deleted as i not been getting much game time, and been getting loads crash errors when i play that it thanks
  8. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Bit late at starting this years challenge Dulwich Hamlet have named there new manager as David Clark
  9. Come back to this as my fm2017 has to many error reports, so i try it again with FK Chiko Byaga
  10. Mod Requests

    could i have my thread deleted as too many errors and crash dump in my save
  11. Mod Requests

    can i have this thread title changed not deleted , i would like changed to Dave From English Manager To European Hall Of Fame Quest. thanks
  12. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    decided to take time out oof other games to try this year challenge, gone and got Irtysh Omsk from Russia. Initial Squad Club Overview Domestic Leagues History will post as soon as i can.
  13. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Havant & Waterlooville for me just starting this today. after taking time out on my long turn save. initial Squad Overview (Club) Profile (Manager) Domestic Leagues History (Club)
  14. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    able to get round to trying this after taking time out on my long turn save will post updates later