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    Working for lidil at moment as a store assistant.

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    South Shields


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    football manager and ps4

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  1. dj clark boy

    Dave Career

    Club Social y Deportivo Villa Española-Campeonato Uruguayo de Segunda División - 2018 So after last season strong end to the season i was quite looking forward to this season, i felt i had a decent squad to achieve what was set for the season. League Table - We were expected to finish around the middle of the table this season but we ended up wining the league. Squad1 Squad 2- I managed to keep most of the squad together and added few players to give more depth. Transfer History-I managed to get few players in and was pleased with them too. Finance Summary - I have no idea what my board are doing here like to be honest there getting worse. KEY PLAYERS PROFILES: Paul Dzeruvs-Paul was the club top scorer this season and was the Leagues top scorer too. César Bicker- He was voted second in fans player of the season was joy to watch. Néstor Del Río- Néstor was a solid player and was voted clubs third best player. Emiliano Pessoa- Played out on the right hand side midfield had decent return rating too. Career Overview: Season Team Country League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017 Club Social y Deportivo Villa Española Uruguay Segunda División 13th started job August 2018 Club Social y Deportivo Villa Española Uruguay Segunda División 1st Champions Next Season: Its all about getting to know the league and trying to avoid relegation at the same time for this season coming.
  2. dj clark boy

    Dave Career

    Club Social y Deportivo Villa Española-Campeonato Uruguayo de Segunda División - 2017 I took this job with the season all most over there was six games left of the season in witch we had chance to avoid relegation. League Table Past Positions Graph-avoided relegation, we did due to the after spending most of the season in bottom half of the table was nice to get few wins under my belt. Results 1 Results 2-as you can see the previous manager results were shocking so last six games were when i took over. Squad One Squad Two-i've had to take two screen shots as squad still bit to big for me. Transfer History- Not much movement as of yet due to me just come to manage the club. Finances-we are in shocking situation will be looking to off load some players to try and make it bit better. Key Player Profiles: Maximiliano Castilla- Played well under my management will be getting more game time under me too. Maximiliano Gómez- Only decent left back i have at the club will be trying to keep a hold of him. Jordan Palacios- Jordan played well in the role i selected for him just behind the front two. Paul Dzeruvs- Paul was outstanding for me when i took over. Darwin Nieves- Darwin was my number one choice as my other goalkeeper was not ready to play. Ignacio Diaz- Was mostly used as back up player for me but did well. Career Overview: Season Team Country League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017 Club Social y Deportivo Villa Española Uruguay Segunda División 13th started job August Next Season: While it was great to survive, so avoiding relegation and keeping my job safe is a must for this season.
  3. dj clark boy

    Dave Career

    So my first job in my new save is with Club Social y Deportivo Villa Española who play in the Campeonato Uruguayo de Segunda División. Club - The Club has spent most there time in the Second division in there rich history. Facilities -Poor conditions with a 3,700 setter Stadium i am hopeful the fans will turn up and try to improve this. Finances Summary- We are -£9,547 and wage budget of £6,233 i will be trying to get the overall balance sorted first before i can buy any players as do not want club go in the red more. Squad1 Squad2- Average squad will be looking to offload the deadwood and bring in some new players. League Table - We are currently in 13th place after 20 games of the season we are expedited to finish in top half table too . Avoiding relegation has to be the aim here hopefully i can pull it off.
  4. dj clark boy

    Dave Career

    After my torrid time trying to fix pc issues ive finally managed to sort them out by buying a much better and faster pc, Anyway that out the way i've decided after being inspired after reading threw dafuge Make South America Great Again!, i was wanting to try my hands at a new save myself. Ive loaded North and South American division, for this save Game Set up . With this save i want to try enjoy the game a bit more as i have not been able to get into the game as much as i would like, So My Manager Profile Will Look like this I am starting my adventure unemployed and with no coaching qualification, so i hope i do not mess this save up as this will be my last save.
  5. dj clark boy

    Mod Requests

    n i have this deleted please
  6. dj clark boy

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    RAM Issues fixed starting new Career
  7. dj clark boy

    Mod Requests

    hi there i need my save thread deleted as ive lost my save file on my had drive and forgot to back it up this my thread thanks https://community.sigames.com/forum/60-fm-career-updates/?page=84
  8. dj clark boy

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    any tips on training set up
  9. dj clark boy

    Make South America Great Again!

    wow wish i had the amount game time you have i think longest ive played on one save is five years well done
  10. dj clark boy

    Mod Requests

  11. dj clark boy

    Mod Requests

    HI may i have my thread deleted due to crash dumps I have had to start football manager again and lost my save
  12. dj clark boy

    Make South America Great Again!

    GOOD LUCK with this bud
  13. hi i use full screen mode and use alt f9 and had to use something called snipping tool
  14. hi there first of all sorry if this has been asked, but can anyone help me fix this problem , every time i go to save screen shot my screen is bury but the game is working fine.
  15. dj clark boy

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    im in holidaying myself