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  1. you're probably right, but how about something that reliably creates more xG than the opponent? sure, my team can still lose thanks to being unlucky and the other team converting their chances but the tactical solution to the opponent's system should mean that we're reliably outplaying them.
  2. scratch that, tried it again to see how consistent it was, now I lost to them 2-1. I feel like it gives away too many chances because the team is sitting too deep so they eventually score. And we don't create enough on the counter, we lost on xG as well. Thanks for the help anyway but it's just very frustrating, maybe I'm not approaching it correctly. I view it like a puzzle where there's a correct solution which should give me a certain victory, not something where I have to rely on RNG in the game. The reason why I think there's a correct solution is because like in real life you can have a coach come out, do a tactical switch and completely outplay the opposition like in the recent Chelsea-Tottenham game. Of course, in real life the opposition coach may react and change things too but the AI reacts more predictably so it should be easier to deal with it. And I feel like I still haven't found the correct solution to the Bayern puzzle. thanks, i'll try the segundo volante role
  3. congratulations, zabyl. implemented your ideas before the cup final and immediately beat bayern 3-0. it's amazing what dropping deeper can do.
  4. Ok, I've had two seasons in Germany already and I can't beat Bayern, the record is 1D-4L. They play 4-2-3-1. In the first season I played 4141 against them away and 4411 at home, got smashed 3-1 both times. In the second season my team plays 4231 so at home I decided to match them without tweaking, won possession stats 53-47 and won on xG 1.77-0.63 and still lost 0-1. My best result was 2-2 draw away in the second season when I switched to 3atb and played 3412 because I read it counters 4231 but I actually got outplayed in that game with 2.39-0.7 xG. So as you can see I can't beat them. Any ideas? Here's my standard tactic:
  5. I actually posted Tousart's attributes above in this thread, just below your first comment. Regarding familiarities, I was so confused because he actually played in this position all season (it's April already). Turns out it's because his individual training is on BBM role instead because in the pre-season I tried out a tactic with a BBM role and I forgot to change this in the training screen later. Tbh I feel this is kinda stupid by the game, he started 26 games this season as a BWM, surely he should know how to play it by now no matter what his individual training is. I also found another player, one of my starter IFs who was on the wrong individual training as well and he also has "awkward" on his position/role/duty in the tactics familiarity screen despite him starting 31 games in that position and providing 14 goals and 12 assists. Btw, do you know the answer to my question earlier?
  6. no sorry, it's on me for not explaining it properly, basically Tousart again gets sucked in by the ball, Sancho chills out in front of Ajer and Zeki and then runs onto the pass from Fabio I actually unticked more urgent pressing for the Dortmund game and put Tousart with CM-D which has Hold Position PI instead of BWM, but I guess because of his attributes he just can't help himself but go ball chasing. Zeki actually steps up as well for some reason instead of staying in line with Ajer. Don't get me wrong, it's a good play by Dortmund, and obviously every goal is caused by a defensive mistake somewhere but maybe it's because of my frustrated experiences watching Barca try to play through the congested centre and fail to score, that I'm surprised they get through my central defense thanks for explaining the distinction between the "pass intention" (vertical vs sideways) and "take more risks". One would assume that "take more risks"/"pass into space" would equal "threatening passes into space" but you're saying that's not the case. As I said, always learning something new here
  7. Also does anyone know why when I hover over the link between Malen (AF-A) and Vlasic (AM-A) it says they have a good partnership "however the roles assigned to both players are far from suitable and do not work well together"?
  8. no I didn't increase the directness because I assume it's just long balls, no? if it's long balls, Vlasic is already playing quite close to the enemy area so what's the point? or am I missing something? i put "take more risks" so he does more through balls to AF and onrushing inverted forwards/wingers. Edit: ok, just re-read your comment, you're saying "more direct" doesn't equal long balls so i'll try it. ok so suppose I want to dominate equal teams (like Gladbach, Wolfsburg etc) and not play on the counter. is switching WB to FB and unticking counter enough or is there something else I should do to achieve possession play? Poulsen to Fabio was a sideways pass and there was no space, as you can see in the second screenshot fabio was still in front of my defense (mittelstadt). in fact I put OI to press on Fabio since I noticed he was their top assister and playing as AP. I actually always do this, putting press on the opposition's playmakers and wingbacks to stop them from providing assists/crosses. otherwise, if you give them time on the ball, they will hurt you. but I guess Fabio is just so good and press-resistant it didn't work.
  9. thanks for the help and yes I absolutely agree that I don't want possession for possession's sake. But I do want to dominate matches, instead what often happens against equal opponents is we win on the XG but not possession. This tells me that we're basically playing on the counter against equal opponents instead of dominating them. And yes, I do instruct my AM (Vlasic) to take more risks with passing, it is a component of my play and why he's the top assister in the league. Like, I understand that I sort of have a "first-world problem" here in that I am winning but not actually consistently playing how I want to play. In some sense it's a good problem to have because it means that my team has a plan A (dominate possession) and a plan B (fast counter) but somehow it feels like my plan B (counter) is utilized more than plan A. It feels like simply because my team has a relatively average reputation, other teams automatically dominate possession against us and then we successfully hit them on the break even though that's not really my intention. that's true but still it feels like in real life such a compact defense as in the screenshot shouldn't be leaking chances down the middle. In the centre of the pitch there's 7 of my players against 4 of theirs, everyone's compact, their attackers are double or even triple marked. I mean, maybe my players are just outclassed by Dortmund and are too slow to react but still it feels weird that we can't shut up shop against such a narrow attack.
  10. I understand what you're saying but if I'm trying to play like prime barca didn't they have wingbacks like Dani Alves to stretch play and add width? yet they still controlled possession. The same with the counter, the idea is that if we win the ball in the opposing third of the pitch we should go fast on the break and use the fact that their defenders are probably out of position (and Barca played like that too when winning the ball up the field). But at the same time sure if we win the ball in defense I don't want to launch a long ball for the AF to run onto, we're not playing like Burnley. So that's why I have the problem with the "counter" instruction. btw, appreciate all the help from you and other posters here, always learn something new on these forums
  11. Here's another example, I beat Dortmund away 2-3 in the German cup which is good but I lost possession 58-42 and I lost in xG 2.45-1.95. And again they play in front of my defense and score: here poulsen receives the ball and passes to Fabio Vieira who while under pressure from two players (Vlasic and Mittelstadt) does a reverse pass to Sancho who receives a ball in the box after somehow passing right down the middle through 3 of my defenders without being picked up (what are Tousart, Ajer and Zeki doing?). like I'd even understand if they spread the ball to the flank to Passlack who then did a cross into the box because that's fair enough, my winger Dilrosun fell asleep and lost his marker. But Sancho shouldn't be running through the middle and completely freely receiving the ball in the box when he starts the run surrounded by four of my players.
  12. well, that's literally what I've done, removing positive mentality, lowering the defense line and going from 4 attack duties to 2. But I guess you're saying I didn't make it defensive enough. Ok, I will try with FBs instead of WB and no urgent pressing because it seems the pressing sucks in my defensive players to chase the ball instead of doing their jobs.
  13. what do you mean more direct passing? I have lower tempo and standard passing with balanced mentality in away games. And yes, I have no clue why my left back who is a WB is sitting narrow in my defense. also how is 4231 not a possession tactic? the whole idea with wingbacks is that the midfield keeps patiently building (lower tempo, be creative) until a wingback gets free and gets played in by the mid and then he crosses to AF or IF or cuts back to AM for the finish. but for some reason my possession stats are only 50%. as I said above, I don't expect to dominate every game but I do expect to regularly control possession. Instead my team is 9th in possession stats in the league. After watching a couple of games I noticed we actually more often score on the counters than otherwise.
  14. Ok guys but then how do I deal with away games? The problem is I don't want to play counter football, I want to control possession but my standard home instructions of high defensive line, high LOE, pressing, positive mentality doesn't work in away games, I get scored on by long balls behind my high line and I can't keep possession anyway (again, this is only about the away games). I don't want to have to switch every time between completely counter tactic and completely high press tactic, this is why my away tactic is just a small modification of the home one. Here's my home one, as you can see it has postivie mentality and 4 attack duties instead of 2 as well as high press, LOE, counterpress. It works well, I am undefeated at home. My goal is to have my away tactic be a small variation of it.
  15. well, the idea is to use the forward line (4 people up top) to press their playing out of the back, maybe get a turnover or a mistake. It does actually work in the games I watched, not always but sometimes the opponents' defenders just kick it out under pressure and sometimes we intercept their passing in the midfield. Regroup is for when they played out of our press, we should regroup and hold our positions, not chasing the ball like Tousart is doing. here are Tousart's attributes btw, great anticipation, positioning, teamwork, good composure, concentration,decisions
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