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  1. So feeling a bit of inspiration watching Leeds play Burnley and seeing bielsa line up in his 3-3-1-3 I felt it was time to recreate it which lead me to start messing around with my current holder save till fm 22 with my beloved Cardiff city to mixed success, so I started watching some videos on Marcelo on YouTube and was driven to wards Argentina and using a number generator i ended up at club Atletico brown Implementing my Bielsa inspired tactic so inheriting a small squad I’ve have decided to put the focus on youth development with the aim of going full Marcelo and molding my players. The tactic I was torn between a 3-3-1-3 and a 4-1-4-1 and settled on this mess it seams to work as a hybrid between the two with the halfback dropping to create the three in build up the IWBs become my Vidal and Isla and the idea behind the AP on the right is to draw play to the right for the switch to the raumdeuter on the left also to give him the room to be a raumdeuter an aid in possession play, having never used and enganche I was a bit intimidated so chosen the ap for more of what it can offer in defence, team instructions are a slight tweak on how I set my sides up I'm a big fan of quick short passing and defending with the ball Pre Season After a promising start to pre season i decided to ramp up the teams in the early stages culminating in a decisive 2-0 win over Boca and a 2-1 win over Universidad de Chile leading to a promising view on the season The start of the season Going undefeated only conceding 2 goals and scoring 10 playing some of the best football I've seen and winning the manager of the month award for August and topping the league by 2 points folowed up with two draws and nearly a my first defeat but saved by a dodgy pen and a last minute winner by my ptcticlayer of the season Leonardo Acosta with a brace for his 7th of the season and handed my first defeat in fergie time after come back to level the game up 3-3 the won it in the 98th minute with only 4 minutes added on it was a bitter pill to swallow ending a poor September with 1 win 2 draws and 1 loss conceding 8 and scoring 8. Mid season October started off on good footing with a 3-0 win but followed up by. 2-2 draw and another 3-0 and another 2-2 and finally a 2-0 win very up and down but still entertaining football and the leagues top scorers but still leaky 6th best in the league for goals conceded, overall I'm happy how we're performing just need to tighten up i decided to implement a 4-1-4-1 to tighten up abit going into November start ofovember against top of the table Argropecurio Argentina winning the game 3-0 handing them their first defeat of the season The new tactic after my 3-0 win i have decided to adopt the 4-1-4-1 a the main tactic from now on heading into the winter break . The new tactic The new tactic it just a modification of the first one going to a flat 4 in midfield an attempt to shore up defensively, never really used a centre mid role before so upon reading the roles there the only one that suited what i wanted to do. After watching bust the nets Video on inverted wingers vs inside forwards https://youtu.be/8Nx0m3P8bJA helped me decide on use using wide midfielder over advanced wingers for the more solid defensive shape i am a bit apprehensive about using 1 up top with no am but we'll see how it goes the winter break We're are really in a hole financially so I've had to have a bit of of a fire sale managing to raise 975k in sales with the sale of Nichols Sanchez the biggest my best player, signed a pre contract at the start of jan managed to get 425k for an early sale and leaving us a little light in midfield so after looking around managed to bring in one of my all time favourite midfielders Claudio Yacob, After a mixed start to the year with the friendlies against manly lower or similar opposition but the tactic was doing well leading to some optimism looking towards the rest of the season. Last leg of the season Starting feb and March well going undefeated in Feb and March scoring 14 and conceding 6 with the new system in place looking more solid and compacted in defence and taking us back to the top of the table by 4 points, and the unbeaten run continue in to April with the 7-0 win over Santa,Ariana in the maridona cup the highlight only conceding one goal in April and scoring 14making us firm favourites for the group and proving the change of tactic was vindicated going into the final two games of the season with one win securing the group and a place in the championship playoff up next 6 place Tigre a goal on the 34th minute from Claudio Yacob put my mind at easy followed up with two late goals by Sanabria and Bruera respectively to seal a 3-0 win and our place in the play offs followed up with a shaky 2-1 3rd place Mendoza after they took the lead in the 40th minute but a goal from Jacobo Mansilla and a 72nd minute winner from Matias Sanchez to conclude our season unbeaten since the feb restart with a promotion playoff to come The playoff The playoff game comes as bit of a shock after it came literally 3 days after the final game but we've got the momentum behind us going up against Belgrano we take the lead right before halftime on 45th minute through Matias Sanchez then they pull back level on the 56 minute after missing a 1 on 1 were under the cosh for 10 minutes but then on the 75th minute the man of the season Leonardo Acosta put us back a head after a mistake from the defender capitalised and clinically put alway, but then on the 94th minute that man again Acosta sealed the win with a breakaway and a tap in to get us up into the Liga Professional De Futbol so we're up and got a job on our hands
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