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  1. Any recommendations for BSP free agents after season one?
  2. Hi, can anybody tell me why scouts sometimes finish a scouting mission within one day? Getiing frustrating when they come back straight away. Thanks!
  3. On course fore 3rd successive promotion but not sure how good my squad will be in the SPL. And slightly off topic but anyone know why scouts sometimes finish a report within a day?
  4. Anyone knwo if you are allowed to extend the scouting range when you get to division 1? I'm in the second and they still won't let me.
  5. Thanks, I got promoted first season but let a few high earners leave, bit stuck now, gonna have to root around for some U18's!
  6. Signed a few youngsters that hopefully will be first team as I move up the leagues. Andy Little banging them in in the 3rd div. Anyone know any good coaches or training schedules?
  7. Just starting a game with Rangers, any transfer recommendations?
  8. does anyone know where the thread about best clubs for regens is?
  9. can someone post a screenshot of the formation of this tatci and a screenshot of the team instrusctions, thanks : )
  10. -can we have worcester cities new dtaium in the next one - selling players in BSN and south should be easier - more teamtalk options and a revamp of answers you can give the media (thyeve been the same for 2 years)
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