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    You guys suck! You could never pull together as one and revenge us! That is why you SUCK!!

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  1. FM10: Wahbi Khazri

    This ability talk is all well and good, what I really want to know is how can an 18-year-old player shrink by two inches in four years?
  2. I seem to remember something from a previous FM game. Didn't you need one physio per x number of players training? To cut down the risk of injuries or something? Or have I just made that up?
  3. OIs vs. personal instructions

    What other way would you want it? Just don't use the OI for that player.
  4. How to retire a jersey number?

    Well, squad numbers is not really an issue for most clubs' manager or owners - it's a player's preference. The only time it comes in to play for anyone other than players is for sentimental reasons such as Marc-Vivien Foe's death, or to acknowledge the successes of a legendary player. Paolo Maldini's number 3 shirt is retired until one of his sons signs professional terms with the club. I would be very surprised if that shirt had only been worn by a footballer named Maldini...
  5. How to retire a jersey number?

    I'm not sure any player has to "earn" their number at a club... I'd say the opposite was true - clubs don't care what number their players wear, whereas players are very superstitious, egotistical and picky when it comes to numbers. It's like a status symbol. For example, most players would turn down the #7 shirt at Manchester United after David Beckham left for Madrid, but Cristiano Ronaldo is such a big-headed, dumb, leg-shaving little sissy that there was no way he'd turn it down.
  6. How to retire a jersey number?

    I think they should just keep going with the number retiring till there are no numbers left, then they can just retire football altogether and be done with it.
  7. Make your own, it's easy. I wan't too impressed with Tug's training tbh, it isn't focused enough on individual positions.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to put together those stats CPS, makes for interesting reading.
  9. How to retire a jersey number?

    Bayern Munich being the most famous example of that. Well cheesy.
  10. How to retire a jersey number?

    Retiring squad numbers is a stupid sentimental practice that should be banned before players are forced to wear stupidly high numbers. The number 14 jersey at Ajax was retired in Johann Cruijff's honour, but he at least had the sense (and the ego, admittedly) to suggest that instead of retiring the number, the club should assign it to the most talented player in the team.
  11. Good call! To speed things up a little, give him a punishing training regime and he'll put his back out lifting weights or something.
  12. I think you can only hope he fails to learn, but failing that you can only re-retrain him to forget what he's learned.
  13. Playing when drunk will lead to one thing and one thing only - board ultimatums. Many's the time a normally balanced individual morphs in to an irrational, demanding fiend when refused a training facilities upgrade.
  14. Maybe he was talking about Kelsey Grammer, you don't know...