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  1. It seems unusual that some people still think this, even though it's been available for months. How hard is it to check one website, really?
  2. That has to be wrong. Surely?
  3. It is, but he's using the wrong version. Go to the website linked several times in this thread and download the newest version of the program. RC1 will get you nowhere.
  4. Have you loaded your game?
  5. Aren't you a Rotherham fan? Is this bitterness because you don't have any proper rivals??? Anyway, to answer the question: no, I could never manage Chaventry.
  6. It seems so. What an enormously superfluous feature.
  7. Obviously all those dates are made up. Shame on you boys. The next Genie Scout will be out on October 2nd 2011.
  8. WHAT?!? Your son? It's a football management game! Hmm. What about them exactly?
  9. You need a newer edition of the game. Try FM07...
  10. Umm... That seems a bit harsh. Honestly? Destitute?
  11. He's a frighteningly insane man.
  12. George Foreman has five sons, all called George Edward Foreman, and one of his daughters is called Georgetta.
  13. You mean 'carer', right? This whole thread is madness. Superb, wonderful, beautiful madness.