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  1. Lovely...…. I've been trying to figure this out for ages....
  2. A real-time editor cannot change this? I don't mean to talk about them because I know this is (or was) a no-no here... If that's the case, pretty disappointed you find out a year into your save if you're in or out of Europe. Didn't used to be a lot of game play for me, but it sure feels like a lot now.
  3. First let me apologize, I've had a couple brain surgeries and I'm really bad with words now. I tried searching for this and googling it, but I don't really know how to word it - Plus I have a hard time reading long amounts of garble. Also not looking for sympathy in the least, so please don't give it. Topic at hand is that I started a new game bringing a club out of Conf South but England has left Europe, which is always up in the air.... I'd like to know if there's a way to change it and bring them back into Europe. Don't really need any debate on cheating, just one less thing for me to think about if I ever make it to the Prem.
  4. My main game is always myself, but then I'll start other games and make up random names. Sir Cheeto Burrito is the current side game. I used to make up a bunch of names like mine and try to take over the HoF, but I just do not have the motivation for that anymore.
  5. I just changed jobs in season 3 and the game is telling me how to set up training and tactics and such... I'm trying to find where to turn this off, but I'm not finding it. If someone could lead me in the right direction it would be most appreciated.
  6. I know it didn't used to be a big deal, is that still the case? Thanks.
  7. Helps a lot, thanks very much!
  8. Would someone mind giving me an example of when to use each shout effectively? I used to know but I don't have much of a memory after a couple brain surgeries, not saying it for sympathy at all, just so I don't get this locked and deleted because i'm a little slower now... The only 2 I used now are "encourage" When i'm down by a goal or two or score down by a goal or two. Also use "Praise" When scoring to equalize or score to go a goal ahead or more. I assume "no pressure" When playing much bigger clubs but I haven't had that yet as I'm using Bohemians in Ireland... Thanks
  9. Anyone know how to change which ones are playable? I see where I can make one playable only, not seeing the old check boxes to take them out.
  10. In my game Liverpool did not start off like that, but after 3 years or so it was similar. The league was all Liverpool, Europe was between Liverpool, Barcelona, and Juventus. I'm speaking of 2022+ or so. The first 2-3 years were as normal
  11. I've been mildly inactive because my 2 friends I played with the most have stopped playing, thus I have stopped. Wondering if there are groups to join that might get me more active?
  12. Entertainment for the day haha I think we've all felt that a time or two.
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