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  1. In my game Liverpool did not start off like that, but after 3 years or so it was similar. The league was all Liverpool, Europe was between Liverpool, Barcelona, and Juventus. I'm speaking of 2022+ or so. The first 2-3 years were as normal
  2. I've been mildly inactive because my 2 friends I played with the most have stopped playing, thus I have stopped. Wondering if there are groups to join that might get me more active?
  3. Entertainment for the day haha I think we've all felt that a time or two.
  4. Lol... All joking aside though. Does anyone know how it will truly effect the Prem in real life? Thus, how it will effect the league in our game?
  5. Does Brexit just lower the amount of foreign players? Like the old days? Or does nobody really know what it will do yet?
  6. Let me know how that goes, wish I had that kind of tolerance in my old age lol
  7. Alright, I'll get back to it in like 15 seasons...
  8. What league are you playing in? Just curious because ignoring it at Conf. South probably has far less consequences for me …
  9. Do you use it? Does it have much value? I always skip it, but it's new to me and I'm playing low league. I see a point to it if I were Crystal Palace playing Man City but...
  10. The ability to unconsciously hit continue and win games when falling asleep on your keyboard
  11. Appreciate it loads guys. Sounds like it gets deeper and more complex each year. I've played every year since CM98/99 but I don't have any now minus the ones on Steam. My oldest is 2009. Might re-download it for fun. One of the things I liked about my brief time in FM18 is you could hire people to do a lot of the jobs we used to have to do. They didn't always do great at them, but it was a lot less to do... I hate decisions.
  12. Long story short, I've had brain surgery twice and my memory is crap now so it's hard for me to go reading through threads and take in information. Or even know new footballers now lol... So my question is, how is FM19 compared to FM14-18? I played 14 almost 1000 hours, but then the game kind of died to me apparently. I don't remember because I have a crap memory now, but 15 I only played 600 hours, 16 I only played 200 hours, I didn't even buy 17, and 18 I just got this summer and have played 20ish hours and it's just kind of blah. Overall I think the game has gone backwards I guess since 2013/2014... Reluctant to buy this one, but I'd not mind if its better than the last 2. If you could give me … a plus and a minus on the game and a rating that would be cool. Keep it short?
  13. I just popped on to see what's the story on the new FM, haven't really played since FM 16. I did get this one for the cheap discount bit that was going on, and I can say that I answer all the media questions the same way I have answered all the media questions for the last 5 or so years of FM. If not more. I hardly pay attention to the question, or the answer... I just quickly get through with an obvious good answer and my squad never gets angry. For anyone who has been playing for longer than that (I have been playing since 99 until recently because this game is getting … broken? pointless?) it becomes difficult to keep answering the same media questions over and over to no point really. True time waster.
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