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    Football Manager player & creator since '96. Chairman of the esteemed Hardleigh Athletic FC and creator of the Spurs Misfits database.

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  1. Oh I like the idea of, say, your DoF negotiating the contract but then forwarding the agreed terms to you for approval.
  2. Yes! Always frustrating when you delegate it, the terms are rejected, and then you have to wait for ages before you can have a go yourself. Result for me is that I just never delegate contracts!
  3. A small one but I'd really like to see an option to set how many staff you're looking for when you put advertise a job vacancy. So annoying to have the advert automatically get withdrawn as soon as one person of that job type signs, especially if they're someone you've approached directly rather than through the advert. Related to that, it would be neat if when a member of staff signs you get an update in that news item about how many vacancies you have for that position. Obviously it wouldn't matter for unique positions like Director of Football, but it would be very useful for when you're taking over at a new club and making wholesale changes to the staff if when you sign e.g. a scout there's just a single line at the end of the item saying words to the effect of "As a reminder, we now have 4 vacant scout positions at the club."
  4. I'd also like to see this feature, as well as the option to select player preferences for roles in the same way as we to for set piece takers. E.G. "Marks Keeper" could have up to three players put in, so that if one isn't available then the next player on the list automatically goes up without us having to adjust it every time we change our starting XI.
  5. I'd love to be able to filter out transfer-listed players from the squad view, it would make it a much less cluttered affair when I'm including the B Team/U23s in the view while selecting a match squad, or while sorting my squad out ahead of a new season.
  6. Something I'd dearly love to see in negotiations is the ability to explain *why* you're walking away from discussions. Say my player comes to me demanding a new contract and say I'm bonkers enough to agree, but right from the start his agent is insisting on there being a minimum-fee release clause that's far too low. Now, I'm not about to risk losing a key player for such a low fee but I also don't want to break my promise to the player that I'd offer a new contract. Of course, I can just walk away and say "I promised to make an offer, it's not my fault you didn't accept it" but frankly that's a bit too confrontational, and the "I'm genuinely sorry, I promise to try again" is too far the other way. What I'd like to be able to do is have a drop down list or a pop up box when you hit "Walk away" that lets you pick some options: wage demands far too high, agent demanding a release clause, agent not being flexible over demands, etc. I get that with the number of reasons one might walk away from negotiations that this could be quite an ask, but it could probably be reasonably summed up into half a dozen options. Additionally, when you walk away and then go back to speak to the player it would really help if there were another dialogue choice that isn't either a grovelling apology or telling them to jog on - "Look, I entered into negotiations with you/your agent in good faith but unfortunately we just couldn't come to an agreement. I'm prepared to restart talks if you/your agent can agree to be a bit more flexible." (Actually, that last point applies to a lot of player interactions when you've "broken" a promise - you can either grovel and beg for forgiveness or tell them to get stuffed; there's not a middle-ground compromise option.)
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