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  1. I did wonder about that (which in itself would be a little frustrating, if the game is telling you that you can only manage massive clubs from now on!)..... ......didn't test it all that extensively, but I did apply for jobs at Napoli, Ajax, Fiorentina & Grasshoppers (all of whom are 4*+ reputation in my world in 2050) with my 72 year old (didn't bother with the 30 year old, because she wouldn't or at least shouldn't be getting those jobs yet). He didn't get offered any of those either.......
  2. So just to add to my original post, I did a little test this afternoon. I created a new manager, and then had both managers apply for the same job a bunch of times. In each case, I answered the interview questions exactly the same (to the extent I could) between the two managers - basically I was just relentlessly positive and 'Yes sir, thank you sir, whatever you say sir'. So manager #1 was a newly created, 30 year old Icelander with zero previous coaching experience, half a star of reputation, and a regional professional playing career Manager #2 was my 72 year old, 30 year veteran Englishman, with four stars of reputation and a track record of taking clubs from the bottom to the top. Manager #1 was offered 2/3rds of the jobs she applied for - basically any club with 2.5 stars reputation or less, she got hired. And she also got interview requests from a bunch of clubs that I didn't apply for, and was offered 100% of those jobs as well Manager #2 got exactly zero offers from the 20+ clubs he applied to, and exactly zero interview requests from those he didn't. So it really does seem that FM21 is applying age discrimination to its job hunting process; I can't think of any other reason why my ageing legend couldn't get a job offer whilst a completely green rookie was swimming in them from exactly the same clubs at exactly the same time. Which is not exactly unrealistic.....but also not that fun! And inconsistent when you can stay at the same club and manage indefinitely. Which also means that I will be continuing my save in 2051 as Inga Tonisdottir, 30 year old love child of my original manager from his day's running the national team in Reykjavik!
  3. I think Padders did 200 years+ in FM20 - but it was all with the same club. So you can be immortal......just as long as you don't try and change clubs! I'm going to try running some more tests, but I don't know what else, other than age, it could be at the moment. Unless all 20+ clubs that I've tried won't hire me because I'm overqualified?
  4. Hi all - long time lurker, first time poster. But I've not been able to find an answer to this question/issue by searching....... I've been running a long 'semi-journeyman' save on FM21. The year is now 2050. I did seven years at my hometown club Oxford Utd (taking them from League One to the Europa League); then ten years at Halesowen Town (taking them from Blue Square South to the Championship playoffs); then twelve years at Piacenza (taking them from the Serie C relegation zone to the Serie A title). I tend to like long rebuilding jobs - but once I grow the club to a certain size, I lose interest and move on. But I also like to keep the same save going because it's my FM universe with its own unique thirty years of history. I also managed at international level for Iceland (went great), Portugal (went OK) and England (was a disaster and got sacked within a year!) So I want to move on now and start a new project. Ideally, I was thinking Iceland because it's a bit different, because I have a great reputation there from my days managing the national team, and because I'm fluent in the language (in the game, not real life!). The problem is that I can't seem to get a job. Five Icelandic jobs came up during their off-season - but having resigned from my previous post, my application to all of them was unsuccesful. So I thought 'Fair Enough, Iceland doesn't want me, I'll try somewhere else'. I've since unsuccesfully applied for about 15-20 other jobs in the Netherlands, Scotland, Slovakia, Romania & Switzerland (I have about a dozen countries loaded). Noone wants me. Every job I apply for grants me an interview. I've tried mixing up my responses (from arrogant, argumentative and asks for the world, to friendly, accommodating and asks for nothing) - makes no difference. Every job, I get the message that I'm the fans' preferred candidate. Every job, I'm the bookie's favourite (once my odds were even as low as 1-48) but every time they go with someone else. With both my previous transitions to Halesowen & Piacenza, I got the first job I applied for. I have a 4* reputation and an amazing track record but it's not doing any good. The only thing I'm wondering is whether I'm now too old? My manager is 72, so it seems realistic that clubs might think twice about hiring someone that age.....but at the same time I know that you can be a FM21 immortal and manage the same club till you're 300 years old, so I didn't think that ageism was coded into the game? Is it that, or is there something else I'm doing wrong here? I know that I can just retire, create a new manager and parachute them into the job of my choice. But I'd rather keep my current manager's reputation and relationships if I can, and not break the narrative. What is certain, after six game months, is that FM21 as a failed jobseeker simulator is not as much fun as a football managment simulator!!
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