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  1. A Royally Good Story

    Not a problem, and enjoy your career.
  2. A Royally Good Story

    Just a few errors here, Rick... We don't do stories, we do updates (there's a sticky about that...) We don't use "Excellent Updates" (there's a sticky about that...) We don't name players (there's a sticky about that...) Do you want this Story moved to the "Stories" forum?
  3. Norfolk Senior Cup Exit

    Moved here as requested.
  4. I apologise, I just got online and I only just received the PM. Truth is, Liam answered the question pretty well, very well in fact. There are so many unanswered questions that simply can't be brought into the game without ruining it. I'll give an example, The Scottish Juniors. A guy (I believe he posts in here as well) who posts in the Pie and Bovril Juniors forum released an .xml of the Scottish Juniors game. He made an absolutely splendid effort of it, as fair as was possible, but it will never mirror the Scottish Juniors game. I'm on the committee of a Juniors Team in the East Region South Division and we got notice of next Saturday's game on Sunday last. We have no idea of the rest of the fixtures because they've not been drawn. Fixtures, for the league, are decided on who's played who, who's still in the Cup (any one of six our level takes part in), Cups...six of them...and the Superleague winners being entered into the Seniors' Scottish Cup at the beginning of the next season. Then there's scouting, we have a scout, players from the other side of Edinburgh, less than 40 miles away, won't sign as it's "too far". Players can sign on amateur terms, and be bound for a year, there are delayed transfers, transfers ending on March 31st, and as Liam said, players going to weddings, having to work, or just not being bothered. The .xml is superb, but it doesn't apply to the Juniors' game as is. We have a guy in LLM who's absolutely pedantic when it comes to starting leagues lower than SI. He's literally taken months to start a game in Italy, and still he says it isn't perfect (not in SI:LLM, btw), but he'll keep trying. Bottom line. The Official SI game takes literally hundreds of guys to get to the level it's at just now. One fella, regardless how good he is, will never compete with the hundreds doing the SI version. He may try his hardest, but it can't even be tested by the hundreds who do the SI game. ...and we haven't (deliberately) touched on one guy taking responsibility for leagues below.
  5. Llm

    I didn't close this, btw.
  6. Llm

    You know how often I've read this thread, in this forum, with the same complaints, and the same replies...only this time it's mcreeegan that's started it? How long have I modded LLM...about 8 years? ...times a couple of hundred...hey, that's a lot! Let me (once more) tell you how it it. LLM users never go elsewhere. LLM users never slag off people for playing the game their own way...it is, after all, yours...you or mummy bought it...it's up to you to play it how you like. LLM users stay in LLM, and in a certain other forum, and don't bother anyone. Here's where the problem lies. People decide to come in to LLM and complain about no player naming, no tactics discussion, no editors, or just to "poke the sleeping bear". When this happens then look out. You see, LLM has an average age way above the rest of the board. Generally the users are married men, with kids, with real professions in a real life and play LLM because it mirrors their attitude to real life. The person who comes in and tries to teach their granny how to suck eggs is a spotty teen (looking at mcreegan's profile I see he matches it perfectly), if they expect an easy slagging of a forum of hoary old LLaMas then they're in for something else, and they get it, and they run bleating with their tail between their legs and start a thread in another forum "Oh, those LLaMas are so nasty...", and so it goes on. Look at it this way. I wouldn't go into a synagogue and say Judaism is stupid and Christianity is the way forward...why on earth would anyone who has no idea what LLM is about come in and start spouting rubbish without looking at the rules and guidelines and a few other threads first? ...and they say LLM regulars are stupid?
  7. Aye, good topic...nice to see the Nobster using my own particular gripe as an example in his post The "scouting radius" has been an LLM plea for years.
  8. These forums

    "Flaming" means abusing a user because of some perceived misdemeanour, a "Fan-Boy" is a derogatory term used by an idiot because some unfortunate has decided to stick up for SI (in this forum's case). As has been said before, previously using the "Devil's Fora" doesn't necessarily exclude you from using LLM, currently using them breaks the "No Tipping" rule and will mean no LLaMa will take the user's posts seriously...and may lead to unwanted abuse before a Mod steps in.
  9. These forums

    It's being looked in to, let me offer you that scant assurance.
  10. These forums

    Weston's a decent place to start Good luck.
  11. These forums

    Barnzy (I'm a bit biased, of course), when you achieve something (or fail) in FM using your own mettle it seriously gives you a great deal more satisfaction than using the WaNkAnO tactic or signing Onésimo and Andri Sigþorsson
  12. These forums

    Ched, I'm going to suspend this account now as it's an alias and you should wait until you have word back from mods@
  13. These forums

    Two points, really: 1) Your e-mail was received by mods@ less than one hour ago, less than half an hour before you registered your alias. 2) Registering an alias was a big mistake, it's better to wait for a reply than to spit the dummy. I'm sure the mod involved will reply at his leisure.
  14. These forums

    I suppose we just don't like being expected to justify our existence in a thread in another forum. It's well publicised in LLM what the forum's all about, I'm certainly not about to do some cap-in-hand justification in here. That...although it may look like it...isn't a dig either, it's a simple statement of fact