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  1. Show us your screenshots of it happening every single season.
  2. I've told you before and I'll tell you again...NOT. A. BUG. 2013/14 Fulham away to Norwich and Hull Sunderland away to Everton and Cardiff Crystal Palace away to Aston Villa and Man City Swansea away to Chelsea and Aston Villa West Brom away to Spurs and West Ham Man United away to Hull and Norwich Sorry to **** on your bonfire
  3. Except it's not a bug because literally every single year every team plays 3 or 4 games in quick succession. Please provide other similar examples and I will show you a season when the fixtures were arranged the same way.
  4. This is not a bug. Please click on the following link which shows what happened the last time Boxing Day fell on a Sunday. Hint, fixtures were scheduled for 26th Dec, 28th Dec and 1st Jan. https://www.theguardian.com/football/table/2010/jun/17/premier-league-fixtures-2010-11
  5. Can I just point out that on the final day of the Prem season, the fixtures are all supposed to kick off at 3pm and not 4pm?
  6. Have you managed to get anywhere with the issues I highlighted a few weeks ago?
  7. Level 10, Southern Counties East Division One. While I'm at it, have you made any more changes that you'd like me to try out?
  8. Premier League: 30th/31st January fixtures moved to 16th/17th January. Final round of fixtures moved from Sunday 13th May at 15:00 to 6th/7th February at 19:45/20:00 so penultimate round of fixtures on Saturday 5th May at 15:00 is now Sunday 6th May at 14:00. Championship: NYD fixtures all kick off at 19:45 instead of 15:00. League 1: No problems League 2: As per Championship National League: Fixtures incorrectly scheduled for 14th October (FACQ4) and 16th December (FAT1). No fixtures scheduled for 2nd December. National League North: Fixtures incorrectly scheduled for 16th September (FACQ2) and 25th November (FATQ3). National League South: No problems Regional Prem Divisions: Fixtures incorrectly scheduled for 2nd September (FACQ1) and 28th October (FATQ1). No matches scheduled for 14th October, 16th December, 1st or 13th January, 3rd or 24th February or Easter Monday. Fixtures on 29th/30th August should be scheduled for 28th August (Bank Holiday Monday) Regional First Divisions: No fixtures scheduled on 16th/30th September, 14th October, 25th November, New Year's Day or Easter Monday. Fixtures on 29th/30th August should be scheduled for 28th August (Bank Holiday Monday). **Isthmian D1 South does have fixtures scheduled for 14th October** Level 9: Fixtures incorrectly scheduled for 23rd September (FAVQ2). No fixtures scheduled on 2nd/16th/30th September, 14th/28th October, 11th November, New Year's Day or Easter Monday. Some divisions have 14 rounds of midweek games by the end of November then none for the rest of the season. Fixtures on 29th/30th August should be scheduled for 28th August (Bank Holiday Monday). Level 10: No fixtures scheduled for 2nd September or 7th October. Some divisions have midweek games for each of the first 6 weeks of the season. Fixtures on 29th/30th August should be scheduled for 28th August (Bank Holiday Monday). Just in general, the midweek matchday needs to be Tuesday across the board. In the Premier League especially, in the 2 rounds of midweek games after the new year 8 of the 10 matches are on Wednesday. They should all be originally be scheduled for the Tuesday then only matches involving teams who played on the preceding Sunday being moved to the Wednesday. Good luck trying to fix all that...
  9. Hi pal, I'm just wondering if you've managed to get anywhere with the database?
  10. Penultimate round of Prem games now kicks off at 14:00. Championship and L1+2 are all still fine. In the National League and NL North there are still league matches scheduled for the dates when the clubs are due to enter the FA Cup and FA Trophy. NL South is fine though. Regional Prem Divisions there are fixtures scheduled for when they're due to enter the FA Trophy. Regional First Divisions are a bit funny. 8 teams enter the FA Trophy at the 1st qualifying round with the rest at the Prelim round. According to the FA list of exemptions, there are 72 exemptions to Q1 which presumably is the 24 teams in each of the 3 Regional Prem Divisions. Everyone has league fixtures scheduled for the date of Q1 (28th October). There are no league fixtures scheduled for the Prelim Round (7th October) so those teams who enter at Q1 have a blank weekend for no reason. No issues with the FA Cup. Level 9, some of the teams have league games scheduled when they're due to enter the FA Vase, some don't. Level 10 teams entering the FA Vase at Q1 already have their fixtures drawn. Teams entering at Q2 have league fixtures scheduled for Q2 weekend.
  11. See for yourself...there aren't any games scheduled for FA Cup R3-5 however there are only 6 rounds of fixtures!
  12. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I haven't had access to my laptop. Will give it a go now.
  13. It's fine for the Championship, L1 & L2 but I've looked at the Conference National and North/South and it happens for those divisions. It also happens for the FA Trophy, they all have league fixtures on the same weekend they're due to enter the FA Trophy.
  14. Thanks, I assumed 2) would be something to do with the fixture priority but I've tried Domestic League Low and Domestic League High but it hasn't made any difference, which is strange given the fixture priority for the EFL is Domestic League Low and that works just fine.
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