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  1. End of December update What a month it has been! Only 2 goals conceded in 9 matches. We won everything and our form has really stepped up from mid October. A strong 1-0 win over United, and then a couple of easy fixtures in December. But we had to play the matches and we certainly showed up. We are coming closer to the half-way stage of the season and we are in a really good spot. We are top of the league and there is forming a gap down to 4th. If we keep up the great form we could be serious title contenders, but still a long way to go. We won our group at the end after a smashing 6-0 win over Lille. 0 goals conceded and we have to be happy with that. Now into the knockout stages. Transfer thoughts The January window is approaching and I dont have many thought right now. Not any money to spend but there is interest in several of our players. I think im going to accept a bid on kane if the bid is good enough, but i am generally happy with the squad right now.
  2. Mid November update Premier League We continued our good form in October and won all our league games. Solid wins against palace and Southampton, then a hard-fought victory against Aston Villa, even though we played with 10 men the last 30 minutes. In November our form dipped a bit. The fixture list was hard, but I thought we could get some points maybe against Arsenal, but we certainly did not. Something was off against Fulham, and we did not play well, but we scraped through with a win. Then against Arsenal, we got Dele Alli sent of early, and we did not stand a chance. Liverpool was as expected a lot better than us at Anfield and not much to do with that. But how does the table look after 9 games played. We are second, joint top with City. The table is tight and its still early doors, so we cant get ahead of ourselves, but a good start it is. The big surprise is Leicester, who are down in 18th. I guess a long term Vardy-injury is the main issue there. Europa League We have not done great in the Europa League so far. two draws is not acceptable for a club at our level. The lille match i can accept, but against Djurgården, that is not acceptable. Second in the group as it stands, so all to play for still. I would say we still are the favourites to top the group. We just need a win over Lille and then it should be done. Kane has had a bad month now and I am not getting many goals out of him. I play him in the complete forward role on attack duty, and I have tried him as a advanced forward, but nothing seems to be working. Any tips? fe
  3. September Prem We have started perfectly in the league. 3 wins from 3 is amazing and we are top of the league as it stands. A 6-1 win at the season opener completly shocked me, but i am certainly not complaining. Vardy was injured for Leicester when we played them and they didnt look great up front, but it wasnt a comfortable win for sure. We shut the bus the last 15 hoping for them not to score and they didnt and we took all three points. In the game against Sheffield we did not play well. We didnt create much, but a Son goal right before half time secured the vicory for us EL I did not know we had to play in the qualification matches for the EL, but we got the job done with not to many problems. Carabao Cup I played the reserves for this match, as I dont really care about this cup. An early exit it was EL group The Europa League group stages have been drawn and it is a pretty straight forward group for us. I fully expect us to go through. Lille the only one that should put up a fight really.
  4. Pre-season We had a great pre-season and we only drew with Benfica. Transferwise i brought in depay as a backup up front. He is a great player and can play everywhere in the attacking position. The transfer fee was 29,5 million euros. We sold Rose 6M to Fiorentina. I didnt see him as a future starter here so he moved on.
  5. Frey is the new manager of Tottenham. The 19 year old manager from Norway has shocked the world after being appointed as the new manager, being younger than most of the players. Does he have the ability to take Tottenham to the top of England, and maybe one time Europe Squad review The squad looks decent. Harry Kane will have to carry us to a potential top 4 and a champions league spot next year. There is not a lot in the transfer budget, so we have to sell to buy.
  6. Hello! After reading many posts in this forum, I have decided to start my own save on football manager. I have played the game for a few years, but I have never posted before on this or any forum. I like to stick to a long term save throughout the game and one challenge have caught my eye. I have read through @PaulHartman71`s save on fm19 (The hart chronicles - Volume IV). I leave the link here for anyone interested The concept of this save is to win the Champions League with a team from every country who had never won it before. It starts out fairly simple in the biggest leagues, but as you progress, the nations get smaller, and the challenge gets bigger. Lets get into it!
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