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  1. Don’t know why those two teams don’t work? I can just replace them if not
  2. It completely works now other than those two teams, which I can not use, but if you figure out what is wrong with them I’d appreciate it
  3. I made the competition end earlier, any idea what’s wrong with Austin FC and the Charlotte team?
  4. The Charlotte and Austin teams aren’t working, I got this database online and changed it a bit so idk what their problem is as a team
  5. As it isn’t mine I just made changes to the database, how would I fix that? Also for some reason the Austin FC team and Charlotte teams were the problem
  6. I figured out what was wrong with the championship, but now on the very low leagues it says “National Lower Leagues has not finished in time for the season update day 24/6/2021
  7. This is it, if the change is obvious, again i'm very new to advanced editing so i apologize American Premier League.fmf
  8. Neither worked, I selected every team division by division, and made sure they don’t have a “next division” the promotion and relegation numbers are all right it seems, any other ideas? It still isn’t fixed
  9. And one more thing, I’m very new to editing leagues and advanced rules so if you can may I please have a detailed explanation so I don’t mess up?
  10. It exactly says “United States Championship, Wrong Number of teams found for stage 0 of United States championship (24 required) if this helps
  11. So my friend and I, being upset that there is no Promotion and Relegation in MLS decided to make a pro/rel American League, we downloaded a pro/rel American League off the internet and changed some teams names and location (only changed B teams and Academy teams of clubs). When we were finished we went to start up a game, but realized there are advanced rules we don’t like (such as only allowing 10 foreign players or needing 3 under 21s in the squad at ALL TIMES) so I went into advanced rules, and after my changes tested it and it said “23/24 teams required for Championship, 24 required” (the 2nd tier league) but I’ve checked 3 or 4 times, I HAVE 24 teams there, this only happens when the test reaches 2022-2023. Any ideas why? edit: forgot to mention the problem isn’t with our changes, as I redownloaded the database and didn’t change anything, went to advanced rules, didn’t change anything, tested it and it said the same thing
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