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  1. Thanks! I changed the game importance to very important for USA and that seemed to help a bit, but not to the level I was hoping. There were prospects with PA’s of 179, 163, 146, 144, 141, and 141. The rest were all 140 PA or below. None of the 179, 163, 146, and 144 prospects were generated at MLS academies either; they were all generated in the USSL D3, which is exactly the opposite of what I thought would happen (though randomness plays a part in that too). I’m wondering if there’s different factors for USA youth intake because the way MLS academies work is different than the rest of the world where there’s U23, U20, U18, etc. teams.
  2. I’m trying to improve the USA youth generation so that the USA can be on par with the top European countries in terms of the potential abilities of the newgens. I know that Youth facilities, junior coaching, youth recruitment, and youth nation rating all have an effect on the quality of the newgens, so I changed a few things: Changed USA youth rating to 200 Made all junior coaching, youth facilities, and youth recruitment values 20 for all MLS clubs Changed all HOYD for all MLS clubs to have 20 working with youngsters, 20 JCA, and 20 JPA I simulated until September 2026 and the game has only generated a 160 PA and 153 PA player and the rest are 140 PA or below. So short of editing the PA of individual players, I’m wondering if there’s something else I can do to increase the frequency of players generated in the USA that have 150+ PA. I did not edit the game importance or any reputations of MLS clubs so maybe I could try that? I did the same test in Greece for all clubs starting in the Greek Super League 1 (although I didn’t change any HOYD attributes) and there were almost 20 players generated that had 140+ PA over the same timeframe. This is in FM20 if that makes any difference.
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