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1 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"

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  1. Barcelona especially are known to be having massive Financial issues. So much so that they are mainly making free-signings and it is even being proposed that they may not even be able to field those free signings unless they can free up finances based on La Liga's very strict financial fair play laws. This has affected Real Madrid also, who, when I was growing up (Galactico Era) where able to spend £50 Million and £90 Million + on the 2 best players in the world at the time in one summer. I feel like it would not really be a realistic reflection of the current game if when I start my New game Barca, Real and/ or Atletico (Who have A huge debt figure) are making £50 Million + Signings when in reality, they are unable to operate like this anymore. Will these financial aspects be a factor that is reflected in this years game? Would you prefer them to be? Thanks in Advance for any feedback
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