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  1. I download 4 files.They make other leagues to be rich as Premier League(include La Liga,Serie A,Bundesliga,Ligue 1) I want change Substitute rule based on these files , but they can't past rule test. even though I don't change anything, wehn I test rules the editor still warn me. I ask net-friends to test these files.They successfully passed the test. The file seems to be ok. Maybe the problem is with cache?
  2. hi guys,forgive my not good english I want to change bench player 7/3 to12/5 but footballmanager editor warn me [no support found for "more than" fo squad selection rule "chinese_naturalised_in_squad"] and it seems like only happen on my PC?
  3. We have to use VPN to log in to Sports Interactive Commuity ,so if I link this forum,most of them can't download. I hope I can Upload your editor. I will mark the your name and the original link ,PLZ
  4. (my english is not good,sorry) thanks your editors and i have some questions: 1:Can I use chinese in europe ,11-12 data, Scandinavian_league【斯堪的纳维亚联赛】and The Netherlands Leagues【尼德兰联赛】with your editor? 2:Can I forward your latest editor to chinese BBS(Ballpump Studio)
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