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  1. I've resolved the 24 discipline issue by obtaining another coaching badge. Once completed, this seemed to almost refresh my attributes and Discipline has now returned to 20, albeit nearly 2-years further on!

  2. Afraid not, I saved a file specifically for uploading where the error existed, but don't have any saves from earlier, the other three are rolling auto-saves and I'm now almost an entire season past the save you have.

  3. Evening, I've uploaded another save, same name as before (Colin G&T Super Discipline.fm). I've loaded it to confirm there's no corruption of the save and, as above, confirmed again that the discipline is showing as 24 in the save.

    Cheers G&T

  4. Oh really? That's a bit weird! Date in the save I uploaded should be 09/06/2025, there should only be one manager live in the save (Colin G&T). Just loaded the save to check and still there so not sure why it's not showing when you load it? There's no special skins, I'm just using the standard 'Football Manager Dark' skin.


  5. Hi @Xebeche

    I'm assuming you've used the editor and that's the cause of the issue.

    The transfer budget is more than two and a half times that of the clubs overall funds, so possible issues with debt(?) but I suspect the real issue here is that the budget you've given yourself is above the highest possible 32-bit number (2,147,483,647) and so the game doesn't know how to handle things. I'd suggest going back in the editor and lowering the transfer budget to 2,100,000,000 to see if that resolves the issue.

    If not, I'm sure one of the SI team will be along soon :)

    Cheers G&T

  6. Evening All,

    Browsing through my profile and came across the fact that I apparently have a 'Level of Discipline' that is 24... out of 20... Which feels a little bit wrong.

    I went to check as I had started having an abnormal number of players come to me and raise minor concerns, so I'm not sure if this is now effectively acting as a lower level (say 4?).

    Cheers G&T



  7. Just as an update on this one, I played through a couple of weeks and after renewing a contract for a staff member, the contract type dropdown list suddenly became available and I am able to offer contracts to players again! I went back to a previous save where the issue existed and checked to see if there was any sort of transfer embargo or board takeover shenanigans afoot but couldn't see anything that would explain the issue.

    Main thing is the ambition of taking my local 12th tier side to Champions League glory is still on the cards!

    Cheers G&T

  8. Hi All,

    Another weird one, not sure if it's related to my previous bug within this save? (See "Bugged Assistant Manager" thread).

    I can't seem to sign players on anything other than appearance fee based contracts all of a sudden! The dropdown box to select the contract type: amateur, non-contract, part-time etc... just seems to have disappeared. I've tried different players and origins, bringing players in from free agency, other teams and even extending contracts of my own players, all without success.

    In efforts to resolve thus far, I've tried reloading the skin, changing the skin (using FM inbuilt skins), thinking it might have just been hidden for some reason, but no success! I'm managing a semi-pro outfit and am unable to extend players which hadn't signed a pre-contract agreement before this happened. There's a lot of teams sniffing around my players and not being able to negotiate contracts... I'm somewhat unable to continue!


    Figure 1. Existing player contract renewal - clicked 'use existing contract' and still not the correct contract type


    Figure 2. Free agent contract offer, left as what appeared when offering a contract


    Thanks in advance for your thoughts, cheers G&T

  9. Hi @Neil Brock,

    Thanks for coming back to me. I wish I had a closer save to offer, it's such a weird thing to have happened!

    I have eventually (this evening) manged to resolve the issue, albeit some two seasons on. The assigned/phantom Assistant Manger (Mark Janes) was eventually fired from his managerial post, though was still listed in my coaching staff. I tried offering him a contract as a coach to see if that resolved things and after he accepted a job as one of the games worst coaches, I had an inbox item about not having an Assistant Manager and have finally been able to hire somebody.

    Hopefully me and the new guy can get our passports ready and head off to South America in... 7-10 seasons time... if I continue the climb up the pyramid at a decent rate!

    Thanks for your time in looking in to this, G&T

  10. Hi VBinMYblood,

    FrazT is absolutely right, rules for tiebreak in the UCL group stage are below. Assuming Barcelona have a better head to head against Napoli, that would be correct.

    1. Points in head-to-head matches among the tied teams;
    2. Goal difference in head-to-head matches among the tied teams;
    3. Goals scored in head-to-head matches among the tied teams;
    4. Away goals scored in head-to-head matches among the tied teams;
    5. If more than two teams were tied, and after applying all head-to-head criteria above, a subset of teams are still tied, all head-to-head criteria above were reapplied exclusively to this subset of teams;
    6. Goal difference in all group matches;
    7. Goals scored in all group matches;
    8. Away goals scored in all group matches;
    9. Wins in all group matches;
    10. Away wins in all group matches;
    11. Disciplinary points (direct red card = 3 points; double yellow card = 3 points; single yellow card = 1 point);
    12. UEFA club coefficient.

    Cheers G&T

  11. Not sure this one is a bug, rather not quite understanding the specific rules and parameters around the award in question.

    The European Golden Boy is an award that takes a calendar year in to account, it's not by season. I would surmise that the award was given to him primarily for his efforts at Dortmund within the 2023 calendar year. which would make sense as the news item relates to that year.

    Cheers G&T

  12. Hi Abdullah,

    Thanks for coming back to me.

    I do have a save with the old Assistant, but it's quite some time before, about 14 months in game, quite surprised I still have one from that long ago as I'm using 3 rolling autosaves :lol:I'll upload as requested, name of the save is "Colin G&T (v02) (v02)", though I assume you meant when I upload it!

    Cheers G&T

  13. Afternoon All,

    Bit of a strange one, will try to keep the explanation concise.

    TLDR: My Assistant Manager left, the game has assigned a random Manager of another team to be my Assistant Manger, I can't fire him and the board refuse to let me hire anyone.

    Full Explanation

    My Assistant Manger was recently poached for a job elsewhere (clearly wanted more than £40p/w, outrageous!), so I immediately began the search for a replacement and found a solid enough alternative, David Bampton. Said chap was offered a contract for the position of Assistant Manager, next thing I get is an inbox item from the board saying the staff appointment has been cancelled as I don't need another Assistant Manager, with no option to ask the new staff to take over the role (attached). Assuming I've misread the name of the staff member leaving, I head to the staff screen to check and it shows I have 1/1 Assistant Manager, the guy in the attachment, Mark Janes, is that person. Mark Janes was an ex-player who retired a couple of seasons prior and went on to be Manager of Chalvey Sports, Janes is not contracted to my team at all, has never been the Assistant Manager and is actually showing as the Manager of Chalvey Sports still in the staff menu (attached) whilst also being listed as the Manager of my team?!

    I've tried offering the contract to the intended new Assistant Manager several times, but the board always cancel it due to this Mark Janes bloke! I've played through a few months since, saved/loaded and closed the game multiple times over a few days and he's still there... I can't fire him, I assume because he's not actually contracted to my team so the regular options aren't shown, I believe I'm paying his wages of £160p/w and I can't appoint an Assistant Manager, doesn't help that this Janes guy is utterly rubbish either! Cheers G&T

    Staff List.jpg

    Staff List(2).jpg

    Assistant Manager.jpg

    Assistant Manager(2).jpg

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