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  1. Hello, It's been few years now i'm playing FM. I think I have a good knowledge of the game. There are moments when playing, while you are doing something about your team, a quick question comes to your mind, a simple question that seems so focused and complicated to answer, that your brain knows it's not worth thinking about it. But when it's the same question coming over and over again, it starts creating some kind of anxiety about wether or not your are actually doing the right thing with that team. This is the subject of that topic. All these specific questions i've been asking myself for years, which I never found any informations about. Now i'm just relying on the patience and knowledge of more experienced players, that are willing to give me a hand. Thanks in advance. TRAINING Does Match Day count as training ? Do player attributs improve after a match like any other training ? If yes, does it train all attributs, attributs from played position/role or attributs from trained position/role from individual training ? I cannot find the Rest Day Before/After Match box option in FM21, does it still exist ? About Schedules Making, is there some kind of treshold wordload that would be really dangerous ? Is there some rules that I should know about balancing Injury Risk, Condition, Fatigue, Sharpness properly ? Does Double Intensity Scheduling really count the same training... Two times ? MENTORING Everytime i've seen a mentored player have is personnality improve, it does by step : 'Balanced to Fairly Determined, to Resolute, to Perfectionnist'. Is it possible to pass from a 'mid tier' personnality to a 'high tier' personnality without the in-between steps ('Balanced to Perfectionnist') ? Does keeping the same mentoring group on the long run have any benefits ? Or is it better to actually adapt the mentoring group regularly to follow the Social Group changes ? When a Senior Squad player is assigned to play U19, he seems available for either squad mentoring groups. Can he actually be present in both squad mentoring groups at the same time ? X would be mentored by Z in Senior Squad mentoring group and at the same time X would be mentoring Y in U19 mentoring group. If yes, would his Influence From and On Group be divided ? Or it would simply be different because of the different age/experience of squads ? Are Influence On Group and Influence From Group the results of combinations from Hierarchie and Social Group ? Or is it simply a different 'category' ? Is there a more impactfull 'category' (Hierarchie, Social Group, Training Units, Influence On Group, Influence From Group) ? If yes, what is a 'tier list' of these categories ? If you took the time to read until there, and to write some answers, thank you.
  2. So i got that message. The guy went from 13 determination to 16, passed from fairly pro to resolute, all of this from one day to the other. The mentoring group dosn't have effect on him, and he is the highest ranked of the group as a 'highly influencial', and he had the best personnality in the group. Why did this happen ? The only possible reason for me, that could make sense, is the fact that i'm following my high priority target since few months, and that it has the same role as the improved player in my squad. Could it be the reason ?
  3. I'm coming back after a while to show the progress made for that kiddo. He evolved the way I wanted. Furthermore, it's been since he is 17 that i'm trying to make him have 'curls balls' trait, even baught expensive players just to mentor him... And this is the result.
  4. Hi, I got some U19 youngsters that got automatically affected to different positions for matchs. Tons of these positions are now red, and knowing it eats CA, will they forget about these positions if not played/trained on it, in the future ?
  5. I am gravitating more toward the Perfectionnist one too. I just really love Curve Balls. I'm thinking about making 1 year of traits learning by Kroos, expecting it to work, and then the rest with the Perfectionnist mentoring, but I don't know if this is really possible.
  6. So, i've got this worldclass new gen in midfield as a playmaker. I'll soon make him join de First Squad, but I want the best mentoring possible for him. After hours of scouting to find a good mentor with good traits and personnality, and that will fit the core group, i'm coming accross a choice : either Johansen, either Kroos. - Johansen has the best personnality as a Perfectionnist, good determination and some good traits. - Kroos as the traits, especially Curve Balls, that I really want, but is just Fairly Pro and really bad determination. Something to mention, the kiddo is Fairly Pro and has 11 Determination. Who would you advice me to choose ?
  7. Thanks for this answer. And roles wise, which one would you choose for him ? I'm thinking about AP or AM which seems to fit pretty good !
  8. At the end I allowed myself one more in game year time before choosing... And When I checked, Lopez was hired recently, couldn't sign a new contract over it. Plus, he's out of my rep range now. So I went for Mauro Bianchessi, which is good enough for my rep. Thanks for the answers ! Really interesting !
  9. So, I have this guy since he's 15 or 16, he keeps training hard and progressing fast. He just got is 20 Technique. I play in a 4 3 3 DM Wide with 1 AP(A) - 1 BTB, and IF(S) on sides. He has amazing stats as a playmaker, expect for the pretty low Teamwork. But he is fairly slow, so I don't see him play as an AP(A). Where would you play him ? Would you make him fit the formation or would you make a formation around him ?
  10. After some digging, I understand that the HOYD has quite some importance in quality of the youth arrival personnality and determination wise. I'm just not understanding properly the use of the Work With Youngsters attribut. What is the influence on a newgen ? Does 20 WWY gives more 'chances' to obtain a world class player ? Or is it simply related to the long run training of the youngsters ?
  11. So right now i'm playing with OL, and it seems like Vulliez the HOYD is already good. But I want to improve, so who should I choose ? I'm really, really interested by Lopez, even with 17 in WWY. He's Perfectionnist, 19 Determination, really high attributs everywhere... I mean it's really tempting. Does it make such a difference having 17 in WWY instead of 20 ? Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm concerned about the mentoring of my good youngsters. Right now, i've just switched them to the Main Squad so they can be mentored. Thing is, the training in post 18 isn't adapted for them. Should I keep them in U18 and hope their personnalities will change thanks to the coaches ? Or should I let them in the Main Squad to get a better personnality but loosing training effectiveness because of the number of senior matchs they can't participate to (Even if they are 90 min match time under 18) ? Thanks
  13. Don't the trequarista become less effective too, if this space is protected by a DM ?
  14. So, I'm focusing on having a creative/disruptive role as a lone striker in a 4 1 2 3. I use Almada in that role, as he is creative enough, has the good stats, except probably lacking the speed. And after 6 months, he is now natural in a ST position. With the false nine role, even if he has good ratings in 6 months, I feel like he dosn't touch that much balls. Still he is the top scorer. Still, I understand that the f9 isn't considered a PM, thus dosn't attract the balls. So i'm trying with trequarista, where he has more presence, touch more balls, and it feels like he actually does the same things as a false nine, but in better. I'm taking into account the fact that he drags defenders too. The f9 is supposed to mainly drag defenders to open space, while the trequarista is a creative player roaming a lot around to find space, and while doing this, he drag the defenders too. Plus the treq is considered a playmaker, probably why he is more involved with the rest of the team. Why should I use a f9 over a trequarista ?
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