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  1. 35 mil with Sheffield Wednesday promoted first season.
  2. Quick question guys when will the retail version be updated to the beta with the fixes to the ME.
  3. Sorry for late reply been ill. Geforce GTX 1050 with latest driver version
  4. I don't know what happened but it is now working fine on every start up the only thing i did was update my current graphic card driver to the newest one.
  5. Done all of the above but still doesn't work still getting the small screen on start up tried going into preferences but because it is so small i cannot confirm any changes as the confirm button isn't there, surely there is a fix for this as at the moment i have to quite the game and start again and sometimes it is still a small screen,driving me mad please fix this.
  6. So to delegate something staff related to the TD he will then pick the member of staff he feels most appropriate to suit the given role?
  7. They don't need encouraging when there in front especially if the team contains older more seasoned pros and moral is high nothing needs to be said, i only use the encourage shout if i go behind to a strong team or a team that is equal to my teams ability in high profile matches when the outcome of the fixture is predicted to be close or we are the underdogs,this usually gets a slight reaction in moral from going behind, your team/players individual mentality will also play a part in their reactions to different scenario's unfolding within games.
  8. Thanks for the replies, i guess i sort of knew that i couldn't do anything its just the player in question is a key part of my team and i really needed him to play so just hoping that there would be an option to work around, i definitely didn't get any notification in game from my back room staff or anyone else highlighting the potential issue i guess i should have read the rules before hand.
  9. Right i am in the first pre season after brexit and i have a player on loan from the previous season who earns 7.5K per week but before the season starts i get a message to ask whether i want to extend the loan too which i except and the club and player agree to another seasons stay but come the registration window it states that each first team player must earn 8k per week to be included in the squad registration but because the player is on loan i cannot change or offer a new contract to get him registered. I cannot terminate and re negotiate the deal so it seems i'm stuck with not being a
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