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  1. He problem is the ball doesn't get near enough for my players to head it. Despite setting defence to deep, they stand near the half way line and don't move as the ball fails to make it close to them.
  2. I have lost so many games due to my goalkeeper smashing his goal kick up to half way, only for an opposition striker to intercept and counter, leaving a 1v1 scenario. I've set his distribution to "quick throw" but he still insists on useless punts up field. Is it just because his kicking attribute isn't good enough? Surely there's some way I can get the defenders to sit deeper and play the ball out of defence? Thanks
  3. Signed a great wonderkid for Sheffield United in the Premiership. In the 5 seasons he was there we moved from an 16th place finish to 5th and he threw a tantrum and wanted to leave for a better team. He joins Liverpool who had won back to back titles, Liverpool finish 6th and us second. The season after we win the Premier league and Champions League. Suck on that Francis Bacon! Serves you right you scrawny regen... not bitter still...
  4. Only 59% :-( Not really chased them though so i'm missing loads such as the 'upload a video to youtube' one and doing the tutorials. 9% so far on FM13, might have a cheeky attempt at getting them all this year...
  5. Looks like bench warmer is going to be my most common position... I smell a transfer request shortly...
  6. First Name: Jack Last Name: Emmens Common Name: Date of Birth: 08/06/1992 City: Chesterfield Nation: England Second Nation: (optional) Team: Sheffield United Preferred Number: 18 Person Data (100points) Adaptability: 12 Ambition: 12 Controversy: 6 Loyalty: 15 Pressure: 15 Professionalism: 15 Sportsmanship: 15 Temperament: 10 Player Data Height (cm): 182 Weight (kg): 63 Left: 20 Right: 15 First Position: AMC Other Positions: ML, MC Mental Attributes: 2 at 13: Work rate, Creativity 4 at 10: Flair, Composure, Bravery, Teamwork 2 at 8: Anticipation, off the ball Physical Attributes: 1 at 13: Stamina 3 at 10: Pace, Balance, Acceleration Technical/GoalkeeperAttributes: 2 at 13: Technical, Passing 4 at 10: Long Shots, Finishing, Crossing, Dribbling 2 at 8: Tackling, First touch
  7. I have found that when you have 'reload skin on confirm' ticked, and the skin is then reloaded you will lose the picture, this is because your picture was uploaded during the add manager part of the game, the other pics such as for players are stored in the fm2012 folder, so they get reloaded.
  8. We all know what is happening behind the scenes at liverpool is a total farce but the fact is it does happen. I believe is should be implimented, I know there is that troublesome time during takeovers but i mean like liverpool. Where owners fall out. It could severely effect team morale eg. 'player is concerened for his/the managers future follwing board unrest' 'wants to leave club due to board trouble' 'believes the board are to blame for teams poor season' And the media could come to answers from you, where you can say 'im purely focussed on my team and not off the field matters' 'What happens behind the scenes is none of my business but it is damaging the team' 'I am furious at the board and demand they sort the situation out of i am leaving' And depending on what you say your job stability could suffer. feedback welcome!
  9. lukejgpotter - premiership badges arent added due to legal reasons, stadium editing is a job for chairman not manager. I would like to see celebrations at end of match. Players just walk down the tunnel after winning the most important game ever. Unrealistic
  10. What if the clubs can create youth camps via the board room screen, like adding a feeder club. Then the board will reply with possible countries and you have to pick one. Then throughout the season you can get a message: '(your assistant) has found a prospect in your (country) youth camp. Do you wish to sign him?' Then you have the options of view scout report, offer trial and offer contract.
  11. I think that there is an unrealistic pause when a goal is disallowed. For example, its sheff u 0-0 watford. In injury time Marlon king puts the ball in the net, the team runs into the corner to celebrate but its disallowed. Sheff u get the ball and wait until watford are in posistion before they take the free kick. Surely in such circumstances the second they hear the ref's whistle they would catch watford off guard and play on
  12. more accurate player stats, stephen quinn at sheffield united is a LEGEND!!! if annybody has watched him in the FIRST TEAM you will see he is one of our best players!
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