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  1. He problem is the ball doesn't get near enough for my players to head it. Despite setting defence to deep, they stand near the half way line and don't move as the ball fails to make it close to them.
  2. I have lost so many games due to my goalkeeper smashing his goal kick up to half way, only for an opposition striker to intercept and counter, leaving a 1v1 scenario. I've set his distribution to "quick throw" but he still insists on useless punts up field. Is it just because his kicking attribute isn't good enough? Surely there's some way I can get the defenders to sit deeper and play the ball out of defence? Thanks
  3. Signed a great wonderkid for Sheffield United in the Premiership. In the 5 seasons he was there we moved from an 16th place finish to 5th and he threw a tantrum and wanted to leave for a better team. He joins Liverpool who had won back to back titles, Liverpool finish 6th and us second. The season after we win the Premier league and Champions League. Suck on that Francis Bacon! Serves you right you scrawny regen... not bitter still...
  4. Only 59% :-( Not really chased them though so i'm missing loads such as the 'upload a video to youtube' one and doing the tutorials. 9% so far on FM13, might have a cheeky attempt at getting them all this year...
  5. Looks like bench warmer is going to be my most common position... I smell a transfer request shortly...
  6. First Name: Jack Last Name: Emmens Common Name: Date of Birth: 08/06/1992 City: Chesterfield Nation: England Second Nation: (optional) Team: Sheffield United Preferred Number: 18 Person Data (100points) Adaptability: 12 Ambition: 12 Controversy: 6 Loyalty: 15 Pressure: 15 Professionalism: 15 Sportsmanship: 15 Temperament: 10 Player Data Height (cm): 182 Weight (kg): 63 Left: 20 Right: 15 First Position: AMC Other Positions: ML, MC Mental Attributes: 2 at 13: Work rate, Creativity 4 at 10: Flair, Composure, Bravery, Teamwork 2 at 8: Anticipation, off the ball Physical Attributes: 1 at 13: Stamina 3 at 10: Pace, Balance, Acceleration Technical/GoalkeeperAttributes: 2 at 13: Technical, Passing 4 at 10: Long Shots, Finishing, Crossing, Dribbling 2 at 8: Tackling, First touch
  7. I finished 4th, sold about 5 squad players for a combined total of 6 million and then spent £40,000,000 on two youngsters, one defender and one striker. My new plan is to spend all my money and then hope the club gets taken over by a wealthy businessman...
  8. One game to go in the season and I'm in 4th, 2 points ahead of Chelsea who face Huddersfield while I have to travel to Everton... gulp
  9. The last thing I need is the Indian Premier League poaching my talent, its hard enough as it is with Man City buying anyone who scores more than 15 goals a season for me...
  10. On my game I have not really seen any big tycoon takeovers. There have been quite a few random ones in Italy, I believe Sampdoria and Siena have been took over for some reason. However in England I keep getting mentions of big takeover deals but they always seem to fall through.
  11. Those pesky wage increases appear to be a real stumbing block. The players that were on contracts of about £15,000 in my first couple of seasons are now asking for at least double that since we have been involved in the Europa League. I am gradually losing money each money each month and regain it all at the end of the season. Over the course of the year I generally make about £4,000,000 profit, meaning I am pretty much at a stalemate. It doesnt help that I end up paying pretty excessive agents fees when signing big names on free transfers
  12. I can't remember how much it cost to expand the stadium, all I know is we were getting 32,000 attendance in the old ground so I had it extended and now we are still getting 32,000 - bad times. The players are quite content seeing as we do usually win something each season (or at least make a final). I just feel the only thing missing right now is a spare £50,000,000 or so. The youngsters are coming through and I keep signing decent quality older players on one or two year deals. I just need one more top quality defender, midfielder and possibly new striker to do it. However potential champions league spot up for grabs this season so fingers crossed this can help push us on if we can squeak 4th
  13. First couple of seasons I set about establishing the club, We now have a 40,000 seat stadium (and before the Wednesday fan gets in here ahead of me, no it is never full :-( ) Top training facilities and youth facilities. Never really thought about cutting back on things like youth recruitment. How much money would it save? Bearing in mind every season I bring through on average 2 players that I will be able to sell for about £5,000,000 when they turn 20ish
  14. Ditto to that, he spent the rest of his contract rotting in the Man City reserves, nobody wanted to offer him a contract but then I come along, he plays six months, throws a tantrum after being dropped for two cup games and then decides after 6 months he has achieved all he can at my club. The grief I got when I rejected a £5,000,000 bid from Juventus...
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