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  1. Your attack looks very congested around the opp box especially if you combine that with normal tempo and short passing like previously stated above which is similar to what chelsea faced. i would suggest you to change your left IF to Winger(A) and LB to WB(s). Your right sided IW to support duty. and PF to AF with TI(pass into space). These changes will stretch your attack and give more variety to it.
  2. 3 very attacking minded roles at the top half. AP will go for risky passes and roam. BBM will surge into the penalty box for support. Your wing backs will also run forward leaving your dm isolated to face the opposition counterattack. Also have both BPD will have risky passes leading to less ball retention. They are bound to make mistakes with their passing. You need support in midfield with a more conservative passing players to help retain possession in build up play. Also since all your forwards plus one midfielder are crammed inside your opponents penalty box and not enough players stretching wide you will have difficulty breaking down opponents that sit deep (low block) unless you change your striker to f9 or dlf su. You just end up overloading their box and are left vulnerable to counterattack especially with your high line.
  3. @Oli99 Try this. I made it as much similar to the roles you use. Full backs stay too far back and don't provide enough support to the attackers. Also you don't have enough support in midfield as bwm roams to wherever the ball is to get it and the mezella is also a roamer leaving your dm de isolated. add counterpress and counter in team instructions. no need for individual instructions. You'll see the goals soon enough. You can switch between PF(a) and AF(a). i do prefer AF tho.
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