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  1. play your midfield runner on the opp side of the IF and the more attacking fullback behin the IF
  2. add "position" column on the tactic screen (there's a little + there) , hold shift and click on it untill 2 little arrows are pointing up
  3. I think counter is the best mentality to achieve counter attacks, because when the counter criteria is met, tempo and mentality are maxed out (could also be the case with some other mentalities like defend or overload) So you need to make sure you create the space and have the proper players to exploit it (My favorite are a fast AF and Wa).You should be careful about those TI's,rushing things isn't always a good thing;I would remove them all and maybe add later, one by one. I can assure you, many beautiful goals can be scored on the break in FM15.On the other hand, I have many problems defending deep in FM15 but it's probably my limited skill, Cleon claims having same succes in FM15.
  4. Same here.Attacking players seem to find space and control the ball more easily in a crowded box in FM15 than 14.Also,long shots accuracy is better,wich is a problem for a passive defense.
  5. you have to save the match, then exit to main menu and "view match"
  6. Hi, I had the following: On the tactics screen -> no picked player(first team or sub) -> players were arranged by position ; During an online game they've got mixed up(happend on fm14 also during an online game) in some random order I think; How do I restore that logical order(Gks,dcs......,St's) ?
  7. That space between the lines seems to be the cause of most defensive issues when playing 2 banks of 4. I wonder if DM's would be a better representation in FM of the RL double pivot, because I feel MC's can't cover that area very well.
  8. I've managed 3 teams so far in fm15, every time I've ended up with 4141 and I'm bored
  9. here's a nice article on the subject http://www.sportskeeda.com/football/carlo-ancelotti-galacticos-analysing-real-madrid-tactics-2014-15-season "4-4-2 is the best defensive system that exists and our intention is to defend with a 4-4-2 and attack with a 4-3-3” – Carlo Ancelotti. Has anyone managed to defend properly with 2 banks of 4 ? I gave up pretty quick and sticked a DM between the lines
  10. in what formation ? remember, this is a 4141 discussion, he's pretty far away from anyone else and the ideea is not to isolate him
  11. I bet you have wingers in the AM strata. I've played an online game this weekend, my fried was whining on an on about this happening, until I've convinced him to drag them back to MR/L
  12. imo, you should first use a DLF(s) - it's the least specialized role with all instructions on mixed except through balls - and focus more on getting the right player to play as a lone striker; I consider the following very important: strenght - pretty obvious when facing 2 CD's quicknes,determiation and workrate - ability and desire to attack the box after dropping deep to link play other obvious forward skills - you probably won't find one to have it all,get the best you can
  13. That's a particular case, maybe he's moving laterally because of AI's crowded middle,your MC's moving forward or something else;team style,opp style,stage of attack,etc all influence play but the role instruction is RFD-rarely and usually has a lower mentality than an advanced forward(or something similar) who's instructed to RFD - often;
  14. the Treq drops deep, sometimes even deeper than a supporting striker;actually it's a supporting striker with no defensive responsibilities maybe an attackin ST(RFD-often) could work, but it should be hard to achieve considering there are no players in the AM strata
  15. It doesn't have to include such a move, but you'll have to accept you won't be so solid defensively
  16. If you have an attacking forward,it make sense to use a classic winger; but I would play 4411 in this case
  17. If you're pleased with him scoring, why are you instructing him to hug the touchline and put in alot o crosses from the byline ? Who is he crossing to ?
  18. I did't say the opposite, but I think a player looking to always cut inside and atack the box is way more dangerous in this kind of formation, with a lone supporting ST
  19. I believe so.Your only player directly attacking the box is the CM(a)
  20. You need at least one more player directly attacking the box and helping the striker; that should probably be the W(a) changed to IF(a)
  21. You haven't mentioned formation; it shoudn't be any problem in a 451 for example, but they act different in 41212 diamond; Cleon mentioned that in his defensive thread
  22. Great work Cleon ! I'm hoping you'll write more about "the direct style" for good/top sides.
  23. The AMR/L, especially in this formation, are basically forwards.Forwards can only do one thing defensively,that's pressing.Considering this,you could do this: 1.play an aggressive tactic that wins the ball high up the pitch 2.play more cautiously but drop them to ML/R 3.have both 1&2 prepared and use them wisely
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