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  1. I have no idea Hopefully someone will point it out when they see this
  2. Sounds like an interesting save. Any chance you could upload it? Many thanks
  3. Probably a stupid question, but where is the option to get a player to use both feet?
  4. I have a model professional Adnan But he's not even close to Harrys in terms of attributes
  5. How are Kagawa, Adnan and Zaha as inside forwards? Thinking of getting Draxler too after I sell some of the deadwood. Anyone had him before?
  6. GK (d) CD (d) - CD (x) - CD (d) CWB (a) ----------------------------WB (s) CM (d) - DLP (s) AP (A) CF (s) - P (a) So far in the league, P37, W28, D8, L1. GD is +68 Also destroyed Barcelona in the semis of the CL 6-2 on aggregate.
  7. CF(s) In 35 starts he has scored 25 goals and assisted another 29.
  8. Litmanen is a key player whilst JWP is a rotation option. Neither are injured or doing PPM training. Both have national reputations though so it could be that?
  9. Just started a game and bought in Litmanen on a free to tutor JWP but JWP isnt showing up on the drop down list. It's probably something really obvious but why cant I tutor him? Litmanen is a key player fwiw.