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  1. Something also you can try is what I call "shifting the centre". DMC --> DMCR. STC --> STCR. Focus passing to the right. Overload the right. It leaves plenty of space on the left for your DL to attack.
  2. You can experiment with Sit Narrower (enabled by default on IWB roles) on the rightback and Stay Wider on the left centreback.
  3. Check your Nvidia Control Panel. The game could be running with your CPU instead of GPU. It's jerky because CPU can't take all that load and is boiling so it has to throttle. My 1060 (mobile version) can run Med with crowds fine.
  4. What I learned yesterday despite playing the game for a few weeks now: You can use lowest tempo, turn off Pass Into Space, and set to extremely urgent pressing. Then your team will still have higher possession than your opponents despite having Take More Risks on your entire midfield. The preset Tiki-taka 4-3-3 is also like this, having three central midfielders on Take More Risks, yet it can retain possession. However, if you're not bothered with possession percentages then just ignore this tip.
  5. Check your Nvidia Control Panel. The game could be running with your CPU instead of GPU. It's jerky because CPU can't take all that load and is boiling so it has to throttle.
  6. Try defending against this guy in FM21. Every corner and freekick feels like a penalty. Even at second half of extra time, with his energy levels in deep red, he was still able to lay on a peach of an assist. Shouldn't be happening.
  7. I knew I'm not the only one. Only came back to the game after 3 years and managing teams that want to dominate. It is shocking how many goals I am conceding from these kinds of situations. They are very cheap soft goals that leave a bad taste. After a few weeks now, I can safely say that I have found ways to defend against them, even when I'm using a high defensive line and attacking mentality. I did it by setting both centrebacks to cover duty and close down less on one of them. Be sensible with the gap between DL and LOE, so they are not too great or too compact. However, the likes of Lys Mousset and Callum Wilson topping the league scoring charts is unrealistic. Anthony Martial is also undefendable at times. When players already on a brace, they have 99% chance of completing their hattrick. It's going to be some silly mistake from your defense gifting the ball. This makes it much more advantageous to have only one or two goal sources in your team rather than spreading them out over many positions.
  8. Ratings are harsh on defenders that lose headers. The short guys like Max Aarons need to compensate much more by making more tackles/interceptions or contributing to the attacking side of the game.
  9. I suppose that Everton are going route-one to Calvert-Lewin. If you line up with your shortest centrebacks then you are letting them play to one of their strengths. It's not surprising to get the same outcome no matter how many repeats. You should already be very familiar with their patterns: Richarlison cutting in, Rodriguez killer pass, Doucoure arriving late, Digne bombing forward to deliver that killer cross. Try to nullify their patterns. For example, getting your right winger to tightly mark Digne.
  10. This is familiar. Typical scenario is you both facing relegation threatened teams on that day. These kinds of opponents defend with their heart out, while you struggle to motivate and guard your team against complacency. For this reason, all managers need a "Very Attacking" setup they can call upon when such situation arises. My trick to not get caught on the counter when using such mentality is to get stuck in, close down less across the back four except one CD so they won't be chasing shadows, and my attackers all on tight marking so they can pounce on any poor pass made by the opposition defenders.
  11. From my experience, MEZ(s) will lurk outside the box and only go in to receive a low cross or loose ball. This is despite overridding him to get further forward. MEZ(a) will sneak through the channels and get into the box quite early. Unfortunately, he has to try risky passes often and that is something you can't remove. I would go with MEZ(a). When the strikers and wingers are off form, at least you can rely on him to score goals.
  12. Wingers that stay high and wide? Midfielders that move into channels? This thread might be of interest to you. Some tweaking will be needed since Spain don't have the same fullbacks configuration as Man City.
  13. With the winter transfer update, I've never seen Arsenal play 343 against me. It is always 4231 with Odegaard in the middle. Willian and Aubameyang quite severely reduced stats. Much of their solid defense are down to the fact that they hold a lion's share of the possession. However, their high defensive line and high line of engagement of their counter-press can be easily exploited by playing more through balls, at least that was the case against their 4231. Despite the high pace of their defenders, they are prone to loss of concentration which is typical of the team in real life as well. Back to topic, against the 343, you can limit a major outlet of their offensive threat by man-marking the wingbacks. You can assign either your wingers or wide central midfielders (e.g. CAR/MEZ) to man-mark them. Do not use your fullbacks because they are needed against their front-3. If your save also has Odegaard within their ranks, then he needs to be man-marked as well.
  14. I felt that wingers and inside forwards are too far ahead most of the time to be able to efficiently track the opposition wingbacks, and they usually don't have the workrate because the most important stat when I look for a winger is quickness. For a title-challenging team, a draw tastes like defeat. I need to make the most of any attacking opportunity, by keeping my wingers available higher up the pitch for quick transitions, so my lone striker is not too isolated against 3ATB. But yeah, man-marking is a great solution for many problems. This is one of it. It also reduces the consequences of skipping opposition instructions. Make sure to not go overboard with the Hold Position, Stay Wider or other instructions that may negate its effect. For example, certain opposition AMC in 4-2-3-1 drop deep so your DM enforcer can't fully reduce his influence in the game if he has to Hold Position.
  15. 3-4-1-2 or any variation of that can effectively counter narrow pressing 4-3-3 that uses inverted wingers. This is true even in real life. In FM, you will notice when the games against Atalanta, Leipzig, Wolves and Brighton are needlessly more troublesome than they should be. I play with two mezzalas, so they are the ones that I instruct to specifically mark those notorious wingbacks. I'm not sure if real-life managers also do this. Even when my mezzalas are yards away, I could see that they've tried their best to block off their passing lanes, making it harder for them to switch play between left and right. Doing this also helps my fullbacks so they can concentrate solely on marking two of the three opposition forwards.
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