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  1. Thanks, but if I try to move anything it's says there's an MLS requirement in the rules for the USA. I just can seem to figure out how how make it the top competition, or rearrange the order of the competitions for that matter.
  2. I'm trying to remake the USA nation rules to essentially create an MLS without a salary cap. I've created the league and everything but it is stuck at the 5th division on this page. I have set the competition level to 1, but have no option to move it to the top or move the other leagues below it. I've deleted the other competitions, and there's still no options to move it up. In the picture, it keeps telling me to set the co.petition level to 5, bur I want to keep it at 1 and have the MLS be the top competition. Does anyone know why this is happening, it doesn't seem like I have any
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