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  1. Wonder if you guys would complain and protest when the World Cup is inevitably held in Israel or the US?
  2. SI's horrible, unnecessary response to the Russia/Ukraine war has already been spoken about many times before, but has anyone else noticed that Ukraine as a footballing nation are becoming extremely good in every save after SI's silly changes? It doesn't really make much sense. Either the changes SI made "in solidarity with Ukraine" unintentionally made them OP, or maybe SI somehow made sure Ukraine becomes a footballing powerhouse in everyone's saves intentionally. It's not just me who noticed this, by the way. Two people I know with FM 22 also have Ukraine in the top 8 nations. If SI actually did this intentionally and made sure Ukraine prospers in everyone's saves, then do we really not see how pathetic it is?
  3. After playing the game for a few more months, I realised that it does actually change but the game is just not very good at displaying changes in game time so it takes a while.
  4. My sub goalkeeper was unhappy about his playing time so I promised to play him more. Worth nothing that his agreed playing time is only "Cup Goalkeeper". I started playing him in almost every single game and his playtime was still stuck at "Youngster". He then became unhappy about me breaking my promise, despite him playing in almost every single game since the promise was made. 55 dollars for this. Usually I'm fine with the horrible bugs that FM comes with every year, but you guys have decided being political and taking a stance against Russia is more important than fixing the MANY bugs reported by the community. I hope you learn from your mistakes and focus more on improving the game rather than taking a stance against Vladimir Putin.
  5. The playtime "bug" sucks. Player asks for more playtime, I play him almost EVERY SINGLE GAME and his current playtime is still stuck at Youngster. Then the player complains about me not keeping my promise.
  6. His transfer value is unknown to your club and he'd be interested in joining. That's why it appeared.
  7. I personally found it harder to beat the bigger teams on FM 22 than it was on 20 or 21. That aside, I do think top League One sides can very easily beat decent Championship teams in general. Wycombe was in the Championship recently, so they're bound to have a somewhat OK team or at least some value for you to be able to have a decent rebuild of your own. If you do get promoted to the Premier League, I think that's when you'll really find yourself struggling. I doubt you can beat City or Liverpool with a Championship quality side.
  8. I'm not complaining about them not going in... I'm saying it's not realistic for them to hit the crossbar almost every single time instead of just going over or wide.
  9. Almost every single chip hits the crossbar lol. I've seen a LOT more crossbar hits from chips than outright misses or actual goals. A bit silly
  10. There's a frustrating problem with club visions. Let's use set pieces as an example. If you make the most out of set pieces in your first season, they will ask you to make the most out of set pieces... forever. You're the one that made the team solid at set pieces, they didn't want you to be solid at set pieces when you first joined. Same with being solid defensively, playing entertaining football, etc. No matter how well I do and how much they love me, I just can't negotiate the club vision at all because they made being good at set pieces a high priority, so it's a non-negotiable. It's stupid and unrealistic.
  11. Thanks for clarifying. It is one of many examples I listed though, so my thoughts are the same.
  12. I'm gonna start my reply off by saying that I love Football Manager. Like many others, I've been playing this game since I was a kid. Thousands of hours spent, a lot of games owned, and a huge amount of saves that I spent time and effort on. To be completely honest, regardless of any negative thoughts I have about the current state of the game, I will probably still buy the newest version next year. Does that sound familiar? Indeed, the game is starting to mirror a fellow popular football game series. Life is slowly being sucked out of the game. A new coat of paint on a car with severe mechanical issues. I'm sure many of you here are familiar with the silly, but disastrous red card bug that was VERY easy to replicate. A bug that any person who has played the game for an in-game month could spot. I do not remember when the bug first started appearing, but what I know for certain is that it was present on FM 18. It took SI until FM 22 to fix, and no, not even for the initial release of the game. This is one of many bugs that were previously reported by members of the community yet left on hold for reasons unbeknownst to us consumers, instead SI decide to release "new features" that more often than not do not actually have any effect on your saves. Why am I writing this post now? Well, yesterday I read about the most recent update, and while not surprised, I was very disappointed. SI decided to use the game I bought to send political messages. This phrase has lost all meaning recently, but unfortunately, what SI is doing is called virtue signaling. First of all, why would you break ONGOING saves? Has this ever happened before? Usually, changes like these are to a large extent "optional", meaning you have to create a new save to see the changes. This update was special however, it had to be shoved down everyone's throats. Realism? First of all, the Russia ban is indefinite. Sure, when the ban is eventually lifted the new game will reflect it, but people paid 50 dollars to play THIS game. You shouldn't have to buy the new game every year. Why would you not have the ban randomly lifted at various points in the future? How is it realistic playing 100 years into the future and Russia is still banned by FIFA/UEFA? What is very suspicious is that this realism does not apply to Ukraine. Ukraine's football is suspended in real life, yet for some reason it's not suspended in the game. This is very obvious for anyone to see. SI were simply just taking a stance. No, they probably do not think banning Russia in FM saves would make Putin change his mind about the invasion, I do not think they are that deluded yet, but clearly SI thought this was a good way to share their thoughts on the situation and war in general. Russia gets realistically punished, while Ukraine's state does not reflect a realistic real life form. We get it, SI. War bad, Russia bad. Thank you! Oh, let's also try to forget the Qatar World Cup relocation in FM 18 while we're at it, yes? I wonder why in almost every save the World Cup was being moved? I know why. Everyone knows why. It sucks that you guys are more focused on sending meaningless political messages instead of improving the game that has a bug forum with THOUSANDS, yes, THOUSANDS of bugs reported by members of the community every single year. Let this sink in: A political statement made by SI has had a bigger effect on people's (Russian) saves than most features released for the past few editions of the game.
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