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  1. Okay. Step by step. You want to use the default skin (light/bright/white version). Do you have exctracted the folder to your skins directory?
  2. About Kiel: Talked to my AR and removed the debt from Kiel in the db. Also reviewed some of the players strengths and other things. These changes will take place in a future patch with data updates. Sorry for the inconvenience, I should have checked this point but have trusted in the work of my AR.
  3. Because these sliders aren't available in all languages automatically. You need to translate all sliders separately. But maybe there could be some coding done. Well I'm glad to see that these sliders still work. Same pattern as last year. Would be awesome to see this for the training section too.
  4. About Kiel: I talk to my AR and ask him to check the current financial situation. Maybe this will be fixed for the Winter patch.
  5. I've tried that for FM2010 and 2011 without success. I don't think they have changed the code to something editable therefore I'll have to say this should be impossible.
  6. Lol. Okay. Forget about the slider.xml. I haven't touched it anyway. So it is indeed the default xml and like I said above: It's not harmful to keep the file. I thought I had deleted this yet but must have forgotten this.
  7. Wait? 4? I count only 3: player instructions.xml player instructions new.xml team instructions new.xml And I have to admit that player instructions.xml isn't really necessary. After working out this file for another language I discovered that this file has no longer any purpose. But it isn't harmful to keep the file as well.
  8. ThomasH is already working on a file with advanced panels. There will be possibly two files as the Regionalliga reform is quite hard to implement. Surely he will start a new thread as soon as he is ready.
  9. Thought I have done these. I hadn't much time to test it. Hm. I'll check this later on.
  10. I'll do when I get back from dinner. Or let's say I try to think of it.
  11. I don't know why but I wasn't allowed to add these pictures to the first post. Here you go: --- What is he talking about? --- "A picture is worth a thousand words" - actually I need two pictures Without modification: With modification: Note: Pictures have been made in FM2011 but you'll get what I mean.
  12. FM2012 Numbered Tactical Sliders v1.0 [English] made by Octavianus You never know how many klicks you made within your tactics? This little modifcation adds numbers behind the sliders, so you always know how many klicks you've made. --- Installation --- If you open the archive you see several things: 2 folders, 3 xml-files and a Readme. The Readme is just saying the same things below, so if you link my file anywhere else any other person can understand what to do without the need of being registered here in SI forums (well, I recommend everybody to register to the SI Forums nevertheless). a) Using this mod for FM2012 Default Skin Extract (not empty! just leave all the files within the folders) the folders to: *FM-UDF*\skins\ Start FM, go to Preferences, choose the skin "Numbered Tactical Sliders". Changes will be applied immediately. Or choose "Numbered Tactical Sliders (Dark)" for applying to the Dark Default skin. b) Using it within another skin/modification or personalised skin Extract the 3 xml files to: *FM-UDF*\skins\*yourskinname*\panels (if your skin has no panels-folder, create one!) Start FM and go to the Preferences screen before unticking 'use skin cache', ticking 'reload skin on confirm' and then click in the left corner at 'Reload Skin'. After the skin has reloaded please put the ticked boxes to the default setting. --- Where can I find my *FM-UDF*? --- UDF stands for User Data Folder Win Vista/Windows 7: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\ Win 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\ Win 98/ME: C:\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\ Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/ Or the Demo-destination (works the same, you will find it...) This folder appears right after starting FM2012 for the first time! You can also change this location of your UDF within the FM2012-options. --- Notes --- Many thanks to radestock's version from FM2009, he had the original idea: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=98658 This version is based on my previous versions for FM2010: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/195918-FM2010-Numbered-Tactic-Sliders and for FM2011: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/232570-FM11-RELEASED-Numbered-Tactic-Sliders-Skin-Mod And massive thanks to radestock for his great BaseSkins and for his foolproof guides! --- Changelog --- v1 - released --- Download --- DOWNLOAD (mediafire) Mirror: DOWNLOAD (gamefront) --- Redistribution notes --- Feel free to add these to your skins but be fair and link to this thread and/or mention my name in your credits. Hope you enjoy it!
  13. Thanks for the info about Kiel. I will take a closer look at their starting profile. Please check their status at the end of the season again.
  14. No. At the moment we have 3 leagues at level 4: Regionalliga Nord Regionalliga West Regionalliga Süd Next season there will be two new leagues but I cannot implement these without advanced rules. Therefore it stays in my file the old way: 3 leagues. Promotion works fine and there are also relegated teams in the Regionalliga. Teams from the lower league (mostly Oberliga-teams with high reputation) will be promoted. Another problem is the missing regionalization. Therefore there can be some teams playing in (geographically) wrong leagues for example: RW Essen playing in the north or Erfurt in south. If you don't have a problem with these restrictions everything will be fine for you. By the way. stefg has made another file for the German leagues. His file unlocks level 4 and 5. It was also created without advanced rules and follows quite the same restrictions like my file (regionalization problems; no Regionalliga reform). Normally there are also playoffs between some Oberliga teams and these aren't included too in this file. Download: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20932542/german_oberliga_v1.rar How to install (doesn't matter if mine or stefgs file). Simply extract the xml to: /Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/editor data
  15. Yes. Hope you like it. Me and my team of ARs were responsible for all these clubs in there.
  16. This is a simple file that unlocks the Regionalligen (level 4) made by myself: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wcge8s7cown0ghb This file activates the following leagues: Regionalliga Nord Regionalliga West Regionalliga Süd But further tweaking is needed. I'm not an expert in using the editor but I guess that using the Editor with advanced panels would be much more useful to fully implement the quite complicated setup next season (going up to 5 Regionalligen). How to install? Simply extract the xml to: /Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/editor data
  17. Excellent work! Well done. Thank you!
  18. The German FM community (over 4.000 users from http://meistertrainerforum.de and http://fm.onlinewelten.com) wishes to provide SI with some suggestions for upcoming FM12. We hope that our suggestions add some more quality to FM12 and we are full of hope that some suggestions can be implemented. I. Engine + Tactics 1. Player switch his position – it should be possible to advise a player to change his position with a point on the pitch were no other player of the team is positioned. It were great, if it could be adjusted in different nuances (for example: 75%/25% - 50%/50% - 25%/75%). Means more or less more ideas for Roaming. 2. Substitutions of the CPU – The opponents should replace stricken players earlier. 3. Tacticsbutton – Gamers who play in the split screen must change to another display at the moment to change there tactics, because in the split screen is a tactics button failing. 4. An option for the standards to rotate the chosen players were fine. 5. An opportunity to choose the player who should shoot the penalty at the game (live) could be a fantastic feature. 6. Game view - At the moment i can choose between key szences, extended, whole game and commentary. So i see for example every yellow card, if I am viewing at extended. But I am not interestet in the cards! It would be nice, if we have more options to choose what we want to see. Our Idea were the oppurtunity to tick an box for szenes like yellow cards, red cards, corners - but this is only an example. 7. Player instructions - The oppurtunity to assign taktical settings to a specific player of the own squad. 8. 3D-Match acceleration - A acceleration for some scenze in the game - like injuries or replacements - were nice. 9. Automatism - Install an option that reduces the hardness of tackling automatically on every time a player have seen a yellow card. 10. Camera - A exiting new feature for the 3D-match could be a free adjustable camera. 11. Tactics creator - A great improvement for the tactical area could be the possibility to define new roles for the tactic creator. So you could use the shouts and have a greater freedom to desing your own tactics. 12. Analyse tool - The opportunity to mark more then one player at the analyse tool. II. Ingame 1. squad training • A possibility to create a schedule for a weekly training. These schedules should be to determine over a long term. • Or there could be a generally classification in squad-, group- and individual training. • A really good feedback for the training fails too. At the moment I have to click through all players to hear there opinions of the training. 2. Scouting – It is too easy to get good players for the team. • At every scouting report, there should be only a little number of attributes visible. So every scout could be getting advantage and disadvantages (attributes he knows very well and some he has no chance to scout). The players from the league you are playing getting so more interesting, because these attributes are well known. But even with the best scout, all the attributes shouldn’t be completely visible. A scout with an ability of 10 should be see “crosses 9 – 14” and a scout with the ability of 19 should see “crosses 16 – 17”. 3. Attribute limitation • Because of the new editor some countries get more leagues. So a limitation of 20 for Attributes is relatively small. It could be possibly to expand the limitation to 25 or 30. 4. Team speech – It’s the same sentences for years now. My players must think I can only speak these 7 sentences. • More differences were preferable. For example: “keep the box clean”: All defensive attributes could get better (+8%) for this game. Or „I will see you running, today!“: condition decreases (10%) faster, bravery, pressing and tackling rises (+10%). • Or less predictable: a team speech „concern rigorously" could for example be good for aggressive players and badly for less aggressive players. 5. Trainingcamps • It could be an effect to special attributes. The count of attributes could correlate with the term of the trainingscamp. And which attributes increase could correlate with the difference trainingscamps. • It could be possibly to go on a short-trainings-camp if the team stays under there expectations. This could bring the team a boost of moral over a short term. • Another possibility is to get a better sympathy in the team through a training camp. But it could even bring a dispute between players or a player and the trainer. • It was very realistic if we can determinate friendlys against opponents from the region of the training camp. 6. Finances • If the club gets money, because of their bad financial standing, this money could appear to the debts. • compulsory sale. Players should set transfer listed (without declaration of a price) by the president, if the club has a very bad financial standing. Logically the players, who earn the most, must be the first getting listed. 7. Targets for clubs • you could negotiate some conditions... e.g. reaching the national chamionship but reaching only the quarter final in the ChL (instead of winning it); when not fulfilling those negotiated targets you could get into trouble 8. Transfer negotiations • opponent clubs should be more conciliant with your offers; it seems quite hard this FM; when an other club is making an dismissed offer, they should be reject further negotiations for several times • there should be regional/transfer transfer priorities for single clubs like baskian clubs or "turkish clubs" in Germany 9. Contrat negotiations • staggered contracts: you get 1,500€ pw in the first year, 2,000 pw in the 2nd year and so on (without getting promoted and so on) • and the other way round: contract expires, when player makes not enough apps or team promotes or something similar • wanted player should say to you: "Club XYZ offers me 2,000 pw; I'll join your club, if you offer me 2,500 pw" • promises to players: "within 3 years you are a key player for us" etc • you should only can offer a specific number of contracts during transfer windows (offering 20 contracts seems to be unrealistic because of blowing up the budget virtually) • and this of course the other way round for my players, whom contracts are expiring 10. A lot of statistics are presented at the loading screen. Much of them are not interesting for me. An oportunity to choose which statistics were displayed were nice. Or the possibility to switch through the leagues in one statistic. 11. Derby/Rival matches • media pundits should make more out of this derbies, asking hard questions, criticising players etc 12. Preferred Moves • more of them! moves like "players dives often", "player makes scissor-move", "tries overhead kicks", "player reads the game" etc • of course those moves should be recognisable within the 3D match engine 13. Double nationalities • national and club managers should affect their players whether to choose a nationality or not 14. Debt redemption • debts should be redempted in interim steps (e.g. you have millions in your balance but are still paying a little debt, so your board pays that debt off one time and not paying till the end of this loan) 15. Substitutions • more varieties (e.g. tell players why they are substituted "you were really bad", "you've been booked and I want to save you from a red card") • in press conferences you could be asked why you haven't put in player XYZ 16. Offset of matches • more varieties (currently only because of bad weather conditions) e.g. too many players are out with their national team 17. Attribute changes • maybe more independet from research and more open to chance (e.g. Ballack and Klose reaching very late such high potentials) • maybe a fluent PA for youth players and maybe some key moments for them (e.g. gets his first league appearance for first team => handles the pressure or not...) 18. Squad roles • key players are happy if they play only every 2nd match, that's not realistic! 19. New managers at the club (at the moment this works after the same (odd) pattern) • managers could be engaged during a season for the following season if the other manager retires after the season (e.g. Hitzfeld, who took over Suisse atfer European Championship 2008 - this was published long before the tournament has started) • you also could be hired as caretaker to avoid the relegation only some weeks before the end of the season 20. Expiring contracts • player should wait for better options when their contracts are running out, they often renew their contracts to fast • ...and the extreme: player waits and waits, but you look for other options. Then the player wants again a contract with your club but now you don't want him anymore. Bad luck. 21. Teamview for the following season(s) • Possibility to watch the squad with all leavings and comings for the next season to make up your mind especially in tactical ways 22. Loanings • Possibility to make loan offers just like transfer offers outside the transfer window not only within these windows (and then the loaning will be at the beginning of the transfer window) • Possibility to loan players for more than one year 23. Youth • Possibility to possess youth acadamies in foreign countries (e.g. in Ghana, which will provide you more Ghanaian players) • youth teams should start below U19 (which is in reality the case), maybe something like a pool of young players (of course O16) that won't play for the U19. maybe something like player stops playing football and you are trying to convince him of playing professional football • youth tournaments for youth club teams are missing! • an overview for the development of youth players by your assistant manager every second month or so 24. Friendlies • charity matches or something similar for well deserved players (people like Oliver Kahn) 25. Longtime motivation • there could be some longterm aims for clubs (e.g. win the Champions League with Bayern within the next 5 years or promote to next division within the next 3 years) • comparison to other managers worldwide • list of the best paid managers 26. International Games • player performance should count more (e.g. Podolski should be withdrawn from Germany if he had a weak season) • players should declare their Int retirement due to having issues with the national manager (who of course should also not be his club manager) 27. Statistics • players with the most league appearances and goals (within their carrier and not only per season) • possibility to view standings from a season for match day to match day (e.g. want to know how the standings have been at the 15th match day after meanwhile played 30 league matches) • UEFA 5 years League coefficient should be viewed not only for the current season but for the last 5 years too • The sort of goal could appear somewhere in the statistics (for example: header) • An individually design for the table were nice. With coloured withdrawals for the CL and EL etc. Also it were nice, if we could see the table only from the 12. matchday to the 22. matchday (for example). • the eternal table 28. Player conflicts • there should be more conflicts between players (e.g. players rant against each other or players fustigating each other a bit in training) • players should have problems with the manager in some cases • foreign players could group together within a squad and get frustrated if one of them gets sold 29. Player personalities • some more personalities like greedy (wants even more salary), unfair (player uses often dangerous tackles or often gives someone a clout), arrogant (e.g. likes to play out another 3 of his opponents or... C Ronaldo ^^), happy nature (moral can't drop below a specific value), "managers favourite" etc. 30. Injuries • they are running far to easy, there should be some more complications like a further operation after an injury • after reaching the age of 28, a player should in some cases loose his attributes drastically after an injury or even has to end his carrier 31. There could be a press conference at the end of a coaching job. 32. Transfer rumours • who are those guys rumoured? often you hear from people that you haven't heard before • there should be more players rumoured which are on your short list or which have been scouted by you 33. Beginning of the game • The oppotunity to select more then one spoken language for the manager at the beginning of the game (from basic knowlege to perfect). Other categories 1. Sound • needs to be improved, sounds still very odd • fan sounds/chants should be easily implemented, maybe an editor for those sounds? • spoken match comment or only some half-time talks or spoken intermediate results • ChL melody right in front of a ChL-match (but should be optional) or sounds for scoring goals 2. Difficulty • should be difficult like in previous managers • marching through the ligues without great problems should be even for "progamers" nearly impossible (at the moment it is a bit to easy) 3. Game speed • it is really fast now, but there are maybe some possibilities to fasten it even more 4. Scenario mode • e.g. take over a club and win the title within 8 games left and 6 points behind the leader 5. More first and surnames • Especially in Germany should be a greater variety of surnames, maybe it can be solved with a specific percentage? 6. Award pictures (like in Steam this time) • after winning a title, there should appear a nice picture of the trophy within a news or something similar 7. Reserve teams • Possibility only to manage the second teams in Germany (currently you can only manage the first AND the reserve team) 8. German language • would be nice if this could get official once again 9. FM sale • would be awesome if we here in German speaking countries could buy the FM again without problems 10. There could be a possibility to deselect some leagues or countries. So the game could be getting faster and much gamer mustn’t start a new game, when the save begins to slow down. 11. Import of save games • To import the save game from FM 2011 to FM 2012 - this ist surly difficult to implement, but it were an exiting new feature!
  19. What is the maximum number of the "chance-number"? Is it up to 4? 3? 100? Loop seems clear: On or off, so 0 or 1 Type is clear too: 0-5 as listed above Pre-Cache is clear: On or off, so 0 or 1 But what about the chance? Sorry for bumping my question, but could anyone answer me this question? Am I also right with the other numbers?
  20. Got a technical question here: What is the maximum number of the "chance-number"? Is it up to 4? 3? 100? Loop seems clear: On or off, so 0 or 1 Type is clear too: 0-5 as listed above Pre-Cache is clear: On or off, so 0 or 1 But what about the chance?
  21. @ Millie and/or Gareth Laindrain from fmleague.net should have contacted you for German translation. It's nearly complete (only visions are missing) and so Laindrain now does the formatting to your FMB-design. I also have written to one of you about exploring some German teams. I'll have that still in mind and would like to contribute with Hoffenheim and Leverkusen. But this must wait till end of february after my exams at university.
  22. Excellent work! Currently translating it to German with some friends of mine. I'll send you a PM with download links and so on if we're ready. Actually we're translating the Visions, rest of it is ready to release. There are some minor grammatical errors within the Appendix, but unfortunately I haven't listed them. But anybody should get the message behind the Appendix.
  23. I would like to buy FM in German shops again ;-) There should be training camps. Every team visits training camps. When you're a farm team, you should claim a clause, that your loan player plays a minimum of matches at the feeder club. Training should be more detailed, for example there should be different training programs for different weekdays. Something like a *scenario mode*, e.g. you take over a team and it says: you'll be fired if you can't prevent this team from relegation within 7 matches. What about spending a part of your wage for the club, if the club gets into financial troubles? If you spend a part of your salary, your Loyality-value rises and the fans and your players do have more respect of your work.
  24. Ahh after long search I found it, finally I'm from Germany and I'm writing for our community into this forum, hoping that anyone will find our suggestions remarkable. Here you'll find our collected wishes in German and in English. I'll post only the english translation here, hoping anyone can understand me we need a german language file! a heavily improved research of database here in the germanspeaking area (germany, austria, switzerland) youth players and their development should get more sophisticated / advanced youth players out of the under 20 squads who make it to the first team should get faster increasing attributes more and advanced prematch/halftime/aftermatch speechs possibility to create a totally new database / new liguesystems with the editor general improvement of the editor matches should run even slower, too many equal scenes during matches, more variety of scenes training camps more and improved interaction with players, staff and media more fluctuations of player attributes under a season especially players above 24 not too perfect scouting reports to leave the game a little diffcult more emotions e.g. great players retire and nothing appears? no big news? also there are no matches to celebrate those retiring players possibility for players to learn some freekick variations players on transfer market should get more offers from other clubs preregistering of possible replacements of players during the next match matchsounds should be even more adapted to events down on the pitch overview for squad of the next season (with future transfers, retirements etc) co-trainer should get some makros for strategies of replacing players during matches to leave these descisions to the co-trainer improvement of the transfer-ai possibility to send scouts out watching your own team or improvement of the statements to your players from your staff when you're a farm team, you should claim a clause, that your loan player plays a minimum of matches more and sophisticated media reports and match reports in the news once again more speed, e.g. actually its really slow after tactical changes during matches training should be more detailed, for example there should be different training programs for different weekdays what about women in soccer? implementation of women footballleagues and women nationalteams improvement of financial policy, more possibilities in here *sensible soccer figures* for matches something like a *scenario mode*, e.g. you take over a team and it says: you'll be fired if you can't prevent this team from relegation within 7 matches more interaction with the president and the directors about transfer money etc. e.g. the president gives you 10 mio € more but claims the qualification for the championsleague We hope that you agree to most of these hints and we also hope that you can fix the problems with the licences here in german-speaking area as soon as possible. There are a lot of german-speaking FMplayers outside and their main wish is a german language file. greets from Germany Octavianus
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