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  1. Am 13.12.2019 um 18:38 schrieb autohoratio:

    @Simon Tipple It's been almost a month since the game was released (one and a half months since the beta), but no German researchers have posted in this thread (just like the FM19 thread). I PMed the head researcher to try and get more information, but have been ignored there as well. With other major nations, there are researchers active in their respective threads, responding to the users, saying which changes they've implemented, or providing rebuttals/clarifications where needed.

    Because of this, it's difficult to know which user feedback and suggestions are taken into account by the research team or implemented, and it's disappointing to know that the research team are just ignoring this thread. Can something be done in regards to this total lack of communication from the researchers, please? Thank you.

    Can't say anything about FM20 but for FM19 this is not true. I have been very active here and responding to most of the data concerning my database back in FM19 and also for older FM versions.

    Considering the lack of communication you might feel you (not you in particular but other users) should consider also the tone of some of the remarks. If you expect people to get into a debate with you it makes sense to be polite and reasonable and that lack of appreciation towards the implemented data makes some researchers unwilling to respond (in time). Again, not saying that all remarks lacked appreciation but some feel a bit harsh and unreasonable.

    Everything that has been mentioned here will be monitored and discussed. I can guarantee that, because there are internal mechanisms that make sure that reasonable remarks will be considered. Personal views on attributes or specific data may vary but everything else will be acknowledged and eventually fixed for the Winter patch.

  2. Have seen your passion for OFK Nesebar and just wanted to share it with you now that I know your SI username. :)

    I've played a quite successful save with Nesebar a long time ago and got hooked. I even managed to win Uefa Cup in FM06 with Nesebar although it was a very tough season. But with the help of someone called Alexis Sánchez Nesebar ruled Europe (well at least Uefa Cup). Later I've visited their stadium twice and have seen them playing (and winning! Yeah!). Unfortunately they still play in Yugoiztochna V grupa. Hopefully they can claim promotion this year, looks good so far:


    On topic: Tactic looks interesting too. Sorry for being so much offtopic. :D

  3. Still love your thread. Sailer was a very hard decision as he is like Stroh-Engel one of those players who have a lot of limitations and can't cope with Bundesliga players from a technical viewpoint. Especially Sailer looks really odd but I really don't know where to put him. Research has some limitations and that's when we talk about tailoring players to fit into FM roles/duties. It is really hard to avoid that and Darmstadt has definitely some players that don't fit into FM roles but do fit from the viewpoint of real life. One of our aims in German research is to give players sharp profiles with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately Pressing and Gegenpressing are methods that can't be replicated as well in FM as in Germany at the moment. Also the extreme efficiency in set pieces from Darmstadt cannot be reproduced as much as I would love to see it. But at least in the latter point I would honestly blame Dirk Schuster for using some "cheat tactics" in real life. :D

  4. OK, I started the game..... Nearly finished pre-season (only 1 friendly left) and I have my squad assembled..... I´m pretty happy with it, though I have taken a gamble by selling Heller in order to fund a couple of new recruits. I hope it doesn´t backfire! I´ll do a proper update of my transfers and tactics when I´ve also got some proper results to report on too.

    But in essence I am going with an aysemmtrical 3-5-2, that has worked pretty well throughout pre-season (and in a previous save on fm15). I am little concerned about the lack of pace in the side...

    Haha, selling Heller and complaining afterwards about lacking pace in your side. That's really funny. :D

  5. It would be a nice idea to work as TV pundit for the time of unemployment. You can find unemployed managers regularly as co-commentators or pundits so this could be a nice extra feature.

    How to implement in FM?

    Maybe your task will be to attend certain matches and after the match one journalist is asking you about the game and the key players. You keep talking about them and shots can be fired against other managers and their approach.

    It would be a decent alternative instead of sitting and waiting for the next job. Doing this could boost your experience and/or reputation. Doing this in a foreign country could increase your scouting knowledge there.

    Even some kind match analysis could be possible with one journalist asking about the key moments of a match.

  6. Brilliant display by our German team. The first half was absolutely astonishing. Ruthless efficiency in front of the goal + poor positioning, pressing and overall defending = 5:0 at half time. Rest of the game was played well and Germany always looked like they have the ability to score even more goals if demanded.

    Klose finally got his record. Fully deserved it. This is going to be a very long night here in Germany. :)

  7. Please ensure that you have fm.exe excluded from your anti virus program (I know a lot of users with these problems and they all are using Avira AntiVir)

    See also the FAQ: http://www.sigames.com/faq/fm13.php?version=pcmac&id=85

    This is a false-positive by the anti-virus program and can be ignored. You may want to update your virus definition software which may help, but until Avira update their software you may encounter this message. There is no virus contained within the FM.exe.

  8. It's not forbidden to sell Football Manager 2013 in Germany. There is no such law (and even if, it would be in heavy conflicts with EU rights). This game isn't indexed here in Germany. Therefore it can be sold.

    And an activation in Germany via Steam will be possible.

    I don't know why Green Man Gaming refuses to sell to Germany. But this is a free country. Just buy the game at any other (online) games store.

    Although a small statement from Sega or SI would be fair nevertheless. :)

  9. @ginola1

    We're talking of two things here. My French isn't that great but on the second screen there are no sliders that have to be numbered because there only 3 possible positions for them (left, center, right).

    You can check my old versions. I haven't done numbered sliders for this specific area because there are only 3 options possible at each slider.

    The rest works fine as far as I can see here. Could you please do the last screenshot for the same player in English? So I can check if there are missing sliders. But I guess that's all.

    @Micko Fliperic

    Lol. The FM2011 version is right here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/232570-FM11-RELEASED-Numbered-Tactic-Sliders-Skin-Mod

    Surely the FM2012 version hasn't worked for you because the two folders were created to work in FM2012 only. There have also been slightly variations to this section from FM11. So better use the FM2011 version. :)

  10. Please create a blank txt file, rename it to config.xml and put the following code into it:

    <!-- resource manager options -->
       <boolean id="dont_scan" value="true"/>
       <!-- don't recurse the sub folders, as they are loaded separately in the settings manager -->
       <boolean id="dont_recurse" value="true"/>

    Put this config.xml right into the skins folder and try it again. Try also to reload the current skin and take a look for the skins now.


    Please delete the config.xmls and the readme right in this folder and just leave the two folders in there. Please do also reload your skin and check for my skins in the list afterwards.

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