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3 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. Hey I had the same problem. If you still struggle a solution would be to go on vacation for one day. It wil keep your last settings and in one day not much can happen.
  2. So the idea is to rank like the top 100 player in the games history. You could make it like that: At the start of a save you only put in players who are currently playing and then you can rank them. The ranking could go after individual and team titles records etc. Later after they retire they keep their place in the list but can be surpassed by Newgen or younger players. Or you could even create a system where different media sources vote and boulevard media would vote for réputation and other medias for more complex parameters. Just imagine your Argentinian Newgen surpasses Messi. This would really add a long-term Motivation Btw great game thank you for your superb game Paul
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