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  1. Enjoyed this db last year so downloaded this years version but Man City, Bayern, Atletico, Valencia and others don't have a realistic wage budget. Valencia's is £20,000 p/w. Bayern's is £224,000 p/w. I've looked in the editor and remaining wage budget is blank, same as teams with a realistic wage budget so not sure why it is happening. Can anyone help? @Timo61
  2. I've done 3 saves with Truro and got sacked each time. At the beginning of November, January and December. The minimum expectation is to finish top half. I've also done 3 AI saves and their manager gets sacked each time, in October twice and in November. His replacement got sacked in 2 out of the 3 saves too. Is it possible that the player's ability was based on the 2016/17 season where they finished 19th in real life and the board expectation wasn't updated? SI have been advertising for a Truro researcher.
  3. True, I'm in 2020. Derby, in League One, are paying 2-3 million for some players. One of the bids I received was from Barnet who are in the relegation zone and they've only paid money for one player (40k).
  4. As a mandatory future fee. Seems a lot for a League One team. Anyone else seen this? I've made 100 million from selling Januzaj, Darmian, Lingard, Smalling and Andreas Pereira doing this.
  5. haha polite way of saying I was being thick, thanks for the reply.
  6. When I try to start a new game I can chose between 12.2.0 and default but when I look at the preferences screen it says version 12.2.2. Am I being thick or is this confusing?
  7. I've created a player, 16, 100 ca, - 10 pa but the attributes I entered in the editor aren't the same when I start a game. Anyone know why?
  8. This may have already been said but when unemployed and on holiday I'd like to choose what league you apply jobs in. As well as top division clubs or higher reputation clubs, Premier League, La Liga, Championship clubs etc.
  9. A few small things: - Option to give all players who played a game the next day off training, or option to make them do a morning and afternoon session if they play badly. - When an injured player or unfit player are in the reserves an option for them to play 45, 60 or 90 minutes.
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