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  1. Thank you for fast reply. Unfortunately I dont have such save that starts in april, so I will just play another season and if newgens dont show up I will just start another save. There is no chance I have holidayed because i have 0 holiday days on my save. However, I dont know if this can change anything, but first, my head of youth development is contracted on temporary contract and second I started the game as unemployed and took rule of team at february 2021. And I started the game in ireland so part of my game before start of season in england which is around july 2020 to start of game in ireland which is around february 2021 was simulated. Oh and I will definitely hire different head of youth development on normal semi-pro contract.
  2. Hello, Im not sure if it's correct section of forum but i haven't found better one. So Im playing my first season at Wealdstone in VNL and I have 0 newgens. Despite is already may and even my head of youth development says I should have my newgens at april. So I dont know what's going on. Below is the screenshot attached.
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