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  1. No offense, but this feels like one of these self-righteous threads, where a lot of interesting stuff is laid out, but the op feels too entitled or whatever, to actually share, how to eventually achieve this stuff in the game. I was trying to get the hybrid CB/FB to work since FM19 (Peter Bosz 3-6-1 was when I first noticed this), and just recently found peace with the IWB/D. But instead of showing people how to get this working in the game themself, you basically are talking about how great you achieved it and when somebody asks about how you say it's your roles, without actually showing how to build these combinations. Maybe post these self-serving and in no way educational posts somewhere else. Of course Cleon likes it, he perfected this behavior of talking down to people for years.
  2. I don't know what is going on here honestly and decided to log in to try help a bit. Generally if you play with Everton it should be possible to push for Top 6 and by 2025 should be established in Top 4 maybe challenging for the trophies with some luck. Generally I'd say you can't use one tactic in the PL and expect it to work wonders, I'd say you need at least 2 set-ups to be able to react to opponents and here that would be one system where you play against weaker and similar teams at home and one against better teams and similar teams away for example. You shouldn't start by using Regroup and Lower Line against everyone, in general lower line can be dangerous if you don't have the right players and get you destroyed by the big teams. If you upload the save I could maybe look and develop a 4-3-3 for both situations, or I'll post some ideas tomorrow so you can see what I mean.
  3. Cool, so it's a fact nobody of the actually relevant people will answer on why this even happens and it's almost certain this won't get fixed.
  4. I just noticed I didn't even upload the tactics I used winning all the games when using them. This was the normal tactic for most games. This tactic I used to beat Bayern and Dortmund (marking their FBs with my Wingers). To address your problems... What have you done with your defensive corners? Remove guys from the posts and put your best 3-4 jumpers (depending on the Aerial Reach and Command Of Area of the Goalkeeper) in the last line and you shouldn't have big issues since I know you have a lot of tall players wih 16-17 jumping reach. Tactically, yeah I can see why you have problems creating chances. I recently played with a ManCity tactic to find out what somebody was struggling with, with the current Man City squad, that was on Positive, Narrower, Work Ball Into Box, Shorter Passing, Play Out Of Defence and even though the tactic worked pretty well results wise you could sense that they have trouble to create good chances from open play. Now you go and use cautious mentality (that pulls down passing directness, tempo, lines, pressing, width pretty significant) and use a ton of possession instructions in addition to that, while using roles that are reliant on quick transitions like AF and wingers on attack. I'd guess you'll run into trouble defensively cuz you slowly build up, everybody moves forward with the wing backs pretty much arriving in the last line often and then one short pass gets intercepted and you have these demigod 2030 strikers with 18 Acc and Pace run at your CBs and the CM/D. In general I wouldn't expect to be able to use one tactic for all games with a team like this, since you're still in between tiers, so you're not good enough that everybody will just sit back against you but easily good enough that most teams in the league won't attack you. So if you're not comfortable adapting in-game maybe build something like I did with one tactic for normal opponents and one when somebody throws everybody at you. Going more cautious will just lead to most teams being happy with a draw, where I don't see how you can get 10 points out of these matches, even though tha will be hard no matter what you try.
  5. This should be more sensible in general, I'd still like to know how this works when faced with a 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 by a superior team in the CL.
  6. What does that mean? Do you not care that this gets fixed for FM22?
  7. Who wants to bet that nobody will even answer to this thread and this will still be in FM22 or even 23? What a shame that nobody even cares. Thought you cared about the game and would be able to fix such bugs.
  8. Use it at Parc des Princes then ask again, by 2027 you'll probably have a squad that'll smash everybody besides the Old Firm pretty much no matter what you do. Against strong teams playing 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 in the CL you could get overloaded on the wings pretty easy when they play WB, IF and MEZ on one side. I don't really understand why you'd use a FB/A as LB as though, in these narrow formations you desperately need the WBs to go forward and give you width or you'll be easily taken out of the game.
  9. Did the losing streak start at the beginning of the 2nd round of matches so January/February? That makes it very likely teams reacted to your good form and stopped giving you as much space so you had to focus more on creating chances yourself instead of exploiting space, which the 2nd tactic doesn't do very well as well.
  10. @Faukazet can you maybe upload your savegame with ManCity in January for example? Because I've just downloaded the tactic, loaded it up with Man City, did set pieces so they're not completely bad and holidayed til May and have 85 points after 33 games, FA Cup Final and they destroyed Bayern, Chelsea and Juve in the CL. So there's something you must be doing wrong in addition.
  11. Can the moderator please explain why every manager in Bundesliga switches his favorite formation to 4-2-3-1??? Even managers who have other formations like Jesse Marsch, Conte, Nagelsmann, Rose, Hütter, Robert Klauß, Conceicao start playing boring 4-2-3-1 in 2030 you play 4-2-3-1 in 30+ games in the league, it's very very boring, why is this not fixed, it was in FM20 as well. This is mostly in Bundesliga but also in other leagues. But Bundesliga it's the worst, I play until 2030 and everybody plays 4-2-3-1 even though they even have managers who use other formations in real life.
  12. What has this to do with IF? This more has to do that all your tactic is hope for long balls into an AF or IF and when teams start taking you seriously they don't give you the space to run into anymore.
  13. Thankfully in FM21 mostly you can't just put in a tactic and win every game, if you don't create anything against bad teams for example, you need to try something like maybe higher tempo or switch a role or duty, not run the game down and be surprised that nothing changed.
  14. You can't disagree on facts so how is he insulting me based on wrong facts okay?
  15. thank you but i dont know what could be more important since all the good files are useless if you cant start a new realistic save because of this away goals rule. this guy on editing forum says it's very easy but I have no idea how to handle the editor so I thought somebody like you who does very complicated stuff could do this within 5 minutes like how this guy is talking.
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