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  1. I mean he specifically wanted to have this shape in his other threads and it seems to work at home, so don't know why it's necessary to make a normal 4-2-3-1 out of it again. I'd 100% remove Play Out Of Defence and instead add Distribute To Full Backs, so since you don't have a big striker your keeper won't play long balls you'll never win but your Defenders won't ignore transition opportunities. As I told you last thread you have like 5-6 (with Daka as well) crazy pace wingers/strikers, so you really should use their strengths by adding Counter on away games when teams give you the space
  2. If they have time to build a match engine (and all the transfer surrounding) that is somewhat replicating the women's football game, they should ask themselfes why they don't use that time to actually improve the flaws of the game from which everybody would benefit from and not only some activists on twitter that Mr. Jacobsen would like to get a pat to the back from. If they just put in women into the current match engine it's total nonsense anyway.
  3. 1) I believe it's somewhat of an illusion on the screen, I'd just go a little bit more conservative with the roles/duties in CM than in DM. But I've played this formation with Chelsea before but against weaker teams it was a total gamechanger putting them into CM, was having way more offensive threats that way. 2) Yes you can use those but a DLP/D should be good enough if you want that, you have to remember already have 3CBS so don't force too many guys back. 3) I don't know for sure if you can give it to a VOL but a VOL or DM/S with get further forward is your best bet if you want a
  4. No sir, when I'm normally logged in on my computer I see it, but like this morning I checked the forum on my phone where I was logged out and I couldn't see my posts in the thread. It showed the last post made from the OP from like an hour ago when I made the post 10 minutes ago, and when I checked into the thread it just wasn't there. Will be the same with this as well probably. You can delete this of course as it's not for the topic but just to make it clear so it can be checked. Yessir, when I load the forum up in an incognito tab where I'm logged out it just shows your post from 48 mi
  5. In FM20 you'll just have problems with this formation against 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 style no matter what. Biggest strength of this formation with this team is having three guys up front being able to transition quick before opponent has players back, so as long as you don't play at home against a team that plays on Cautious or lower no reason to take away counter. Why is this comment shadowbanned again? I just try to help this guy.
  6. I like the basic idea, just a few things. 1) Mainly I'm not sure why you want extreme width? With a DLF/S and a midfield of CM/S and BBM your IF should be the main goal threat and with the extreme width you force them more to the flanks, so they are further away from the goal as they are anyway. I'd rather use normal or even fairly narrow to put them closer to the half spaces being more of a direct threat for goal. 2) Imo you're overly cautious with mentality on cautious AND going for lower DL and LOE (the low mentality pushes them down even more as well). This could come from the pr
  7. After looking at the save and playing the remaining games a few things 1. You seem to use the standard set pieces, which will rarely work and can make you lose games even if your tactic is totally good enough to overperform. My recommendations would be on defensive corners take away the guys from the posts at the very least, put good headers in the zonal marking line. Attacking corners and free kicks have 3-4 people stay back, 1-2 lurk outside the box. Defending free kicks have your best headers/jumpers in the zonal marking, especially cover the far post. Edit: these aren't meant to be su
  8. Go to the SportsInteractive/FM21/games folder and just load the file up on a site like file-upload.net
  9. From the screen and how the gk is standing I was thinking it has to be the typical rebound shot, thanks for clearing it up. I can tell you this, if a team is switching to a 4-2-3-1 late it's pretty much suicide not adjusting the tactic, they'll have 4 guys just standing around waiting for transitions and totally overrun you. So of course that wasn't the exact problem here but just so you know. What still applies here is that they throw everybody at you, everybody besides one CM and the LB (and CB ofc) is in your box. If I see this just put DM D and BWM D or A in there so these guys will s
  10. okay but they have a PF A and TM A combo so they press your CBs 2v2 with the Mezzala and when you are in their half these guys will chill with your CBs giving them nice transition opportunities when your players lose the ball with their short passing and WBIB. I can understand you want to dominate etc. but being up like that you have to decide if you religiously play one philosophy and live with not optimal results against certain match-ups or going for maximum results and adjusting accordingly. Since you're in first season I'd assume Southampton still has Hasenhuttl with a 4-4-2 that is
  11. If you still can see it would be helpful seeing the scouting report of Moscow, my guess would be they came all guns blazing pressing you like crazy and your players because of the instructions tried playing out of it all the time, failing, not searching the transition or the runners to expose their press.
  12. You also have to remember this is FM20, imo it's not as bad in 21 but in 20 these 5-3-2 and 4-Diamond-2 formations can get totally destroyed by 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 teams with attacking full backs. Played with Inter in FM20 and wanted to play the Conte system no matter what and it was crazy playing against Liverpool, City, Bayern-
  13. BWM S is still defensive enough, you have to remember you are playing three CBs already plus the CM D is pure defensive as well, so you have 5 pure defenders right now which is just too much. Since it's FM20 I'd put a WB A or depending on the player a CWB there as well, since in this system you are reliant on the WBs getting deep into the opponent's half. Against back 4s I'd try two strikers on A maybe since you can get easy 2v2 transitions like that. But more important would be to remove all this possession stuff in the 5-3-2. Unless you are a crazy good team and can shift into 3-3-4 lit
  14. Is Christensen the CM or smth? mark and press them in opposition instructions and this will happen less, even though its weird that you need to use those ois every time pretty much
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