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  1. Hi there, When adding new leagues (not at the start of a new game, but during "active" game play), is it possible to select them as view only?
  2. Hi, As it says in the title I can't seem to find the fixture schedule for my youth team. When I go into my U20s team, the option doesn't appear across the top. Am I being blind? Thanks.
  3. Are they possible within the game? I've just had both of my first team keepers injured (for 5 months and 3 months respectively), leaving me with only my u20 goal keepers. It's probably wishful thinking on my part, but is there any opportunity to do this within the game?
  4. Has anybody else had problems with their player history screen? No matter the player, there is a gap between when the game started and the current season where no information is held. I'm pretty sure that this has only started happening since the new patch. Weirdest of all, if anything appears in the history it states that the player has spent a year in the Algeria Pro League - regardless of whether they have or they havent. I'm also having difficulties viewing league tables and live scores in the match day screen. Essentially, nothing comes up. I've tried changing skins but it doesn't make a difference. Anyway, screen shot below. http://snag.gy/eJgpl.jpg
  5. Anybody having a problem viewing player histories? Mines either do not appear or all come up as Algeria Pro League?
  6. I've selected some of my younger first team players to be available for my reserve team but now want to remove it from them. How do I do it? I know it is there, but I can't see the option! Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi guys, thanks for replying and for the advice. That's the problem I'm experiencing. For example, I've recently scouted the Ghanaian, Nigerian and South Korean youth teams. None of the players at all are interested in signing for me, even the ones who are not contracted to clubs. I appreciate that players may not want to move to Scotland etc, but surely they would even listen to what I have to offer in terms of a contract? For example, there is a young Chilean newgen who is highly rated by my scouts and who plays for Santiago Wanderers. He is on £300pw but won't even talk to me regarding a contract.
  8. I'm in my third season as Celtic manager, and currently have 10 scouts employed. As I'm playing a long term game, I'm trying to sign some talented youngsters. However, I've noticed in FM14 that I am having a lot more difficulty enticing these young players to sign for me; in previous versions of the game, it was a lot easier. I can understand that young players at bigger clubs would not want to make the move. However, some of the young players that I want to sign (they are aged 18 or over) are at clubs with smaller reputations. For example, I have tried to sign 6 or 7 young players from "small" South American clubs but they have no interest in discussing a contract with me. While the club they are at is a favoured club, this did not prevent them from moving in previous versions. No other clubs are interested in signing them. I've managed to get Celtic to the knock-out stages of the CL in the two previous seasons, so I don't think it is Celtic's rep that is the issue. Anybody have any advice?
  9. Is there anyway to scout international teams rather than nations as a whole? I think in previous versions I have been able to scout u19 teams, but can't seem to find the option in this version.
  10. It's been driving me mad trying to find it! I can find individual club co-efficients but not national ones that shows how many CL, EL etc places that each national league gets. Thanks for the help
  11. On previous versions of FM, on the match day screen if i was looking at something while waiting for the next highlight (such as my teams player stats), it would automatically take me back when the highlight started. In FM13 it doesn't - is there any way to set this up?
  12. Medium. It's an issue thats been raised by other users since the new patch. Think the SI guys advised unticking the pre match media but it hasn't made a difference for me.
  13. I've already unticked pre match media and referee performances on my manage subscriptions section. Can anyone advise how to get rid of these news items - i get around 60 a week for matchs that aren't directly related to me.
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