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  1. Hi @Daniel Williams- thanks for the reply. I was trying to follow that, but as I mentioned in my post above, your in game reporting tool isn’t letting me upload a save & I don’t have easy access to a pc for the iTunes upload option... do you know how I can get a save to upload through your in game report function without it giving me an error?
  2. @Daniel Williams any idea how to make the in game save loader work?
  3. Thanks for the reply - yep I mean overall coefficients for Denmark - I’ve actually won 3 European champions cup and a euro cup I’m the last 4 seasons and the coefficient is still only 77 (this year is the first year it’s registered a double figure coefficient of 10.300, last year was 3.875 even with a champs cup win) I can’t seem to upload my save to your servers in game because I get an error ‘the saved game could not be uploaded. Please check your network to ensure you’re connected to the internet’ - I’ve tried on my phone and iPad on WiFi & mobile network but no luck. I don’t have
  4. Hi, I’ve been playing a ‘my club’ save in Denmark for a while but I’m having no luck at all in building the reputation of the league and getting coefficient points. last season I won the champions league & my country’s coefficient points recorded as 3.875, which I think is impossible unless it’s not counting my clubs results at all (what I suspect is happening) is this a bug or is it not possible to increase league rep in fm mobile?
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