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  1. If you play with short passes tactical style, it makes sense to play wide in possession instructions? I read in this forum that if you play with short passes is not advisable set to play wide when you have the ball.
  2. You mean when you change roles and duties of the current tactic or when you choose another tactic saved in your disk?
  3. When they changed to 4-2-3-1 seems to be the situation when the AI puts his very attacking formation to play the last minutes and try to score a goal. Your system has a higher defensive line and positive mentality that makes a lot of risk in defense situations, maybe your system works very well versus normal or defensive systems but in that situation with risky systems playing in both sides, probably one team or other will take a clearly chance to score a goal shortly. I think you was unlucky because you don't had time to react to the AI changes...
  4. I think removing Prevent goalkeeper distribution can help you to avoid useless pressing when the opponent is playing out defense. You have only one striker so your lone striker probably will run versus 3 opponents with no chance.
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