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  1. thanks guys. look forward to seeing those changes in the game! I think thats great.
  2. Hi all. Does anyone know if the newgen faces age as they get older or do they look the same at 35 as they do at 15?
  3. Ive had games where most of my team were on international duties and I had to play some fixture with mostly reserve players. In protest i went on holiday for a day to let my ass man play the game. results of course were mixed but i distanced myself from them.
  4. It's got a whole paragraph dedicated to it at the top oof the page with 'suggestions for future...' in bold! No offense to you but i don't see how that could be much clearer.
  5. Thats what the wishlist is for. They do read this. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Then Why is this topic disappearing down the forum, can't imagine everyone who looks at the forum goes through every topic, so multiple threads will contain duplicate requests resulting in missed ideas and lost time by SI spent searching through. All i am saying is that a thread at the top of the forum where no one will miss it would be better than something which is very soon going to be on page 60 of 500 threads which no one including SI will ever get to. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> This thread very rarely gets off the first page and anyone who is a regular user of the forum knows about it so there is no chance of it being forgotten or not being looked at by SI. If someone wants to use it or if SI wanted to look at it then it can easily be found. SI has said themselves that they have no problem with people starting their own thread to discuss ideas. If the idea is good then it will generally stay near the top for the a while so it will be seen. Ideas get repeated as well so a good idea has even more of a chnce of being seen. There is also this wishlist thread to list any ideas which SI look at so if there is a good one it will get noticed. There is no need to turn it into a sticky thread and keep it at the top permanently. The size of this thread and the length of time it has been going proves that it is working as it is. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Just to add there is actually a link to it at the top of the page anyway. So it is always about. Marc Vaughan has said in the past (or maybe Ter - can't remember) that they read the wishlist and from that I assume they take ideas from it from time to time. Of course they won't likely ever admit they got an idea specigically from there since then they would have to credit the person who thought of it i guess - which they wouldn not likely want to do.
  6. If they have neglected anything it is some of the great ideas in this thread. I have read some fantastic ideas in here and yet most of them are never implemented by SI. Makes me wonder if there is any point in even posting ideas.
  7. Surely you are not trying to pass these figures off as real? George Best scored 600 league goals for Man Utd??? Keane 180??? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>No, I was just plucking them out of my head to use as an example! I thought you might have realised that considering Luca Toni isn't currently playing for Man Utd.
  8. awesome idea, i would also like to have top 10 players who played the most league games in the history of the club </div></BLOCKQUOTE>yeah it could be league goals, overall goals, league appearances, overall appearances, and maybe if its possible, a AI opinion of the clubs best ever starting 11 (though that is not such a big deal to me).
  9. My personal pet 'want' is for there to be a page in the clubs history with the top ten club scorers so that you could see how well your current players were doing compared to former players. Example: Man utd top League scorers 1. George Best 601 2. Eric Cantona 532 3. Dwight Yorke 511 4. Andy Cole 421 5. Ruud Van nistelrooy 387 6. Ryan Giggs 300 7. Paul Scholes 223 8. Wayne Rooney (current player) 201 9. Roy keane 184 10. Luca Toni (current player) 180
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