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  1. Thanks Prolix for the translation of the tactic's roles. And thank you everyone for the help. But i've just gived up this save, i was 16 points behind the first one in february and my team was horrible... I'm gonna start a fresh new save and see how is it gonna be with the pre-season ! Keep you in touch
  2. Im tired about this save i'm gonna delete it and start a new one. I'm always dominating my oppenent (Xgs, possession, actions etc...) but loosing or drawing. My players just seems totaly high. Impossible to get a clean sheet. Bref, so many annoying things
  3. I know brother, but i didn't change my tactic like crazy... Just few adjustments but it looks like my players are not able to learn it. I will maybe try to stick with this tactic for months
  4. The two wingers are IF. Bennacer si an AP. Kimmich is the Half-back. The striker is an Deep lying forward.
  5. I did change my tactic a lot, but not the entire tactic. Just changed few roles and TI's... Because i was not happy with my initial tactic. I do like this one but results are complicate. I was playing a verry aggressive 4-2-3-1 at the beggining of this season. Gegenpressing and fast attacking. But you can probably guess, i was just loosing games against weaker teams that were playing low block and waiting us in their own side...
  6. Hi guys. I've been playing FM for 10 years (around 300hrs each FM) and i'm just not able to win in this episode. I don't really understand why. I think i play good tactics and i really really dont understand what is going on. This is my third year at Man City and i finished third, fifth and im fifth again right now. Extremely disappointing results. I let you see my tactic down below. My right IF(s) is just so bad it's unbelievable. All my players actually look just so bad. I dont have the excitation to play anymore. Thank for the advices !
  7. Maybe just put them in the first team no ? So they train with the best squad, and eventually play in cup games
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