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  1. 1 hour ago, Luke Hume said:

    Yeah we've been able to confirm that if you save on a hard drive different to where the game is installed (so for instance if the game is installed on C:, then save the game on D:) that it will work as a workaround.

    We're very much working on addressing this issue with an update, but for those of you with secondary drives this is a workaround to allow you to play in the meantime.

    Appreciate your patience as we deal with this situation. Thanks.

    Ok. is there a chance the update will mean the saves will work again or are they just going to be lost at this point?

  2. im wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Whilst playing last night i went to save and the gamer said that i didnt have enough space to save the game despite there being well over 50G of space on the drive. i decided to reboot the game to see if it would fix it and now it wont let me load any of my saves popping up an error message saying "Could not load the database" i tried the file restore option i read about on the forums and that did not work. I have even tried to start  a new game as a test and it pops up with the same save error and also wont load anything. im on game pass version 

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