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  1. ...thanks for the answers, but honestly... I don't understand anything you've said 😅😅 I mean there is a copy button on the top when I click back on the name "Spor Toto Süper Lig"... But start and end date (?)... I don't find find the place to put that in. I'm the total noob hahaha. I thought that would be much easier. Maybe you can send me a PM. I'll explain it to you both there in detail Thanks a lot!
  2. Good morning my lovely Fm community, Does anyone know a trick of adding temporary rules, such as an extra relegating team only in the first season, without anyone extra promoting from lower level?? For example the Turkish Super-League has a stupid amount of 21 teams, which they want to fix through relegating 4 instead of 3 teams now... Next season there will be 20 teams in the top division. I'm not sure, but there should be a button for "temporary" with a specific time stamp or indicator for the specific season the rule should apply. Maybe somewhere inside the extended rules of "promotion and relegation" of the league-rules? No extra documents to download, no nothing, just adding a mark somewhere at the pregame editor. That's what I was looking for (sorry for the Pic with the phone... But there you should see the only (in my opinion) place where I could edit these things) Stay safe
  3. Hello Ben, i also (still) have the same problem. I did only install the league pyramid database for Turkey... I've just compared it through the "extended rules" on the Turkey-update from Timo. I'm not sure if I found the error... But I would still need advice.
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