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  1. Hi, does anyone know how I can make it bigger on any of my skins? I've downloaded panels and stuff that've made my player faces bigger but really want a larger polygon as it's currently tiny. Thanks!!
  2. Alfredo Magni Fabio Mahseredjian Dennis Bergkamp Roberto Samaden - HoYD Lieven Maesschalck - Physio Ronaldo - Scout Jose Mayorga - Scout Gilles Grimandi - Scout
  3. Finished my 5th season. Honestly thought I could have/should have won every game with the team I had and the way they play. Unfortunately had some issues with Dybala which then affected the whole team's morale in January which lead to a couple slip ups. In March they eventually got over it. Annoyingly though I won the league really early, after the Bournemouth or City game which then lead to them not performing and taking the back seat in the rest of the games which almost ruined our chances in FA Cup and Champions League but thankfully managed to win both. In the league went 19 wins out of 19 at home, scoring 87 goals in those 19 games. Played 32 competitive games at home in all competitions and won them all in fact. In 38 games scored 142 in total, conceded 37. Now just at the transfer window and PSG have come in with a £110m bid for Andre Horta. 81m upfront, 29m over 48 months. Annoying because I want to keep him but the last news item on PSG scouting him said he wants to go. Annoying.
  4. Won literally every competition I was in (septuple) in my 4th season. Had huge offers coming in for my players and blew up my team. Sold: Martial - 98m, Fred - 64m, Odegaard - 68m, Fosu-Mensah - 17m, Diego - 18.5m (27m), Bazoer - 52m, Januzaj - 33m. Took in total £358m. Bought: Alex Sandro - 34m, Varane - 46.5m, Neymar - 78m, Kane - 89m. Already have Bernardo Silva, Hazard and Dybala. Only at 21st October and all I can say is oh sweet lord...
  5. 2017/18 Season 3 Review We ran away with the premiership, it was silly how easy it was. Last season we were running away with it until a team implosion leading to a winless last 6 games in the league. We won with 90 points, Spurs came in second on just 68. In the Champions League we got an easy group after returning to a second seed team. We came out on top ahead of Dynamo Kiev, Porto and Dinamo. We beat Galatasaray 3-2, AS Monaco 3-2 (tough tie, Ozil won it on 86 minutes), Barcelona 4-1(!) and Atletico Madrid in the final. 2-2 at half time, went to extra time and won on a Mesut Ozil penalty on 104 minutes. I had been resting Lukaku the important semi final and finals I had coming up, so Higuain had a run as the starting striker in the league and he went beserk. Ended up earning starts over my 40+ goal striker Lukaku. FA Cup we got to the final but lost to Man City 2-1. League Cup we were knocked out at the first hurdle as has been in every season. To Hull. Again. Lukaku - Was/is an absolute monster. He scored 33 goals in 31 league appearances. 41 goals in 40(4) total appearances. Eriksen - Signed him in the summer for 44m after he was always tearing us apart. He had the most assists in the league, and key passes. 20 assists in 35 league appearances. 8.21 average rating in the league. 8.05 overall in 49 appearances. Luke Shaw - When he's not injured he's incredible. Summer transfers IN Baba Rahman (10m - waiting for a work permit...) Raphael Varane - 72.5m (after resigning when I tried to get him for more, last season) Isco - 41.5m (was transfer listed) Paulo Dybala - 122m(!) Tried and failed to get Neymar. OUT Higuain - 34m (sad, but he's old now, had to cash in) Memphis - 34m (doesn't fit into my team, only ever had a couple appearances off the bench for me, always was sent on loan) Pjanic - 38m (didn't perform well enough and was complaining about game time, funded Dybala) Mayoral - 30m I keep loaning Martial out, can't get him scoring for me, don't trust him at all! Maybe next season he'll get a chance. Though I might have my eye on Icardi... Just finished the transfer window - Romelu is already on 8 in 3(1) appearances! 2 hat tricks already. Man beast.
  6. Start of season 4 - Dybala for 122m or Embolo for 52m? Money is no object, to play AMC and backup FC. I'm Man United.
  7. Start of season 4 - Dybala for 122m or Embolo for 52m? Money is no object, to play AMC and backup FC.
  8. I'm now midway through 2017/18 season, season 3. I made my new tactic, a 41221 narrow formation and it is destroying the competition. Had a slow start as it needed tweaking and working out the kinks, leading to 1 loss and 3 draws in my first 4 league games, and yet again for the third season in a row I was knocked out the league cup at the first hurdle. But it's 1st Jan 2018 now, I'm 7 points ahead of City at the top of the Prem. Lukaku is top scorer in the prem with 15 goals in 16 apps, 18 in 20 overall. Eriksen has most assists in the league with 9. Came out top of an easy CL group, avoiding a giant with my 2nd seed and have drawn Galatasaray in the 1st knockout round. Pastore was the only player in the first 11 of the World Team of the Year (he's outperforming our reigning player of the year Ozil, in this new setup, keeping him out of the first 11). Somehow Lukaku didn't make it. Barbosa was chosen with his 26 goals in 43 games, compared to Romelu's 41 goals in 46, and a higher average rating. Mario Fernandes was also on the subs. Somehow Rulli beat De Gea to a place on the subs. Hoping for the board to give me more money for the Jan transfer window. Though I'm hoping for a big bid for Darmian, so I can bring in better fullbacks to cover Mario and Luke Shaw (who is destroying right now, even grabbing himself some goals). Oh and my New Years Day fixture is away to Liverpool - 2-0 up at half time with a brace from monster Romelu Lukaku, of course. -- I won 2-0 and Unai Emery was sacked afterwards. Mario Fernandes has been wanting a new contract, I refused and he is now saying he's going to complain to the media and teammates and make it hell for me... I dropped him for the Liverpool game. Gave Lukaku a new one though, PSG enquired and couldn't risk him becoming unhappy so gave him a new one. Pogba wants to leave for Madrid, said he'd only stay if I assured him we'd win the CL this season, I did so for now he's happy to stay.
  9. b101, Ozil for £17.75m, what a buy! Regarding Laporte - I'm the same. Except I'm practically throwing in the towel with him. Unless I get a big money offer, he'll be a backup unless I can adjust my tactics to get the best out of him. I've got a £92m release clause bid in on Varane, but he really doesn't want to leave so I'll go all out on his contract and hope. Yeah, I like Januzaj and any other game I'd keep him - he tore it up for me on FM14 and became best player in the world iirc. Just my team is flooded with AMs now - Ozil, Eriksen, Herrera, Pastore and De Bruyne wants to leave City for CL football... I'd love to get him too but his fee is huge and I need defensive players. Decided to sell Januzaj for £40m, sadly only got £18.5m of the fee for my transfer budget. Also sold Smalling to Spurs (hopefully it doesn't come back to haunt me) for just £15m, but he wasn't playing and wanted to leave and I was hoping for the board to adjust my revenue % before Schneiderlin goes. I've delayed twice. I think I will sell and perhaps if I'm desperate I'll break my 'only money up front' purchasing rule. EDIT: Well, I must have missed the news item - Schneiderlin is still at the club with no offer in sight... Woops! Ah well, perhaps next season.
  10. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Adnan Januzaj Your Team: Man Utd Buyer/Seller:Tottenham Hotspur Player's Value: £14.25m Offer: £40m Transfer Budget: £50m (45% transfer revenue available) Patch: 16.2.0 Season: Summer 2017, going into 3rd season Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Morgan Schneiderlin Your Team: Man Utd Buyer/Seller: PSG Player's Value: £14.25m Offer: £50m Transfer Budget: £50m (45% transfer revenue available) Patch: 16.2.0 Season: Summer 2017, going into 3rd season I think I will sell Januzaj, I have Ozil, Eriksen, Herrera, Pastore. My main tactic is with 3 AMCs though. Morgan is the one I need help with. I am going to make a new tactic as a 4321 with 3 MCs. I only have Javi Martinez (DM), Schwein who's getting old, Pogba and Herrera. I need a ball winner. But I really need to buy a CB and with this new tactic another MC. With only 45% transfer revenue, I'm worried I won't be able to afford a CB and 2 MCs. I'm thinking, sell Januzaj first, hope for the board to adjust revenue after, then sell Morgan?
  11. Decisions to make! Big offers have come in for Schneiderlin and Januzaj which you'd normally snap their hands off but I only have 45% of transfer revenue made available and would leave my squad depth quite thin (particularly with Morgs). Morgan Schneiderlin - £50m to PSG. Adnan Januzaj - £40m to Tottenham (also £35m from Monaco, but accepted that then tried for 40 from Spurs and they agreed so cancelled the other bid). I now have Ozil, Eriksen, Pastore, Herrera and Januzaj. My main tactic is a 41131 with 3 central AMs. I am going to make a 4321 with 2 AMCs. I think I will sell Adnan? Now with Schneiderlin, I have Javi Martinez, Bastian Schweini, Pogba and Phil Jones if I have to play him - I'd rather try and sell. Performances only average around 7.00. But I will be short on MCs, especially if I create a 4321 which I want 3 MCs. And I need a ball winning specialist. And I only have £50m and I want to buy at least one CB. What do? I think I will sell Adnan and then delay Schneiderlin and hope the sale of Januzaj will lead to the board giving me more revenue %?
  12. Here's my 2 season update of my first save, with my team, United. First season was an absolute shocker - didn't have FM15 and FM16 seems to be so much more challenging to what I'm used to. Competition Results Premier League - 4th Champions League - Group Stage (4th!) FA Cup - Runner-up (to Hull) League Cup - 3rd Round (to Bournemouth) My Transfers 2015-16 Premiership Table Arsene Wenger went on to retire having finally got that elusive Premiership trophy. José Mourinho was fired from Chelsea around about the same point of the season as he was in real life... Maybe Arsenal can do it in real life too? Champions League - My Group Having a mare. Sporting Lisbon(!) went on to win the competition! They knocked out Roma (6-6 agg. on away goals), Atletico Madrid (2-1 agg.), Chelsea (6-1 agg.), Juventus (final, 1-1 win on penalties). Jorge Jesus the manager then joined Arsenal after Wenger retired. Other shock of the competition was Real Madrid came 3rd in their group, then won the Europa League. 2016-17 SEASON Brought in new players and created a new tactic, my 2015/16 ones obviously weren't doing the trick. My Transfers Went wild with all the money I was given. OUT Fellaini sold £13m. Rojo sold £12m. Juan Mata sold £43m, PSG enquired and I saw Ozil was somehow available so chose Ozil, maybe could've got more for Mata. Weirdly, not due to any injuries, PSG only played Mata 10 times in the league the whole season. IN Mesut Ozil - £35m Laporte - £35.5m Pogba - £88m Lukaku - £38m Javi Martinez £34m And some newgens. Next season I'm not going to go so crazy and not do money over time, don't want to ruin my save by just buying everyone. Competitions It was thrilling stuff on the last day of the season in the Premier League. I was dominating the league but a few bad results caused an absolute implosion with my team and me, Arsenal and Tottenham (who had come out of nowhere) were all tied on 72 points, I was leading on goal difference by about 5 goals over Arsenal. And you can see how it ended... If it weren't for a leg break at the end of January on Gonzalo Higuaín who was Prem leading goalscorer at the time, I definitely think I would've won the Prem and beaten Spurs in the CL. Though Lukaku did take over the mantle and ended up Prem top goalscorer - 22 goals in 24(7)! Higuaín remained CL top goalscorer with 9 goals in 7 games, and had 13 goals in 18(2) in the league and 22 in 26(2) overall. Ozil was top assists in CL with 7, and 2nd in Prem with 13. In the Champions League, with my shocking performance in 2015/16 season, my co-efficients obviously took a hit and I became a 3rd seed! Was given a group of death with Juventus and Barcelona! Huge! I drew Tottenham in the Quarter Finals. I drew 2-2 at home, and 1-1 away. Leading to my CL exit, and also the implosion of my team in all other competitions. Tottenham are the bane of my FM existence. They are destroying everything this season, they're CL finalists, FA Cup finalists and Prem runners up. To put them in their place they're going to be seeing their resolve to keep Christian Eriksen, tested this summer. He is amazing, and he has brilliant attributes considering he's also Either footed. These are the other results in the Champions League Sorry for the massive post! Crazy second season, need to tweak my current tactic, my CBs underperform consistently (does anyone else have Laporte bricking himself every game?). Going to create a new one too. I have a £101m transfer budget, and now a £44m bid for Eriksen accepted.
  13. So after my fourth season I received a £140m transfer budget and decided to really go for it. Signed 12 players during the summer for a total sum of £222m. This included major signings in Paul Pogba for £54m and James Rodriguez for £76m. I also sold 12 players for a total of £153m. Fellaini went to Spurs for £18.25m, Kyriakos Papadopoulos to Juve for £10.75m, Sergi Roberto > Inter for £15.5m, M'Vila > Monaco for £15.5m, Mata > PSG for £32m, Zaha > Everton £9.25m, Bony > Chelsea for £26m, Dodo > Arsenal £10m. There I was thinking I was about to absolutely dominate, however, I had a nightmare first half of the season. Ignoring cup wins in the Super Cup, Club World Cup and Capital One Cup; I was struggling hugely in the Premiership and was somewhere around 11th by Christmas with Chelsea just running away with it. That has taught me a lesson about bringing in too many players at once as the game really does punish you. I examined all of my tactics in frustration because of my inept team and made tweaks and changes and drew up some new ones too. The January transfer window seemed to sort of reset the effects, as if incoming movement from the latest transfer window is what affects the team chemistry. Though still, I sold my then best performing striker in Timo Werner to Juve for £40m, and Juan Bernat went to PSG for £33m. I signed 2 future star regens for a total of £99m. So with my tactic changes, including some tweaks that perhaps improved my tactic that had me winning/challenging for the league the past 4 seasons and winning the Champions League in the one just gone, and my increased game time for Zivkovic and Lukaku, I ended up doing very well in the league, making up a lot of the ground on the teams at the top of the table and finished 2nd on just 78 points. Chelsea won with 89. From the 30th December I won 18 games, drew 4 and lost 1 in the league. I lost in the final of the FA Cup to City in a game where a silly goal was conceded from failing to properly clear a corner after Lukaku having had his penalty saved. BUT, I managed to retain the Champions League beating PSG in the final 2-0 thanks to a Zivkovic brace. Zivkovic ended with 34 goals in 50 games. Lukaku finished with 23 goals in 41 games. 19 goals in 25 league appearances.
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