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  1. Has there ever been any thought of you as manager being able to counter talk about your players in the media and even asking the president/club legends/current players doing something similar? At the moment transfer talk always destabilises your players and often your team. You see other managers and players from other teams touting for players to join them but you cannot do anything about it. An option to allow you to respond to stories to show how much you want a player, asking similar things of other players, essentially building up a case for your player too stay.
  2. I had a player I have denied a transfer too and he won't let it go. He is on a massive contract and a long term one (4 years left) and he isn't one of the inner most group players in term of influence so he cannot destabilise the whole team by his antics so I am not overly worried about him being upset. That being said his form is rubbish compared to the previous season with his morale being so low, so the question is, is there anything I can do to try and rebuild the relationship? He won't discuss a new contract and I cannot improve his squad status as he is already a Star Player.
  3. Thanks, that's great! I tinkered with slowing down my tempo which helped against the really stubborn defences but will give the above a look. Ended up losing my second champions league final on penalties and was second best all match so thinking of a tactics tinker off season as it is!
  4. I can't see the pay thing being an issue as they are both only 1 year into a new contract on much bigger wages, could be squad status, will check that out. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Is it understood by the community how players are interested in transfers and then in turn made unhappy if they are not granted a move? I am playing Real Madrid; after two season I have won everything both seasons apart from the champions league second season when I lost on penalties in the final. Despite this I have had Odegaard bids from Liverpool who only managed 6th in the EPL but he is now massively unhappy I won't sell him despite being a regular in one of the best teams in the world, same situation with Rodrygo who is starting, playing well i
  6. Yeah I'm quite happy with what I've created It's just tweaks for the ultra defensive teams. Out of interest, what's an exploit tactic? The tip from above about slowing down the tempo seems to have helped. Played two games and slowed tempo down after not getting initial break through and picked the teams apart after the change.
  7. It's a tactic I created, it's been a long time since I've created tactics (had a few FM incarnations off) so it may be overly complicated but I'm not sure, it is producing results though. R&D below.
  8. Hi all, Playing a Real Madrid save. In the second season my team is absurd with a front four of Mbappe, Hazard, Benzema and Haaland. First season I went undefeated in the league, losing only 1 game all season a first leg against Bayern and I won every single competition I was in. Second season is going much the same but all teams barring the elite in the champions league and Barca are now just playing ultra defensive, 10 men behind the call counter attacking garbage football. Unless I get an early goal through luck or a set piece every match is becoming a grinding war o
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