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  1. I found a problem with the dates of checking if players will be available for play U-19 (etc.) next season. I tried some countries and it’s always set as 01/01 -1 year. I didn’t find many cases but I think it’s easy to change so I describe it here. Retu - player of Real Madrid (Castilla) U19, he was born 01/01/2002 and he couldn’t play in U19 in season 2020/21 because date control day sets that only players born after this day can play. It’s not include this day. I see two solutions - change it to include the day or change it to 31/12 0 year. Additionally, Bynoe-Gittens (Dortmund u19) can’t play in second part of season 2020/21 because he has not UE passport due to Brexit. I think that bundesliga could make change this rule but i am not sure.
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