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  1. @Tony Garvey thanks, I've uploaded it. It's called "carry on my wayward son (v03)". It's the earliest autosave I have, at this point I've already applied and declared interest in the job.
  2. Update: I went back to a previous autosave file and redid the job interview, without picking the option i don't usually pick. The same bug happened, just on a different day. https://imgur.com/1OHtQ7a.png
  3. I'e noticed the button pops up when spectatinng matches, but I've never clicked on it so I don't know what happens there
  4. One other glitch happening on this save, completely unrelated to this, is Newcastle have had a caretaker manager for like 4 years now.
  5. Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I'm not 100% sure if I've used the right subforum. If not, I'll happily move it. I did a quick search and didn't seem to find this bug anywhere else. I'm currently playing a journeyman save, and I've applied to a number of different jobs during it without encountering any issues until now. I quit my former club Metalist at the end of last season and applied to a few clubs and did interviews, but my preferred choice was Basel. I got a first interiew with them on June 20th. I replied to the interview as normal, with the only response asid
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