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  1. kroblues

    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 2019 League Final Standings Well that wasn’t too bad, we adapted fairly well to the higher division and were never in danger of relegation, we never challenged for the top either but I wasn’t really expecting anything different. A good consolidation year here. More consistency would be nice next year, as we never really put a run of good games together before another loss. Final Position: 10th Another 2nd round exit in the cup, a 4-0 win from the backups away to Lunds BK was followed by a 4-0 defeat of our own against First Division Elite side Brommapojkarna, nothing too exciting there. Transfers: Obviously, no moves in. Big moves out: A few former starters in Cervin and Eriksson (top scorer in 2 seasons but now way down the depth chart) as well as youth players who started moaning about first team football. Total gained: €0 Best XI this season Fairly settled into this 4-4-2 with AMR/L now, with the side remaining fairly consistent. Top scorer: Aldin Hajrovic. Only 6 goals from the young man as we didn’t score as many in the higher division, although the goals were also shared out very evenly, with Bohman and Johannesson getting 5, as well as Pettersson and Jönsson getting 4 from their wing spots. Best player: Jens Jönsson. Played very well on the right of midfield, with 4 goals and 3 assists, but he was very consistent which was something we needed this year. Youth prospects: Youth Intake More variety in positions this year, which is nice as it gives us a much more rounded squad. 3 tagged: YP5A: Stefan Jönsson. Another striker to the squad, he’ll be a backup next season but we’ll see how he progresses. Played at the end of the season once safety was assured and didn’t disgrace himself, including 2 goals. YP5B: Jörgen Arvidsson. Plays at the back, where we were in need of decent backups so might play a bit next season. YP5C: Saleh Kadir. An actual central midfielder, rather than a hybrid AMC/MC, which is nice. Will likely be a backup next year too. Updates: Loads are now established very well. YP1A: Jesper Bohman. 77 App, 16 goals/22 assists. Played a lot less this year as others overtook him, but his production was very good, with 5 goals and 5 assists. YP1B: Alexander Johansson. 100 App, 5 goals/1 assist. First youth player into the 100 club, very solid at the back. YP1C: Jens Jönsson. 85 App, 15 goals/23 assists. Played well even if the stats don’t show it, a consistent 7/10 man. YP1D: Erik Pettersson 84 App, 24 goals/10 assists. Less scoring but he’s solid on the left flank and is doing well. YP2A: Jens Jacobsson. 34 App, 5 assists. Spent most of this season injured, think that might be the story of his career. YP2B: Birk Hallström. 16 App, 2 goals/2 assists. Not injured, but he’s so far down the depth chart because of the earlier injuries, might be the first tagged player released but we’ll see how he goes. Put him onto non-contract as he’s not playing enough to justify wages. YP3A: Aldin Hajrovic. 44 App, 14 goals/10 assists. Missed a fair few games because he’s a regular for Bosnia U21, but still top scorer. YP3B: Johannes Persson. 40 App, 2 goals/1 assist. Fairly standard season, he did ok and is well in the rotation. YP3C: Ali Lindström. 19 App, 1 goal/1 assist. Low on the depth chart and didn’t play much, not sure he’ll progress enough but we’ll keep him around. YP4A: Robin Johannesson. 23 App, 5 goals/2 assists. Retrained as a striker and he played most games, doing very well up top. YP4B: Carl Johansson. 15 App, 2 goals/1 assist. Firmly second choice winger but he played more this season as he started moaning about first team football. YP4C: Oskar Johansson. Not done a lot so far, and broke his leg this season too. Not a promising start to his career. Finances: Losing money every month but less money each month now, so that’s promising. Average attendance: 266 (of 27,500). We increased a bit but I would have hoped for more with a jump in division. Next season: Avoiding second season syndrome I think, possibly pushing on. Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe | Top scorer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 | 2nd Division EG| 10[size=1]th[/size] | Group | N/A | Mattias Persson (9) 2016 | 2nd Division EG| 4[size=1]th[/size] | N/A | N/A | Daniel Eriksson (16) 2017 | 2nd Division EG| 2[size=1]nd[/size] | N/A | N/A | Daniel Eriksson (9) 2018 | 2nd Division EG| 1[size=1]st[/size] | 2nd Rd | N/A | Erik Pettersson (10) 2019 | 1st Division S | 10[size=1]th[/size] | 2nd Rd | N/A | Aldin Hajrovic (6)
  2. kroblues

    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 2018 League Final Standings Finally! We played very well this season and hit the front early, while managing to overcome our usual late-season blip (4 defeats in 5 this time), to finish with 5 straight wins and seal the title, and with it, promotion to the first division! Promotion was sealed with a fantastic turnaround win against IFK Trelleborg, coming back from 3-1 down at half time to win 4-3. Final Position: 1st We actually had a cup run this season too! I say run…we beat First Division Sparvägen 2-1 at home thanks to Hajrovic and Berntsson, but then came unstuck against Premier League Elfsborg, losing 3-1. Transfers: Obviously, no moves in. Big moves out: Released backups mainly, including Daniel Pode, our starting goalkeeper for the first 3 seasons but he had been rather usurped by Otterhall and his wage couldn’t really be justified. Total gained: €0 Best XI this season Our attacking 4-4-2 worked well this season and it was a largely settled side that played this season with a lot of players playing over 20 of our 28 games Top scorer: Erik Pettersson . 10 goals from the winger as the goals were shared out very evenly, a fantastic return. Mention also to Jönsson with 8 and Hajrovic with 7. Best player: Dejan Berntsson. Yet again our club captain was the rock in central midfield but it was his 7 goals that really helped our season as we haven’t really had a goal threat from midfield. Youth prospects: Youth Intake A pretty good one this year with some very promising players. 2 tagged but a few more could play very important roles in years to come. See if you can spot the theme in the surnames. YP4A: Robin Johannesson. Looks very promising as an attacking midfield but I will retrain him as a striker I think. YP4B: Carl Johansson. Pacey right winger, could be a decent option later in games to stretch the pitch as Jönsson isn’t that quick. YP4C: Oskar Johansson. A right back with decent physical attributes, which is a good sign. Updates: With the first team being mostly academy players now there’s a big contribution from most of these. YP1A: Jesper Bohman. 63 App, 11 goals/17 assists. More goals and double figures for assists which is more like the contribution I was looking for. YP1B: Alexander Johansson. 78 App, 2 goals/1 assist. Very solid at the back, plays both left back and the covering defender role well in both of our main tactics. YP1C: Jens Jönsson. 65 App, 11 goals/20 assists. Lots more goals from the young man, a good season. YP1D: Erik Pettersson 64 App, 19 goals/10 assists. Top scorer this year, not much in assists but can hardly complain when he’s putting them in instead. YP2A: Jens Jacobsson. 26 App, 5 assists. More injuries meant not much playing time but he wasn’t terrible when he played. YP2B: Birk Hallström. 15 App, 2 goals/1 assist. The glass-man broke his leg after 4 appearances and missed the rest of the season, could be a case of wasted potential for him really. YP3A: Aldin Hajrovic. 26 App, 8 goals/7 assists. That’s more like it, he really came into his own this year and got some important goals. YP3B: Johannes Persson. 21 App, 2 goals. Fairly standard season, he did ok and is well in the rotation. YP3C: Ali Lindström. 15 App, 1 assist. Behind Persson in the depth chart but he’s done ok. Finances: Same old story, loan taken out to clear debts then we lose money over the season. Average attendance: 254 (of 27,500). Basically the same as last year, slight improvement but nothing major. Next season: Staying up would be nice. Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe | Top scorer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 | 2nd Division EG| 10[size=1]th[/size] | Group | N/A | Mattias Persson (9) 2016 | 2nd Division EG| 4[size=1]th[/size] | N/A | N/A | Daniel Eriksson (16) 2017 | 2nd Division EG| 2[size=1]nd[/size] | N/A | N/A | Daniel Eriksson (9) 2018 | 2nd Division EG| 1[size=1]st[/size] | 2nd Rd | N/A | Erik Pettersson (10)
  3. kroblues

    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    Yeah FM15, realising what a horrible division the Swedish Second Division is too.
  4. kroblues

    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 2017 No final standings yet as we started very well, and lost only 2 games in the first half of the season, putting us into a title challenge again. I wasn’t the most confident however, as we’d seen it all before and had squandered possibly a better position last year. We were incredibly solid this year, conceding only 6 in the first 13 games, although it took until game 16 to score more than 2. The opposite to last year then. It was incredibly close this year as we had our customary blip of 4 draws and a loss to hurt our chances, but luckily our challengers also seemed to not want to go up, leading to an incredibly close title race as the league drew to an end. League with 3 games to go A 3-1 win for us against Karlskrona, thanks to a Daniel Eriksson hat trick was wonderful, until we saw that BW-90 and Lunds had also won. Still with the advantage thanks to our goal difference though! League with 2 games to go 1-0 against Nike! That’ll do nicely, and that it was a first goal for YP3A was nice to see. Lunds and BW-90 played against each other so a draw would be the best result for us, but a 1-0 win for Lunds was probably the worst one, as they are closest to us in Goal Difference. That being said, we’re in pole position with a game to go and if we do our job then it would take a miracle for Lunds to beat us. BW-90, you have to say, are pretty much out of it now. League with 1 game to go So it all comes down to this. We play against Nosaby, one time title challengers but with only 1 win in 10 they have fallen away massively, shades of us in the last season! Lunds are to play against relegation battlers Kvarnby, which should be a fairly simple win for them. Pressure is on us to get the required result! The starting team is: GK: Fredrik Otterhall, the young goalkeeper supplanted Daniel Pode as the starter midway through the season and has 7 clean sheets in 12 appearances. DC: Emil Kadhum, converted RB who has been fantastic at both RB and DC DC: Tim Vincze, 22 appearances as he missed the early part of the season but he’s been great this season, DC: Alexander Johansson YP1C, an ever present with 2 goals, playing the covering role very well. DM: Björn Birgirsson, 23 appearances at either DC or DM, solid contributor. MC: Dejan Berntsson, a star from the first intake who possibly should have been tagged. Club captain and a rock in the middle. MC: Tobias Cervin, more of a backup this season but injury to Jens Jacobsson YP2A means he gets the start for this huge match. AMR: Jens Jönsson YP1C, not been wonderful this year but solid enough in his preferred AMR position, struggles when we drop him back to MR. AML: Erik Pettersson YP1D, only 19 appearances due to an injury early on but he’s been one of our star players this year. ST: Jesper Bohman YP1A, only 3 goals this season but he’s contributed solidly in both AMC and ST ST: Aldin Hajrovic YP3A, first start for this young man after coming on to score the winner last week. On the bench is top scorer Daniel Eriksson who is on his way back from injury. Let’s see how it goes! Big moment on 24 minutes in as Kvarnby take the lead! Lunds, remember, need to better our result to beat us to the league. 27 minutes into our game we’re quite glad for this development as Nosaby take the lead with a wonder strike from outside the box. On 37 minutes a ball in from Bohman is recycled by Jönsson on the right wing, Berntsson runs on to it and it’s a great save from the Nosaby keeper! Except he can only push it out directly to Pettersson who slots it home for 1-1! On 40 it’s almost 2-1 to us but Cervin puts his free kick over the bar and it’s followed by Bohman shooting over from just outside the box. Half Time: Nosaby 1-1 IFK Malmö Lunds BK 0-1 Kvarnby Just inside the second half and Otterhall is called into action, pushing a strike from distance to safety. It’s a double blow on 50 minutes though, as Kvarnby are pegged back by Lunds to 1-1, and straight after it’s another fantastic goal for Nosaby to put us 2-1 down. As it stands we’re finishing 2nd and staying in this division. Cervin is replaced by Lindström YP3C to try and get us back into it. Otterhall has to make another save straight after the kickoff though, clearly Nosaby have come out flying! On comes Eriksson, hopefully our top scorer can save us. Things start to look up on 56 minutes, as Lindström shoots just wide, but it’s a promising sign. Our final sub comes on 67 minutes as Jönsson is injured and Hodzic replaces him. 72 minutes in and we’re left praying for Kvarnby as we go 3-1 down. Full Time: Nosaby 3-1 IFK Malmö Lunds BK 1-1 Kvarnby So close, yet so far, as we finish 1 point away from the first division. League Final Standings Final Position: 2nd No games in the cup this year either Transfers: Obviously, no moves in. Big moves out: A few backups, nothing major. Total gained: €0 Best XI this season We tried a few different formations this year, mostly back to the 3 at the back formation that seems to make us so solid. I think it’s the variety that has helped us this year though, as shown by the attacking 4-4-2 that's the formation from the best XI. Top scorer: Daniel Eriksson . Not as many goals this season as we were more of a win 1-0 rather than 4-3 team, but proportionally his 9 goals was a fantastic return. Best player: Dejan Berntsson. Midfielder broke into the first team after being a backup last year and was a key element in the centre of the park Youth prospects: No screenshot of the intake this year as I forgot to take one, but here are the players tagged: YP3A: Aldin Hajrovic. Already called up to the Bosnia U21 squad, clearly a talent. YP3B: Johannes Persson. Decent looking midfielder but we’re quite packed in that area YP3C: Ali Lindström. Same as Persson really. Updates: The first intake contributed a lot this season, the second less so. YP1A: Jesper Bohman. 40 App, 4 goals/7 assists. Played in a rotation up front and did ok but I’d like to see more goals. YP1B: Alexander Johansson. 50 App, 2 goals. Solid at the back and an ever present YP1C: Jens Jönsson. 42 App, 3 goals/14 assists. Ok but nothing spectacular. YP1D: Erik Pettersson 40 App, 9 goals/7 assists. Better than Jönsson but also not too spectacular. YP2A: Jens Jacobsson.12 App, 1 assist. Did ok this year and looked classy in midfield until he picked up an injury. YP2B: Birk Hallström. 11 App, 2 goals, 1 assist. The man is made of glass, he missed so many games due to injury, which is a shame as he looks talented. Finances: Losing money every month but the board don’t seem to be too worried. Average attendance: 256 (of 27,500). Basically the same as last year, slight improvement but nothing major. Next season: Hopefully this can be the year we finally get promotion Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe | Top scorer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 | 2nd Division EG| 10[size=1]th[/size] | Group | N/A | Mattias Persson (9) 2016 | 2nd Division EG| 4[size=1]th[/size] | N/A | N/A | Daniel Eriksson (16) 2017 | 2nd Division EG| 2[size=1]nd[/size] | N/A | N/A | Daniel Eriksson (9)
  5. kroblues

    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 2016 League Final Standings Final Position: 4th Well…a very disappointing end to the season but in hindsight, much more than we expected. We were well in with a title challenge until a horrible run in of only 1 win in the final 10 games dropped us down to 4th. Possibly a few games too far for our extremely young squad but an impressive season nonetheless with some good performances shown by our young players. No games in the cup this year, not sure how it works in Sweden but clearly clubs of our level don’t play every year. Transfers: Obviously, no moves in. Big moves out: Just some free transfers as mentioned in the last update, Pasagic and Mravac left, although we clearly replaced them quite well. Would have been interesting to see where we could have been with Pasagic’s play this season. Total gained: €0 Best XI this season As you can see, we swapped to a more simple attacking 4-4-2, which led to more goals and we played a lot better, although slightly less solid defensively. Top scorer: Daniel Eriksson . No idea what happened to him this season. Terrible last year with 3 goals in 22 appaearances, this year 16 in 21 and he played a huge part in our early season form, with the downturn starting as soon as he missed a few games through injury. He was also named as the Forward of the Year, which was nice as he was the division’s top scorer. Hopefully he can carry this form on next season. Best player: Jens Joensson. The right winger with a lot of assists and chipped in with a few goals too. Youth prospects: Youth Intake. Not as spectacular as last year but a couple of solid looking players tagged, plus a couple more who might play a decent role in the future. YP2A: Jens Jacobsson. Midfielder who looks like he might be able to come into the first team reckoning next season quite well. YP2B: Birk Hallström. Possibly the best potential out of the players we took in and will work well as a backup AMC/ST next season. Last year’s intake update: In general, not a whole lot of progression, but they’ve all done ok this year and contributed well. YP1A: Jesper Bohman. 23 App (12 starts), 1 goal/5 assists. Not brilliant in terms of goals output and decent with assists. Looking for more next season as he will need to contribute more. YP1B: Alexander Johansson. Benefitted from our change to a back 4 and played 24 games with an average rating of 6.70, which is ok but not wonderful. Did a job. Slightly concerned by his attitude in games as he looked disinterested a lot. YP1C: Jens Jönsson. 20 App (19 starts), 3 goals/9 assists. Contributed very well on the right wing and played well for most of the season, averaging 6.95 which is a good start to his career and he’s well installed as the starter. YP1D: Erik Pettersson 20 App, 5 goals/5 assists. Seemed better than Jönsson and contributed more in the way of goals but less with assists, very unfortunate to get an injury which forced him to miss a few games as he has developed well. His pace is really causing problems for defenders at this level. Finances: Same as last year really, losing money month on month but not being in a huge amount of trouble Average attendance: 251 (of 27,500). Basically the same as last year, slight improvement but nothing major. Next season: Well we pushed into top half, another challenge for the title would be good, promotion even better but that might be pushing it. Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe | Top scorer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 | 2nd Division EG| 10[size=1]th[/size] | Group | N/A | Mattias Persson (9) 2016 | 2nd Division EG| 4[size=1]th[/size] | N/A | N/A | Daniel Eriksson (16)
  6. kroblues

    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    Initial Update & Season 2015 So, I decided to go to Sweden for my challenge after an aborted attempt in Germany, and took over IFK Malmö, the lesser of the Malmö teams but with a great chance to expand and challenge at the top table of Swedish football. Just got to get up the leagues first. Manager Profile, bit late into the season but hopefully acceptable? League Final Standings Squad, as you can see, not a huge amount to work with really. Some good players but lacking a lot in key areas too with very few backups. A final position of 10th, and we were pretty much midtable all season, no real worries for relegation or any serious challenge for promotion. Fairly middling season which I was happy with considering we only had 18 players at the club which ended up down to 17 very early on as our only LB damaged knee ligaments and missed the whole season after making 2 appearances. We actually did much better against the top sides this season compared to the bottom sides, so clearly I have a great tactic for the better teams but when we’re expected to attack it doesn’t really work. Something to develop for next season! In the cup…3 games, 3 heavy defeats. No surprises against teams from much higher divisions so I’m not too disappointed with it. Transfers: Obviously, no moves in. Big moves out: None really, just a few transfers from organised before I took over. Total gained: €0 Best XI this season Obviously having no left backs meant a bit of “making do” and trying to adapt to the strengths of the few players we had, does mean however that I seem to have stumbled on a good “away” tactic. Just need to find one for the home games now. Top scorer: Mattias Persson . 9 goals from the winger/striker, a decent return but we shared the goals out quite well really. Notable mentions to Pasagic (7), more on him later, and Rasmus Mahr who got 4 from defence. Not a whole lot of goals this season to be honest. Best player: Armin Pasagic . A great season from the AMC, who got 7 goals and 4 assists, as well as being named Man of the Match on 6 occasions out of 26 games. Won’t be here next season though, as he won’t sign a new contract. Youth prospects 2015: Youth Intake. The moment I was waiting for all season, if only to fill out the bench a bit more and have some backups. Not much in the way of central midfield which I needed, only the one decent player. I tagged 4 players who will hopefully play a decent part in the next season. YP1A: Jesper Bohman. Decent looking AMC/ST who will probably play a lot next season to replace Pagasic. Played 3 games to end the season and scored 1, decent start to his career. YP1B: Alexander Johansson. Good left back, who is unfortunate in that we don’t really play with FBs (although this may well change next season). Retraining him to CB. YP1C: Jens Jönsson. Right midfielder, will serve as a backup for now but he looks promising and fits well into the system. Very good technique too. YP1D: Erik Pettersson Pretty much the same as Jönsson but for the left side. May break into the first team more as my first choice ML isn’t as strong as the MR. Finances: Not exactly spectacular, losing a fair bit of money which I hope will improve in the future. Luckily we’re not reliant on a transfer budget! Average attendance: 229 (of 27,500). Huge stadium which will give us a decent chance to improve as we move up the leagues, but for now we were 4th in the league for Average Attendance, very solid. Next season: Be nice to push into top half and not have to worry about relegation. Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe | Top scorer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 | 2nd EG| 10[size=1]th[/size] | Group | N/A | Mattias Persson (9)
  7. kroblues

    Disneyland Florida - help/advice...

    Also worth looking at staying at a Disney hotel as sometimes they have free dining plan promotions so you get meals included at the Disney restaurants. Went for the first time in August this year and although the heat was ridiculous it wasn't unmanageable, also got a lot quieter last week of August as the American kids went back to school (I think) so we managed to get around some rides that are normally crazy wait times (Space Mountain etc) without using fast passes, which made a nice change.
  8. kroblues

    The 2014 NFL Thread

    Geno was never going to go a whole game without an interception, was he?
  9. kroblues

    The 2014 NFL Thread

    I'm drafting in my football team's league at 9 on the Sunday, but as it seems 9.30 is ok for everybody else I'll have to just autodraft it. Although...can you draft on the NFL fantasy app?
  10. kroblues

    Don Bradman Cricket 17 Out Now

    Took my first hat trick today finished with 6-21, still lost the match mind.
  11. kroblues

    The 2014 NFL Thread

    I'm in for Fantasy if there's still a space.
  12. Thanks, thought I'd never get past PSG or Man City, the two of them have been dominant for years.
  13. Season update 2028/29 League Final Standings Not as strong in the Bundesliga this year but in fairness, I’ve achieved everything I can there so a lot of the kids got lots of playing time, plus because of our Champions League run everything sort of got sandwiched in at the end so I had to play the kids. Still a comfortable title win though. The cup was another casualty of the Champions League run. We made it through to the semi finals easily, and then to the final, but with so many kids playing the final was a step too far. A good achievement though considering our quarter final team was made up of about 5 players making their debut. Here were our results: Round 1: SV Neuberg 0-6 FAC – Gaucho, Adam, Fuhrmann, Hintersteiner x2, Horn Round 2: FC Bergheim 0-3 FAC – Martinovic, Sadjak, Brezina Round 3: FAC 3-0 SCR Altach – Stanojev x2, del Real ¼ Final: FC Admira 1-2 FAC – OG, Braun ½ Final: RB Salzburg 0-8 FAC – Marcao x3, Martinovic x2, Schwarz, Brezina, del Real Another dominant group stage performance, even in a group containing the likes of Lyon and Bayern put us through to the knockouts. Our results: FAC 2-0 Dinamo – Dahm, Stanojev Bayern 2-5 FAC – Lopez, Marcao, del Real, Dahm, Schwarz Lyon 1-4 FAC – Ernst, Marcao, Martinovic, Schwarz FAC 6-1 Lyon – Marcao x3, Stanojev, Dahm, Fuentes Dinamo 1-4 FAC – Dahm, Marcao, Bayer, Lopez FAC 2-2 Bayern – Dimov, Brezina Into the Knockouts again then, which is kind of the minimum expected now. First up were the surprise package of the group stage in Feyenoord. A strong 4-1 away win (Dahm x2, Marcao x2) followed by a 3-0 win at home (Martinovic, del Real, Marcao) made for a simple progression to the quarter finals. We would play Real Madrid in the quarter finals, a tough ask but one I think we could meet after handling equivalent teams with ease in the past, albeit with a stronger team. A wonderful 2-1 win away from home, including the above linked wonder strike from Bayer put us in a good position, and we pulled off a great 4-2 home win thanks to a double from Martinovic, Bayer and a late goal from Marcao to put us into the semi finals. Next up, Arsenal. The English giants were in a fierce title race with Man City so it wasn’t going to be easy, and after going 1-0 down early in London I was worried. Luckily Silvino Mercado managed to sneak in at the near post to equalise and give us a precious away goal in a 1-1 draw. I think it’s fair to say the home leg went better, as despite missing Dahm from an injury sustained before the Real Madrid games, we went 2-0 up thanks to Martinovic and Stanojev, before Arsenal pulled one back close to half time. In the second half Stanojev again gave us a two goal cushion, with Dahm’s replacement Peter Brezina getting the important 4th goal and a place in our second final! The final was against the oil giants of Man City, with PSG falling victim to Arsenal. I was worried, to be honest, as City had dominated against us every time we played them. Here was the starting line up: GK: Nilo Eduardo DR: Antonio DC: Erik del Real DC: Silvino Mercado DL: Juan Manuel Fuentes MC: Christopher Bayer © MC: Gabrijel Dimov AMR: Marcao AMC: Jürgen Dahm AML: Miroslav Stanojev ST: Nikola Martinovic This was the formation we adapted midway through the season and it had worked well, but City still started the brighter and only a series of wonderful saves from Eduardo kept them at bay. We had our own chance as Mercado hit the post from an Antonio long throw, but in the main it was City making all the running. City were finding tons of space through the middle and in answer to that, I made probably the change I am most proud of in all of my FM playing- Dimov dropped back to a Ball Winning Midfielder role in DM, with Dahm coming back to MC as a Box to Box Midfielder, hoping to provide more stability. This ended up effectively stemming the flow of City attacks, although Eduardo still had to make the odd great save. With Dimov doing a brilliant job breaking up play in the middle, effectively nullifying City’s World Player of the Year AMC, they couldn’t get anything going and we nearly went ahead, Marcao going through and squaring for Dahm, but his shot was brilliantly saved. After 90 minutes it was 0-0, so we’d go into extra time. A far cry from our last final where we were 5-1 down at this point. City nearly went ahead early on too, a corner being saved wonderfully by Eduardo. That was actually the last meaningful chance of extra time, as we more or less Chelsea’d our way to a penalty shoot out by parking the bus. Penalty Shoot Out City to go first… First up is Herceg, a right winger, straight down the middle and parried away by Eduardo! I always like a goalkeeper with nil in the name… For FAC it’s Dahm to step up…and he puts it right into the corner, you can always trust a German! 1-0! City’s striker next, a great player, and he opts for power too…but again it’s right at Eduardo! 2 misses in a row and FAC are in the driving seat! Gabrijel Dimov up next, the young man from the FAC academy who’s been a regular this season…goes for the opposite corner that Dahm tried, but same result. 2-0 to FAC! Big penalty now for City, this could be all over soon…but it’s put into the net, no worries. Now that’s composure. 2-1 FAC and the fans from Vienna behind the goal are getting tense in Cardiff. Peter Brezina now, a brave call considering the lad is only 18, but he looks confident. And he puts the ball into the net despite the keeper guessing right! It’s 3-1 and FAC are on the brink of history. It’s David Ramsden, World Player of the Year…if ever there was a time to prove it this is it. If he misses, FAC win, if he scores…well FAC probably still win but it’ll be delayed. Here’s his run up, Eduardo goes the wrong way…but it’s past the post!!!!! FAC win!!!! Eduardo’s being crushed in a pile of blue shirts, the fans are going wild behind the goal, and are joined by half of the players in a mass of bodies. Eduardo Man of the Match for being a one man team at times as City pressed, but he kept a clean sheet and pulled off two saves in the shootout…can’t ask for more than that. Transfers: Big moves in: Only one player in: potential world class left back Scharf from Rapid Wien for €7.5M Total spent: €7.5M Big moves out: Lots of players leaving us this year, including Serna, who joined Man City (and luckily didn’t come back to haunt us) for €17.5M. A few youth players also left for decent fees, Hintersteiner for €1.8M to Southampton and Hamader for €1M to TSV 1860 being the main ones. In January we made some serious money though, Jhonatas joined Flamengo for €9.25M, Djordjevic left for €2.5M, Pingoto (a free transfer which didn’t pan out) went for €4M, and the big one was Adan Lopez, whose €24M transfer fee was too good to turn down considering we had changed to a 1 striker formation Total gained: €62.5M Net profit: €55M The first XI at the end of the season: GK: Nilo Eduardo (€2.4M from Pumas, 229 appearances, 84 clean sheets) DR: Antonio (€165k from Fluminense, 285 appearances, 13 goals) DC: Erik del Real (€8.75M from Monterrey, 243 appearances, 39 goals) DC: Silvino Mercado (€17.25M from Monterrey, 146 appearances, 9 goals) DL: Juan Manuel Fuentes (€30M from Chivas, 148 appearances, 3 goals) MC: Gabrijel Dimov (Youth system, 66 appearances, 5 goals) MC : Christopher Bayer (€725k from SV Ried, 370 appearances, 46 goals) AMR: Marcao (€15M from Monterrey, 179 appearances, 107 goals) AMC: Jürgen Dahm (€34M from HSV, 155 appearances, 40 goals) AML: Miroslav Stanojev (€10M from Inter, 86 appearances, 36 goals) ST: Nikola Martinovic (€900k from Maribor, 354 appearances, 159 goals) Top scorer: Marcao. Another dominant year for the Brazilian/Italian. 30 goals and 30 assists for the right winger is ridiculous, and he ended up top scorer in the Champions League too Notable mentions: Martinovic (20, Dahm (20), Stanojev (15), Brezina (12), Gmeiner (10) and del Real (10) Best player: Antonio. He missed 3 months of the season, which was a shame as he’s really an important part of our game thanks to his long throws (the Brazilian Rory Delap) and his pace down the wings which helps Marcao out. Youth prospects: Felix Flechl: Supplanted by another youth keeper as backup and was therefore SOLD for €500k Josef Bader: Went on loan to Wacker Innsbruck where he made 35 appearances and scored 4 goals. Won’t be much better than a backup so I might sell him. Felix Horn: He’s falling down the pecking order due to the emergence of new talent so will be sold. Marco Gmeiner: 17 starts and 19 sub appearances, the primary backup for Marcao and in the mix for the striker position too. Another 10 goals for the young man. Jürgen Fleck: The new keeper I mentioned, who could be a good Bundesliga keeper for us but might not do so well at continental level. He made 22 appearances this season with 5 clean sheets. Hermann Ernst: Really looking like a prospect, he was 3rd choice centre half all season and made 34 appearances thanks to our strength in the league. Finances: Way better thanks to transfer income and the Champions League run. Average attendance: 30514 (of 31750) with 3 sellouts. Similar to last year basically, Next season: Challenge completed, so I suppose the next step is to get a squad of entirely FAC youth players doing stuff in Europe. Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe | Top scorer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/15 | Erste Liga| 5[size=1]th[/size] | R2 | N/A | Ingo Klemen (10) 2015/16 | Erste Liga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | R3 | N/A | Kevin Friesenbichler (25) 2016/17 | Bundesliga | 8[size=1]th[/size] | R2 | N/A | Kevin Friesenbichler (17) 2017/18 | Bundesliga | 3[size=1]rd[/size] | SF | N/A | Kevin Friesenbichler (30) 2018/19 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | R3 | EPL | Pedro Goncalves (20) 2019/20 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | F | CG | Pedro (30) 2020/21 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | W | CG/EK1 | Pedro (31) 2021/22 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | SF | CG | Pedro (24) 2022/23 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | R3 | CG/EK2 | Pedro (41) 2023/24 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | W | CG/EK2 | Lukas Höhn (37) 2024/25 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | F | CSF | Nikola Martinovic (22) 2025/26 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | W | CQF | Nikola Martinovic (27) 2026/27 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | W | CF | Marcao (28) 2027/28 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | SF | CSF | Nikola Martinovic (28) 2028/29 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | F | W | Marcao (30)
  14. Just had quite a screamer from club captain Christopher Bayer to send me 2-0 up against Real Madrid, the game finished 2-1 but this is a worthy winning goal...
  15. Season update 2027/28 League Final Standings Well we finally confirmed our absolute dominance of the Bundesliga, with a perfect season :o and the top three goalscorers in the league to boot. Can’t ask for more and that’s all the domestic aims met for myself this challenge. Now to focus on Europe and play the kids in the league. The cup wasn’t quite as successful, but we still made it to the semi final where a run of a game every two days finally caught up with us against league runners up Wiener Neustadt. Here were our results: Round 1: ASK Hirm 0-4 FAC – Stanojev, Gmeiner, Lange Round 2: Austria Klagenfurt 1-4 FAC – Schwarz, Serna, Pingoto, Gmeiner Round 3: FAC 3-1 SV Ried – Grafl, Pingoto, Gmeiner ¼ Final: FAC 2-0 RB Salzburg – Grafl, Schwarz ½ Final: Wiener Neustadt 2-1 FAC -- Gmeiner We’re getting dominant in the Champion’s League Group Stage now, with a perfect group taking us into the knockouts, with some fantastic results along the way. Our results: FAC 4-0 Galatasaray – del Real, Martinovic, Serna, Gmeiner SLB 1-4 FAC – Lopez x2, Martinovic, Serna AC Milan 1-5 FAC – Serna, Marcao x2, Bayer x2 FAC 2-0 AC Milan – Martinovic x2 Galatasaray 1-6 FAC – Serna, Marcao x2, Lopez x3 FAC 5-0 SLB – Marcao x2, Martinovic x3 Completely unsurprisingly, this took us into the knockout stages, where we would face Shakhtar in the first round, one of the weaker teams, which was nice. First up was the away leg, which thanks to Martinovic, Djordjevic and a Dahm penalty, we won 3-1 and took a handy lead back to Vienna. The home leg was even more comfortable, with a 5-2 win putting us through, Serna (x2), Djordjevic and Jhonatas getting the goals in addition to an OG. Next up were the boys of Atlético Madrid, with the away leg again coming first. Another 3-1 first leg win put us in command, with Dahm, Lopez, and del Real giving us the lead. A 2-2 draw at home put us through but the interesting thing was that this was our first game that didn’t end in a victory all season. Lopez and Martinovic’s goals were enough to see us into a semi final against Man City though. Sadly this is where the adventure for this season ends, again undone by an oil rich team. They smashed us 4-1 at home and a 3-2 away defeat just wasn’t good enough. Transfers: Big moves in: Adan Lopez on a free turned out to be a great signing up front, but the rest of the signings were mainly for the future. Total spent: €23.5M Big moves out: Nobody big moved out as we kept a relatively stable squad. Total gained: €400k Net profit: -€23.1M The first XI at the end of the season: GK: Nilo Eduardo (€2.4M from Pumas, 196 appearances, 73 clean sheets) DR: Antonio (€165k from Fluminense, 252 appearances, 10 goals) DC: Erik del Real (€8.75M from Monterrey, 203 appearances, 29 goals) DC: Andrija Djordjevic (€3.5M from Lokomotiv Moscow, 319 appearances, 43 goals) DL: Juan Manuel Fuentes (€30M from Chivas, 121 appearances, 2 goals) MC: Jürgen Dahm (€34M from HSV, 120 appearances, 20 goals) MC : Christopher Bayer (€725k from SV Ried, 331 appearances, 42 goals) AMR: Marcao (€15M from Monterrey, 136 appearances, 77 goals) AML: Alfredo Serna (€29.5M from Getafe, 130 appearances, 53 goals) rotated with Miroslav Stanojev (€10M from Inter, 48 appearances, 21 goals) ST: Nikola Martinovic (€900k from Maribor, 311 appearances, 139 goals) ST: Adán Lopez (Free transfer, 37 appearances, 25 goals) Top scorer: Nikola Martinovic. The Slovenian striker is back on top of the goalscorers list but it was a tough fight between him, Marcao, and Lopez for the top scorer prize. 28 goals was a great return considering the way the goals were shared. Notable mentions: Marcao (24), Adán Lopez (25), Stanojev (16) and Serna (13). Best player: Marcao. Setting all kinds of records this season, with an average rating of over 8 in the Bundesliga. In addition to his 24 goals he got an incredible 38 assists, a truly ridiculous amount considering he doesn’t even take most of the set pieces. Youth prospects: Felix Flechl: 16 appearances and 6 clean sheets for the young man mostly at the end of the season deputising for Nilo Eduardo. Josef Bader: Made 13 appearances for us in the first half of the season with 1 goal, before moving to Sturm Graz on loan where he made a further 15 appearances. Looks like he’ll be a solid Bundesliga player but not much more. Felix Horn: 20 appearances and 2 goals, but his potential isn’t fantastic. He’ll do as a Bundesliga backup though. Marco Gmeiner: 18 starts, 23 sub appearances and 11 goals to go with 8 assists. He’s still one of the more promising players in the team. Finances: Not looking fantastic as the prize money isn’t keeping up with the high wages we have to pay to compete. Average attendance: 30563 (of 31750) with 4 sellouts. Similar to last year basically, Next season: Start to bring in more youth players into the league team and hopefully pull off a Champions League. Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe | Top scorer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/15 | Erste Liga| 5[size=1]th[/size] | R2 | N/A | Ingo Klemen (10) 2015/16 | Erste Liga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | R3 | N/A | Kevin Friesenbichler (25) 2016/17 | Bundesliga | 8[size=1]th[/size] | R2 | N/A | Kevin Friesenbichler (17) 2017/18 | Bundesliga | 3[size=1]rd[/size] | SF | N/A | Kevin Friesenbichler (30) 2018/19 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | R3 | EPL | Pedro Goncalves (20) 2019/20 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | F | CG | Pedro (30) 2020/21 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | W | CG/EK1 | Pedro (31) 2021/22 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | SF | CG | Pedro (24) 2022/23 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | R3 | CG/EK2 | Pedro (41) 2023/24 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | W | CG/EK2 | Lukas Höhn (37) 2024/25 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | F | CSF | Nikola Martinovic (22) 2025/26 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | W | CQF | Nikola Martinovic (27) 2026/27 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | W | CF | Marcao (28) 2027/28 | Bundesliga | 1[size=1]st[/size] | SF | CSF | Nikola Martinovic (28)