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  1. Did my first 5k race today after taking up running in early May, Heaton Park. Managed 35.19 which I was delighted with, especially after the kilometre long hill about halfway through which caught me out massively! My normal runs have been around the 31-32 minute mark so I was hoping for around that, but that hill was horrible. 41st out of 103 was a decent result too. Definitely be getting to some Parkruns this summer!
  2. I've just started American Football refereeing this season, used to play and I still coach a women's team, but looking for something to do over summer really. Loving it so far as it's given me a chance to stay involved with men's football. I've done 7 games so far, and I'm on a pretty big game this weekend so that'll be fun! Players are pretty respectful tbh, but I'm coming at it from a playing angle so I feel like I can appreciate where they're coming from a bit better. The training side of it is pretty quick - if you've got a good mentor and a decent background in the sport it's mostly
  3. Just had a FC game finish like this: 552-4 & 118-1 v 369-2 & 300-3 Leaving aside the crazy declarations by the team batting 2nd and 3rd...really not a bowlers pitch
  4. Just started a team on this, what should I be aiming for at the start in terms of quality? I've got a fair few mediocre/mediocre 17 year olds, but not a lot else in terms of quality (one competent/mediocre batsman and bowler)
  5. Faaaantastic, first time I've properly clicked with a girl on OK Cupid and she's suddenly decided to start ignoring my messages. Ok this is ****ing weird...not 5 minutes after I sent this she responded.
  6. Neither of us has a car, and the Zoo's out because feck crutching my way around Chester Zoo for a couple of hours, even if it does seem to be a decent idea. I was thinking going to play pool for a bit, she's been joking about being great at it, might as well test it out.
  7. So, looks like POF has come through for me, will be meeting up with a fairly nice girl as soon as I get a cast for my foot (hooray for the sympathy card). Just need to figure something out as my usual first date plan of a walk around the Chester walls is kinda out of the window.
  8. So that girl in Bristol "kind of" has a boyfriend, that's that one going on the backburner now then.
  9. I'm Simon, 21, studying at Chester. Rejoined the singles ranks after 18 months or so a few weeks back. I've been texting a girl I met at a camp I worked out (linkage in the last thread), but I've also found a bit of success on POF actually, never seem to get any messages off girls but the scattergun approach seems to be working. Unfortunately that broken foot is really not helping matters at all, as one of the girls I've been chatting with would have to get a train in, and I'm a 25 minute walk from the train station even without crutches. So that's put the brakes on that one for a little bit.
  10. It says that it's his first ever goal for Arsenal despite it being his second of the game
  11. So...I'm gonna be in Munich around the weekend before Christmas (17th or so, I think, don't have the details to hand). Any locals have any tips for what to do? I'd like to avoid the really touristy stuff if possible, because the main point of going is to practice my German and I assume most of the tourist areas will try and speak English to me.
  12. Probably only amusing if you have a childish sense of humour and a knowledge of what "ficken" means in German.
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