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  1. I just realized my question was totally naive. But it's because I refuse to admit that the pure number 10 role disappeared (meaning a slow but very technical player)
  2. Thanks Experienced Defender for your massive help. I'll keep your long post in my favourites in case I forget because it really makes sense and it has been very useful I think. Since I applied your advice, I noticed a massive improvement, both in attack and in defence as you can imagine. Falahk thanks also for your advice. But I don't understand why you say he's way to slow for a AMC? In my opinion, a number 10 doesn't need to be fast if his technical and mental attributes are good.
  3. I had better results during the friendly games with my fullbacks on FB-attack but maybe I should have at least one on WB-support. With this tactic I was trying to reproduce a very strong and narrow pressing starting when one of the opposition fullbacks received the ball. That's why I didn't want to press too high, narrow, aggressively but with regroup so we apply an organized pressing. Also, my midfielders are good at marking and tackling so I wanted to use that. But I have to admit it doesn't really work as I intended to. Could you explain why tight marking makes no sense? I'm not s
  4. Thanks wokkie123 for giving your input. I think I agree with you when you say it's better to make space for him to operate and have somebody running past him to offer passing options. But I wonder if it's not a good idea to give him support with players who won't place themselves in spaces but instead hold their positions. If I say that is because it's seems to me the Trequartista is the opposite role of Enganche in the way the Engance hold is position and the Trequartista moved around. Am I mistaken? For the CWB I could try for one on one side because my fullbacks are quite limited. But
  5. Thank you for your answer. I didn't post a tactic yet because I barely started the season and I'm not certain of the style I should focus on. I think the players in this team just don't suit any specific style. And in general I just don't understand how to use the trequartista role in the numer 10 position in a narrow formation. Do you think his Decisions attribute is too low for that role even in the 3rd Italian division? Also, is this attribute more importante for that role than for any other AMC role, such as Advanced Playmaker for example? Here is the tactic I used for the 1st
  6. What are the requirements to make the trequartista shines in a formation that is supposed to make him shine naturally (41212 or 4312). I really don't know how to do because everytime I try this role, the player ends with a terrible performance. For information, I started playing with Sambenedettese (expected to finish 7th in the 3rd Italian division) that is composed of a very good MOC, Ruben Botta. The other stars of the team are Ivan Rossi (very versatile midfielder) and Maxi Lopez (target man). Sambenedettese is full of good and versatile central midfielders, slow lazy strikers but good
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